New ‘Firewall Zero Hour’ Update ‘Operation: Syndicate’ Coming Tomorrow

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Firewall Zero Hour (2018), the team-based shooter from First Contact Entertainment, is getting a new DLC drop called Operation: Syndicate tomorrow, which brings a new map, gun, and contractor to the game.

First Contact today announced the upcoming DLC on the PlayStation blog, revealing that the PSVR exclusive will be getting a map called ‘Blacksite’ on June 23rd.

“Set at the golden hour of sunset, players will find themselves in the Blacksite — the sector of a Middle Eastern city with a heavy military presence,” the studio says.

A new Contractor, Lucia ‘Luna’ Gallo, is also being added. The Italian hacker’s special skill is called ‘Backtrace’, which lets her see the outline of all signal jammers in the world for four seconds. Luna and her Skill are only available to Operation: Syndicate Op Pass holders, an extra cost which ranges from $6 to $25 depending upon the package you choose.

A new full auto sub-machine gun called The Custom ZS will be available to all players upon completion of the Free Mission in the first week.

The game has seen four other major DLC drops since it first launched in 2018, with it latest launched back in February with the Operation: Black Dawn update.

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