Megaton Rainfall (2017), the superhero game from Pentadimensional Games that lets you become an indestructible, interdimensional superbeing, is finally getting a VR mode for PCVR users next month. To boot, PSVR users are getting a free patch that will include PS Move support.

Pentadimensional today announced the news via a tweet, saying that Megaton Rainfall will be landing on the Oculus Store (Rift), SteamVR (Vive, Rift), Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One with 4K support for Xbox One X in August.

SteamVR and Oculus Store versions will release August 9th. The PS Move patch doesn’t have a specific launch date at the time of this writing.

Megaton Rainfall first launched as a timed exclusive on PS4 and PSVR back in October 2017. Although it later launched on Steam only a short while later, the version was for traditional monitors only, and didn’t include VR support. Not only are owners of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive going to get a chance at the well-received superhero title, but according to Pentadimensional’s tweet, all VR platforms will be getting full motion control support too. At the time of last year’s PSVR launch, the only supported controller was DualShock 4.

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  • Raphael

    Looks very impressive. Not heard of it Nice to see multi-platform support. No one excluded.

    • HomeAudio

      It was “exclusive” for PS VR for about half a year….

      • Raphael

        Well it won’t be exclusive to PSVR in the future. Most developers who exclude don’t open up down the line.

        • Morfium

          Glad they changed that. The fact that it had no pc vr was the only reason I never bought it.

  • HybridEnergy

    This was a gamepad game for almost half a year? I knew it was a PSVR exclusive but el oh el.

  • doug

    Looks like fun, for 3 hours.

  • Raphael

    Been reading through recent steam/discussion comments about this game… apparently the developer has SLOWED down the action a lot. The flying has been slowed-down. Presumably this has been done to appease the VR nausea clan. I won’t be buying. Forced comfort mode is not something I tolerate.

    • kool

      I hope not nothing beats zooming out of the galGal at the speed if light.

      • Raphael

        Confirmed… the developer have slowed the game down and have pissed-off people who purchased. The slow-down isn’t even optional. Non-VR users are forced to play a slowed-down game. Apparently there is a hack to restore the speed. I won’t be buying this trash.

    • Jerald Doerr

      I’m so sick of this… “We had to make the game so pussies can play” Hover Junkers did this with not actually having the ability to rotate your ship and could only drive/fly it on a flat plane… wtf….. give us a option! If we stopped making boats thousands of years ago cuz pussies get sea sick we would never migrate anywhere.

      Honestly I think it might be because of the physics … The PS4 is a champing with this but I’m not 100% sure what the comparison is to a 1080 GPU.. or a 2nd 1080 rendering physics on own..

      • Raphael

        Agree. VR gaming has been badly impacted by the nausea minority. Anti-vr trolls use the “vr makes people sick” line to dissuade new buyers. Real extreme vr nausea where the gamer doesn’t get used to it even after a year represents a tiny segment of vr users. The rest of vr gamers suffer no nausea to mild or moderate. All but extreme nausea can be gotten rid of over time. Too often what we see are people who suffer a but of nausea early on and then rant and rage at the developer to change the game so they don’t vomit.

        Fortunately over the past year there has been such a big revolt to developers pandering exclusively to the nausea minority that most vr games now give you the option. What’s amazing to see is that so many new vr games are coming out with full locomotion and surprise surprise… The majority arent getting sick and dying from it!

        Every once in a while we see a developer who is out of touch with gamers and this is the case here. The developer thinks everyone vomits in vr and takes no interest in all of the vr games where nausea comfort mode can be turned off or is off by default.

        The worst part is this developer isn’t active on steam discussion at all that I have seen. I have been looking for posts from them but found nothing.

  • Roger Bentley

    damn it i had this for psvr and loved it and then yesterday purchased for steam smh if they slow it down i may refund it.

  • david vincent

    The game even supports mods !

  • david vincent

    Game is epic and could be fun if it were not for these terrible controls…