VR glove creator Manus has launched pre-orders for its latest device, Quantum Metagloves, an input solution targeted at enterprise users. The Netherlands-based company is looking to offer up more precise finger tracking than not only its past VR gloves, but also optical trackers current used in the industry.

Manus launched pre-orders for Quantum Metagloves last week, stating that expected shipping begins sometime in early Q3, which could likely take place in the September timeframe.

The enterprise-focused gloves start at $9,000 (€7,500), and include a perpetual license and a 2-year warranty. That pricing reflects the base unit without 6DOF positional tracking though, but Quantum Metagloves feature optional modules that hook into Xsens, OptiTrack, and SteamVR tracking standards.

If you haven’t seen our hands-on with the Quantum Metagloves, here’s a quick rundown of how they work. Unlike past Manus gloves, the company’s latest uses a magnetic base placed on the back of the palm. Each finger is tracked magnetically via corresponding modules snuggly placed on the each finger’s tip.

While this doesn’t include haptic feedback, the company told us at GDC 2022 that it was working on a haptic version of the Quantum Metagloves, which would include per-finger haptics to enhance immersion in VR.

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At any rate, the gloves offered some promising results when it came to beating occlusion and demonstrating fine finger movements. Make sure to check out all of our early impressions from GDC 2022 in March to see it in action and find out more.

Here’s a look at what comes in the box:

  • A set of Manus Quantum Metagloves
  • A perpetual Manus Core Pro license
  • Wireless Manus Dongle
  • Three full sets of finger caps (1/2/3)
  • One full set of finger tapes
  • Three sets of liner gloves (S/M/L)
  • Timesync cable
  • Manus Travel Case

Manus is also running a trade-in discount program which will allow owners users of a number of past products to get Quantum Metagloves for €2500 / $3000 off retail price. These include owners of Prime II, Prime II Haptic, Prime II Xsens, Prime X, Xsens Gloves by Manus, and OptiTrack Gloves by Manus. Visit Manus to learn more about trade-ins and pre-orders.

Technical Specifications

  • Signal Latency ≤ 5ms
  • Finger Sensors Absolute position, 3 axis rotation
  • Sensor sample rate 120Hz
  • Battery life 4 hours (swappable)
  • Weight 70 grams
  • Wireless communication High Performance 2.4 Ghz Protocol
  • Wireless range Up to 15 meters
  • Wired communication USB Type-C
  • Finger attachments Finger caps, finger tapes, liner gloves
  • Glove Textiles One size fits all (washable)
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