We know that HTC and valve plan to ship Steam VR products such as the Vive VR headset by the end of the year. Are these new pages shows in Steam’s client application and website, confirmation we may have it as early as November?

It was certainly a pleasant surprise to see a firm release window during HTC’s Vive unveiling on Sunday. Spring for the developer kit with consumer hardware shipping by the end of the year – a more precise date is always preferable though of course.

Steam’s ‘Universe’ page aims at highlighting the many technologies Valve is working on to bring (in their words) “…everything that makes the PC great—the best games, the biggest communities, and the most exciting technologies—to new destinations.” It’s opening statement however “This November …” seems to indicate that Valve plans to have all pieces of it’s PC gaming assault on the home ready to ship by then, including Steam VR and HTC’s Vive headset.


The page is appearing to Steam users all over the world, but we can’t confirm just yet if the November timeline will hold true for all territories.

In the mean time, developers shouldn’t forget to sign up to be considered for receiving a developer edition headset, due to ship even earlier in Spring.

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  • Stray Toaster

    I hope there will be a bundle that includes the VR headset, a Steam Machine, the joypad and Half Life 3. Well, one can hope.

  • Damir

    Does any one know how to sing up for developer kit? There is no form on http://store.steampowered.com/universe/vr or http://www.htcvr.com/

  • Damir

    Where is sign up for dev kit? Can’t find it

  • Don Gateley

    Will this require a Steam Machine?

    If not, will it be usable with for any content besides what you can get via their PC app or is it hard wired to their ecosystem?

    • Jacob Pederson

      I very much doubt this will require a steam machine as that market will be tiny.

      • Don Gateley

        I haven’t been able to find any solid info on what content you will be able to view with Vive. i.e. whether it will be limited to what you can get via the Steam application or whether developers will be able to create and make available VR content for it that can be downloaded from other locations. Opinions abound but nothing definitive. If Road to VR could drill in to find an official answer to the question it would be extremely useful info. Paul?