‘Marvel Powers United VR’ Launch Trailer Reveals Total Hero & Villain Line-up, Watch It Here


Oculus and Sanzaru Games today revealed the official launch trailer to Marvel Powers United VR, and it appears we know who the last six hero slots are going to. And the game’s ultimate villain reveal is easily the greatest of them all.

Marvel Powers United VR is an upcoming co-op VR game created by Marvel Games, Sanzaru Games, and Oculus Studios. Featuring co-op missions, you use each superhero’s unique powers in online multiplayer, revisiting some of the familiar Marvel locations made famous in films past.

The game, which is already available for pre-order for $40, is set to launch on Oculus Rift July 26th.

As seen in the launch trailer, the studios today revealed that Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, and Doctor Strange are all coming to the cast of playable heroes, filling out four of the six remaining character slots. If you watch carefully at the end though, you’ll also see that X-Men’s Storm and Iceman are coming to the game too.

The total 18-hero lineup includes: Black Bolt, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Crystal, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Gamorra, Hawkeye, Iceman, Rocket Raccoon, Spider-Man, Star-lord, Storm, The Hulk, Thor, and Wolverine.

Up until today, there was one spot left in the villain lineup, and with the newest launch trailer, it’s clear Marvel Powers United VR is getting the greatest Marvel villain in recent history: Thanos.

First Look: 'MARVEL Powers United VR' Gameplay & Hands-on

With a total of nine villains, the definitive list includes: Dormammu, Loki, Madame Hydra, Magneto, Ronan the Accuser, Scientist Supreme, Thanos, Ultron, and Venom.

Today Oculus also announced a new Rift retail bundle which will include Marvel Powers United VR for free.

We went hands-on with Powers United back during an Oculus event that was simultaneously timed with Disney’s D23. While you’re waiting for next week’s launch, check it out here in the meantime to learn more about the superhero co-op combat game.

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We’ll be bringing the full review your way at launch day, so check back soon.

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    Very well done ad. Hope the game is as polished.

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    Any word on HTC Vive release date if ever?

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  • The trailer is damn cool

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