MythBusters is getting virtual next season with the help of Discovery Digital Media, the wing of Discovery that produces original content and innovative multiplatform experiences.

As first reported by Adweek, the MythBusters team has already begun “shooting VR for next season,” and that “several other VR programs are in development.”

Although it’s unclear whether ‘shooting VR’ means the team will be shooting monoscopic or stereoscopic 360 video, the fact that more premium content providers are putting their brands into virtual spaces only points to the massive VR entertainment industry to come.

“This is one of our most innovative moves in the next year, period, across the company,” said Discovery Digital Media Senior Vice President Conal Byrne. “We believe VR will fundamentally change the way that fans connect with your content. When you experience VR, it is like seeing the future. It is digital media at its very best.”

The MythBusters are also no strangers to VR themselves. Back in 2013, got Jamie Hyneman into the Oculus Rift DK1. When thrown into the device, Hyneman said “I’m loving this.”

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  • vanti

    There is no way to do 360 stereoscopic video that doesn’t suck. Literally impossible due to actual reasons. I hope it is something like 180 stereoscopic because that means good stereoscopy for most angles and I couldn’t care less about what happens behind me anyway. Turning your head that much is just annoying and bad ergonomics and it also makes it hard to direct.