‘Mindshow’ Update Lets You Collaborate on Creations with Your Steam Friends


Mindshow, the app that lets you make animated movies in VR, just pushed an update that now lets you collaborate with your Steam friends to create something truly unique.

The new ‘VR Sharing’ function lets you share and remix shows from inside the headset by allowing you to pass your creations back and forth between you Steam friends. It’s a bit like one of those collaborative creative writing prompts you used to do in school, except instead of writing one part of the story and passing it to your classmate, you’re a talking VR Twinkie arguing about taxes with a drunken airline pilot—or whatever else you can come up with using the app’s many characters, props and settings.

The update also included 4 new winter-themed characters, 3 new props (champagne, a sparkler, and a North Pole sign) and an icy Winter Wonderland featuring some excellent outdoor filming spots:

The function was first released to Mindshow’s beta program ‘Astronauts’, which gives you access to experimental Mindshow features like adding more characters to a show, the opportunity to receive promotion on our social media, and other perks to being an early creator.

The developers suggest searching the Mindshow Steam Forums to find more users to share with, since not everyone on you Steam list is bound to be a VR-user. With a few buddies willing to collaborate, you just hop into Mindshow and create a new show, making sure to leave space for your friend to add their part.  Once you’re done with your part, just select the yellow ‘Settings’ icon on the hand menu and click ‘Share’. From there, it’ll be uploaded to the Feed for your friends to remix and share back.

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You can download Mindshow on Steam for free, which includes support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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