Epic New ‘Descent: Underground’ Trailer Shows Promise, Kickstarter in Final Hours


The crowdfunded successor to the PC gaming classic Descent, Underground packs Oculus Rift and Steam VR / HTC Vive support and the impressive new trailer gives us a tantalising glimpse of what could be should it’s campaign succeed.

Along with Doom, Descent was one of the flagship games for PC that, should your setup have the legs, provided a glimpse at our inevitable 3D gaming future. Descent was ‘proper’ 3D too, both in terms of the cutting-edge rendering of subterranean caverns and the gameplay, with players required to navigate 3D space.

Descent: Underground Kickstarter

The new title adds virtual reality support (both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift claimed) and up to date visuals courtesy of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. An ‘epic’ single player campaign is promised to backers as well as multiplayer support.

With just a few hours to go, the campaigns total is tantalisingly close to its $600,000 goal, so if you’ve been on the fence about supporting the campaign, nows the time to decide.

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  • CardioPlay

    A new Descent game, Awesome! I logged many, many hours on this game while wearing my cybermaxx HMD in the late 90’s.