Nickelodeon Brings Kid-friendly Multiplayer VR Experience ‘SlimeZone’ to IMAX VR Centers Worldwide


Nickelodeon and IMAX Corporation have partnered to bring SlimeZone, a new multiplayer social VR experience, to IMAX VR centers globally. Allowing up to six players to step inside a cartoon-filled virtual world, SlimeZone features games, the ability to ‘slime’ friends, and what else – plenty of recognizable cartoons such as Sponge Bob Squarepants.

SlimeZone lets kids and families interact in a Nickelodeon-designed virtual world; each player selects an avatar, and is then given free rein to blast virtual slime, play simple games such as ping pong and basketball, create Tilt Brush-style works of art using the 3D paintbrush, and watch fan-favorite Nickelodeon cartoons.

SlimeZone is now available at IMAX VR centers in Los Angeles, New York City and Toronto, and is scheduled to launch at centers in Shanghai, Bangkok and Manchester (UK) soon.

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For friends and family looking to join in from outside a VR headset, there’s also a non-VR spectator mode that lets you watch all the action while flying a virtual drone that can slime players too. For children under 18, a parent or guardian needs to sign a waiver (either online or in-person). Children between 7 and 12 years also require a parent or guardian present prior to participating in an IMAX VR Experience. IMAX VR doesn’t admit kids under 7.

SlimeZone was created by the recently launched Nickelodeon Entertainment Lab, the company’s long-range R&D wing that focuses on VR/AR and AI. Nickelodeon also recently announced a financial investment in Dreamscape Immersive, the location-based VR startup known for their recent hit Alien Zooa limited-time pop-up that sold out nearly immediately.

IMAX VR also hosts a number of other VR experiences including Star Wars: Droid Repair, Justice League VR, and Eagle Flight multiplayer. Check out the full listing here.


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