dumpyOne of the most unlikely ambassadors for virtual reality gaming to come out of Indiecade’s 2013 VR Jam contest, Dumpy Going Elephants has now been released in it’s first DK2 compatible version.

Back in September 2013, the IndieCade VR Jam contest, which had been organised to encourage fresh and exciting talent to come up with original content for the Oculus Rift DK1. The contest was a great success, producing some surprisingly polished titles and leading to the discovery of some of the VR community’s leading lights in development. Titles such as Ciess (later to become Darknet) and Sightline (later to lead to both Sightline: The Chair and World of Comenius) showed what could be done with the medium and inspired others.

Above all other VR Jam entrants, Dumpy Going Elephants didn’t take itself too seriously – perhaps an understatement. But, it spawned more reaction videos outside of the VR community than any other VR Jam entrant and introduced VR to a whole new audience.

dumpy_screen_02Dumpy has now been released for the Oculus Rift DK2, bringing the psychedelic adventures of VR’s favourite elephant to the VR Headset’s 1080p OLED panel, however not positional tracking it seems. You can grab the new download here. Before you fire the game up however, the developers advise “Unplug the camera or point it backwards (game only uses rotation data and translation data messes it up)”.

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