Nvidia takes Mythbuster’s Adam Savage inside their VR Funhouse application which is a sandbox for new technologies made possible with the company’s latest Pascal-based GPUs.

Nvidia created VR Funhouse as an example application showcasing many of their proprietary real-time physics simulations and VR rendering tech, some of which make exclusive use of the company’s latest line of GeForce GPUs. Nvidia says they plan to open-source VR Funhouse for developers to learn from.

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In our time with the new GTX 1080, we found it to be an improvement over prior cards, but we won’t see the massive performance gains the company touted until developers integrate many of Nvidia’s VRWorks capabilities.

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  • James Friedman

    So is this available to “toy” with now?

    • VR Geek

      What James said.

      • damaged

        What Matthew said.

        • Humu McTrigger

          What Damaged said.

  • Pete

    I WANT THIS! Give us the demo at least Nvidia!

    • JustNiz

      It would be useless to you unless you also already have a Pascal GPU (1070/1080).

      • Rob Haskins

        what makes you think he doesn’t? Especially if he’s into VR, meaning he has the latest tech.

  • Bobdole

    if i remember correctly, when they presented that demo, it was running from 3 1080 ; 2 in SLI and 1 for PhisX… so i don’t know how it would look on a simple 1080…