It’s been over a year since Google launched its Glass Enterprise Edition, something the company called “a new chapter” for the device. First introduced in its Explorer Edition in 2013, it now appears a second gen Enterprise Edition has passed FCC certification.

As first reported by 9to5Googlethe company is heading back to the enterprise market with another business-focused Google Glass, the heads up display (HUD) device that snaps onto a pair of glasses, providing real-time information to the user in a small transparent window.

Dubbed ‘Glass Enterprise Edition 2’, the FCC listing doesn’t reveal much outside of a single sketch. FCC certifications almost never list components or specs, but there are a few things to notice draw from the device label sketch. Like the previous iteration, the new Glass features a button-and-hinge mechanism so the device can fold and a similar power button configuration.

Citing a source familiar with the matter, 9to5Google reports that the new Glass is however “mostly just spec bumps for performance, battery life, and other core functions.”

Image courtesy Google

The first Google Glass Enterprise Edition included a well-deserved spec overhaul since the 2013 Explorer Edition, featuring an Intel Atom CPU, 32GB of storage, and a 780 mAh battery.

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Google Glass Explorer version two, a hardware refresh from 2014, added 2GB of RAM to version one, which featured a Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 SoC, 16GB of storage, and 570 mAh battery.

Considering that Glass was widely decried for looking weird (neologism “glasshole” withstanding), the company may never market it again to consumers in its current form. And while Google doesn’t appear to be diving back into the consumer market with it latest Glass, a continued interest in purely functional usecases for the HUD could translate to greater insights as the company inevitably marches towards more immersive tech such as a hypothetical Google-developed AR headset.

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  • The ethernal google glass… it never dies :)

  • Seems about time they did *something* with the project, but I still don’t know what future it really has. It’s just a development platform until they can actually make a form factor that completely blends with real glasses. You could say: As long as people can see it, they won’t want it. We might be well into the 2000’s, but people still don’t care for the “Cyborg” look. lol

  • Kenji Fujimori

    Let’s face it, Googles products are garbage, Google Translate is garbage, their services all stalk you and what you do, Google Glass failed, only thing good is YouTube and Android, both of which were buyouts not made by them