‘Myth: A Frozen Tale’ is Disney Animation’s First Publicly Released VR Short Film, Now on Quest


Disney Animation Studios today released Myth: A Frozen Tale, its first publicly released VR short film, based on the Frozen franchise.

Myth: A Frozen Tale debuted with the release of Frozen 2 last year as Disney’s latest VR short film, but it’s just now becoming publicly available for the first time on Oculus Quest.

Myth is directed by Disney’s Jeff Gibson, who also directed Disney’s first VR short film, Cycles. In an Oculus blog post, Gibson explains what viewers can expect in Myth:

Audiences can expect to start in the world of Frozen with a family of Arendelle as they settle in for a bedtime story about the elemental spirits. You’re then transported into the enchanted forest where this particular Myth unfolds around you. This world is like a pop-up book, designed by Brittney Lee, who is well-versed in the design language of Frozen. You’ll see an intricate balance of CG, hand-drawn animation, and effects bring this unique world to life.

Myth is truly a short film, with a runtime of just eight minutes, and has an appropriately small price of $3. It includes the voicework of Evan Rachel Wood, who played Queen Iduna in Frozen 2 (and it’s recommend to have seen that film before you see Myth).

Image courtesy Disney

Though the film is only available on Quest today, it seems there might be hope for a Rift release too. Gibson revealed in the Oculus blog post that Myth debuted as a Rift experience, but the team crunched it down to work within the constraints of Quest’s lower power processing.

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Myth is Disney Animation’s first publicly released VR short film, though not the company’s first foray into VR. Beyond the aforementioned Cycles, Disney released a handful of early 360 experiences bundled together in the Disney Movies VR app back in 2017, and the more ambitious Pixar Coco VR experience in 2018 (which even supported co-op with other players). In 2019 the company debuted another VR short film, A Kite’s Tale, directed by the studio’s Bruce Wright, though the latter hasn’t been publicly released.

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  • Mettanine

    I love that Disney is dabbling in VR, but almost everything being Oculus only is getting old fast. Oh, and it sucks. I love my SteamVR headset and I love Disney. I wish they’d show SteamVR some love, too…

    • impurekind

      Worse than that, half of the stuff these days is Quest only, and I just find that *tarded. If it’s on Oculus and it’s most just an entertainment piece rather than a full cutting edge game then it should be on all Oculu’s headsets.

  • Colin Parnell

    I have both headsets. You can experience most Oculus and Disney titles simply by using the free app called REVIVE (Google it). Its very easy to set up. Most titles are fine, especially something like this title. You should just sign up and buy the Oculus titles and support the overall VR industry rather than perpetuate the old argument about exclusivity. It gets old quick. Its a business and we should all understand the reasons why Oculus spend millions on VR and expect something in return. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been doing it for years and console gamers have almost all got over it. VR people need to as well. The funny thing is if you put 10 Vive owners in a room they will dis Oculus, and vice versa unfortunately. But put 5 of each in a room talking to flat gamers and they will unite against the flat gamers. The world needs to unite and research why things are done.

    • Mettanine

      It’s not that easy. I’ve used Revive before and it worked fine. But it requires me to have the whole Oculus software installed and running. That’s cumbersome to say the least. My point is also not one about exclusivity, my point is that it is Disney we are taking about here! They need no funding from Oculus, so that point is moot.

      And secondly, Revive won’t help with Quest-only titles. Rift is not confirmed at this point.

    • Rogue Transfer

      Revive doesn’t work for Android-based titles on Quest. So, no, you can’t view this on other headsets or the Oculus Rift/S.