Moss (2018), a puzzle platformer for PSVR that follows the ridiculously cute mouse Quill, has broken through to the top 10 most-downloaded PSVR games last month.

Released on February 27th, Moss rated #7 on the list with only two days of launch on PSN to its name. The only other game released in February to break onto the list was Survios’ Sprint Vector (2018)which was came to PSVR February 13th.

Superhot VR (2017) and Job Simulator (2016) trade places for the #1 spot since January’s list, and Arizona Sunshine (2016) falls from #6 in January to the #10 spot.

image courtesy Sony

The Inpatient made a similar rise to the #7 spot in January only after releasing January 23rd. You won’t find The Inpatient in February’s top 10 list though.

Created by Seattle-based Polyarc Games, Moss is an artfully crafted adventure that seems to have gotten a lot right on its first try. In our review of Moss, even though the game feels like an opening chapter that may be trying too hard to be a self contained story, it certainly an awesome basis for more episodic installments, as the world built around the plucky little mouse-buddy Quill is grand enough for more. Quibbles notwithstanding, Moss first captured hearts and minds from its demo, which is featured in the PSVR Demo Disc 2.

Only time will tell if Moss has staying power to reach March’s top 10. As a new studio, Polyarc doesn’t have the same wherewithal as other longer-established studios, so Moss’ performance will likely dictate whether we get another chapter with charming little Quill, or if it’s a one-off project cut short.

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  • JJ

    Am i the only one who notices the character in the image is a No Face from Spirited Away??
    What a rip off, I wasn’t going to play this before and now i surely am not going to play

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  • Nosfar

    If you own a psvr and you dont play this game your doing yourself a disservice this is hands down the best experiance ive had in VR