Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, first launched on PC VR headsets last year, is coming to Quest 2 next week. Cross-buy is confirmed, meaning players that bought the game on Oculus PC will own the Quest 2 version as well.

Oculus today announced that Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has November 15th release date on Quest 2. The release includes the full content of the PC VR version of the game, including the campaign, multiplayer mode, and the live-action WWII documentary series that was produced in conjunction with the game. The game will launch with a reduced priced of $40 (compared to the $60 PC VR version).

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will support Quest 2 but not the original Quest. Oculus has confirmed cross-buy with the Oculus PC version, so if you already owned the game there you’ll be able to play on Quest 2 for free. Unfortunately cross-play multiplayer is not supported.

You can wishlist the game on the official store page to be reminded when it launches.

Along with the announcement of the Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond release date next week, we also got a clearer look at the Quest 2 version of the game thanks to new screenshots:

Be sure to make room on your Quest 2 though, especially if you have the smallest 64GB model—Oculus has confirmed that Medal of Honor Above and Beyond will take up about 45GB of space on Quest 2.

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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was developed by Respawn Entertainment—the studio behind iconic games like Titanfall and Apex Legends—and was one of the most anticipated Oculus-funded titles to date. While we didn’t exactly love the game at launch, a handful of post-launch patches have smoothed over some of the rough spots and we expect those improvements to be included in the Quest 2 version of the game. With no tether and less friction to jump into the game on Quest 2 compared to PC VR, we hope to see the game’s multiplayer mode find a sustainable population.

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  • Things That Caught My Eye

    Can anyone confirm in terms of the Cross Buy – if you buy the Quest version, you will also get the PC version?

    • benz145

      Yes cross-buy goes both ways.

      • semil

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  • GordonFreeman

    So they gradually squeeze the Quest 1 to oblivion so we all have to upgrade as more and more are Quest 2 only!

    • FrankB

      To be fair the Quest 1 couldn’t handle it. Would you expect a SNES to run Mario 64.

      • Well, people have already gotten RE4 VR running unofficially on Quest 1, and apparently is actually pretty good for the most part, and certainly playable. So there’s that.

        Maybe once this new ASW gets implemented it actually good. Wouldn’t that be a thing.

        PS. The Quest 1 and Quest 2 are sooo, sooo, sooo much closer in terms of specs and power than the SNES and N64 were. The N64 was orders of magnitude more powerful and more capable than the SNES graphically. The Quest 2 is basically a suped-up Quest 1. But don’t get me wrong, I love the Quest 2–just saying.

        • FrankB

          wow, i didn’t know that they managed to get RE4 running on Quest 1. Thats a) impressive and b) disappointing that Facebook, sorry, Meta didn’t even bother to investigate the possibility. I genuinely assumed that it was just a case of the original Quest being underpowered. Oculus just aren’t good at supporting older platforms i guess. That fact that you can’t even get replacement parts for Quest1/Rift S anymore is pretty poor service.

        • Christian Schildwaechter

          There is an anecdote from the press conference where Nintendo announced the N64. While they described the 3D capabilities, they had a video of the upcoming Donkey Kong Country for SNES running in the background without telling anybody what it was. As Silicon Graphics had developed the graphics chip for N64, a development kit required using a SGI workstation. Rare, the developers of Donkey Kong Country had access to one, and used it to create all the graphics in a 3D modeler, giving the game a very modern and unique look.

          Everybody simply assumed that this was a N64 game, and there was an audible “wow” when Nintendo revealed that this was the SNES version. The pre-rendered graphics looked much better than what the N64 could have created in 3D realtime, but it was a very impressive demonstration how you can make a game for a technically inferior platform look next-gen by applying a lot of tricks and optimization.

          The Quest 1 still has a lot of unrealized potential, heck even the Oculus Go has never been fully utilized. It is just questionable if anybody will bother. When the N64 and Donkey Kong Country SNES were introduced, there were ten times as many SNES out in the wild than there are Quest 1 and 2 combined today, so there was a much bigger incentive to still support the aging console.

          • johnyjazz

            I’m sure you’re aware of the demo scene that arose around the old 8 bit and 16 bit micros, maybe something similar will happen with the Go now it’s opened up.

          • Christian Schildwaechter

            I sort of wished this would happen, but it is somewhat unlikely. The old demo scene worked pretty much on bare metal, meaning they ignored the operating system and created demos addressing the hardware directly. I’ve written C64 games in 6502 assembler myself, and it is astonishing what is achievable on what is basically stone age hardware.

            The problem with Go development is that the tool chain is much more complex, and e.g. Unity already dropped Go support with Unity 2019.4. The Go neither sold in huge numbers nor for a long time, so there is no large community of fans that could keep it alive and possibly create new tools.

            The Quest 2 actually has a better chance to gather a cult following, as Meta announced that it will be available for a long time. It should sell at least 10-20mn units, and for many people it will be the first device that let them experience VR, so there will be some nostalgic attachment. It will still be interesting to see what people will do with the opened Go, but I wouldn’t expect anybody to create new games or demos for it 40 years after release, while this is happening for VCS 2600, C64 and Amiga.

      • GordonFreeman

        I get what your saying but the money is in people buying the games/software (POP1, Beatsaber etc) so why not support both headsets a bit more?
        Not saying we need all the same titles but there is definitely a drop in new stuff for Quest 1.

        Not everyone has the cash to upgrade.

    • david vincent

      When you buy a mobile headset, you know it will be quickly obsolete.

  • I think $30 would have been a better price target, but, since it’s cross buy, I guess I’ll still get it. Although, seriously, the PC version takes up so much space that I can’t even really fit it on my system. Still though, I want to see how well they’ve ported this to Quest 2. Honestly, if it’s close to the quality that RE4 VR just reached, it could actually be an amazing game on Quest 2. I really hope it is. . . .

  • Honestly, if the game looks as good on Quest 2 as it does in those screenshots, and they’ve managed to get it running at a solid frame rate, then this could be seriously good on Quest 2.

  • I really hope this is genuine Quest 2 footage and not just bullshots and largely PC footage. For example, I see some kind of shadows on the enemies that aren’t just single circles, so if I boot up the Quest 2 game and all they have is single circles for shadows, I will be very annoyed indeed. To the point that I might just file a complaint somewhere about it.

  • david vincent

    There are people still playing MoH’s multiplayer ?

  • 45GB!!!