Alongside today’s Magic Leap One launch, the company has revealed five applications destined for the AR headset made by Magic Leap Studio’s, the company’s internal development team.

Magic Leap One Creator Edition is now available for purchase and early adopters are expected to soon begin receiving their devices. Some of the first apps they’ll get to experience will come from Magic Leap Studios, which the company describes as, “an eclectic team of animators, producers, artists, developers and superheroes dedicated to making the weird and wonderful come to life.”

While not all of the five applications that Magic Leap revealed today will be available right away, they give a glimpse of the experience the company hopes the headset will deliver. Here’s a rundown:


Together with Sigur Rós we set out to discover and manifest the DNA of their sound in a new reality. The result of that collaboration is Tónandi, which translates to sound spirit in Icelandic, an interactive audio-visual exploration of the sounds and spirit of Sigur Rós.

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Project Create

Step into a delightfully weird new world of colorful characters, art and physics. Because Magic Leap One understands the world around you, physical and digital barriers dissolve and a new dynamic landscape manifests in your room.

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Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders

Image courtesy Magic Leap

The evil robots from the Robot Planet have chosen this building, this very room, to stage their invasion of Earth through port holes in your walls and floor. So you’d better grab your ray gun, get blasting and send them back home in pieces. Adventure has never been bigger, gameplay has never been this immersive, and characters have never been so believable that you have to take cover behind the couch.

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Cast & Avatar Chat

Image courtesy Magic Leap

Spatial computing is meant to be shared. Soon, Cast will let people in the same room see what you see, when and where you see it. Plus, since with Avatar Chat you’ll basically be in the same room, they’ll be able to see the same content and applications, too.

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Image courtesy Magic Leap

Helio enables 3D objects to be pulled out of websites and into the physical world, transforming passive web browsing into an interactive spatial experience. With the ability to create true-to-life virtual replicas of anything from recipe cards to living room chairs, the world wide web is ready to bring a new era of accessibility to the world.

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  • saintkamus

    I was prepared to be underwhelmed. And I am.

  • gothicvillas

    I wouldn’t pay even 500 bucks for this. Based on what I’ve seen so far, this could sell in pc stores for 200 dollars max and even then it won’t be flying off the shelves. Think we need to wait a bit more until decent AR hits the market.

    • Lucio Lima

      You are exaggerating! It’s not perfect but it’s still not possible to do better. Everyone was also disappointed with Rift and Vive because we expected something better. Our expectations are always exaggerated. And advertising (in general) is also always exaggerated…

      • JJ

        um no we were not disappointed with rift and vive, they were not perfect like vives prices on the pro, but ML dropped the ball way way worse.

      • Then they shouldn’t have sold the idea as better.than anything we have seen before. We have seen 99% of what this shows on Hololens. Also, Hololens v3 will be coming soon, they skipped v2 as they had no competition so I expect that to leap past ML1 when they launch in Q1/19.

        I mean come on, what is the magic and where is the leap? I guess we need more in-depth reviews for now but initial impressions are mediocre.

      • ArSh

        I was blown away by my Vive. Not sure what YOU were expecting though.

  • Alex S

    Than form factor could have already been a game changer (for home use, not outdoors). But the whole decive won’t be a game changer until it can be used as an enhaced substitute for an iPhone. That means not only app ecosystem but crisp retina display in the fovea area.
    I assume Apple is just waiting for that moment to arrive.

  • Just wondering how in the hell the avatars in Cast & Avatar Chat are two-handed (?)

  • WyrdestGeek

    Given that Magic Leap is now revealed to be a Hololens, I’m thinking they really ought to be doing what MS is doing: marketing the device to deep pocketed companies for industrial and work applications.


    Move along – no useful usecase in sight! And obviously no future plan for their own product beyond some gimmicky and useless Apps. AR needs to replace my everyday Smartphone. And if it wants to compete with it, it is in desperate need of a revolution. And that is obviously a long way from now…

  • victor schandrin

    What I hate the most about Magic Leap is that they lied for years…. If you see their first demo you see that the objects could be projected in such way it would look like it could pass behind objects. (the robot flying behind a table) No other AR headset ever achieved this and it made me super hyped. Seeing it is just another AR headset with only a slightly bigger field of view dissapoints my a lot