No Man’s Sky, a game which has a history of calls for VR support since its 2016 release, could one day be explored in VR. Developer Hello Games is gauging interest in VR support for No Man’s Sky in a player survey intended to find out what the game’s community wants next.

If you missed the drama surrounding No Man’s Sky’s 2016 release, let me give you a quick primer on its storied history. It’s a space exploration game which was promised to allow players to explore a vast universe thanks to a procedurally generated foundation which was to said make an endless variety of star systems, planets, plants, and animals for players to discover. Along with some other key promises, that didn’t quite turn out to be the case, and the game was met with harsh criticism at not delivering on the ambitious expectations set by its developer.

After several free updates and a major expansion called No Man’s Sky ‘NEXT’, which launched in July, the game has shaped up into something closer to what was originally promised, and generally seems to be making players happier than at launch.

So where does VR fit into this? Well, as a ‘set your own pace’ exploration game that includes walking, shooting, flying, and (now) multiplayer, all inside an expansive universe, No Man’s Sky seems like it could be a great fit for the immersive capabilities of VR. Enthusiasts have been asking for VR support since well before the game even launched.

Image courtesy Hello Games

Here we are more than two years after the launch of the game and No Man’s Sky unfortunately still lacks VR support, but with the ‘NEXT’ update now out of the way, developer Hello Games is asking their player community what they want to see next.

Spotted by Redditor Ezio926, an official Explorer Feedback Survey from Hello Games aims to gather information about players’ experience with the game, their favorite activities and modes, and asks which new features players would like to see the most. “VR Support” for No Man’s Sky is listed among 10 options, including the likes of “More base building depth,” “Enhancements to underwater exploration,” “Larger multiplayer lobbies,” and more.

The survey doesn’t allow players to indicate whether they’d like to see No Man’s Sky on PSVR, Rift, Vive, or other VR headsets, but the developer would likely make that assessment after seeing how much interest there is in a VR version of the game.

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There’s no telling, even if there turns out to be lots of player interest in VR, how feasible it would be for No Man’s Sky to support VR, nor how good it could turn out to be. Having not been built for VR in the first place, the game’s expansive universe could be challenging to optimize to hit the minimum frame rates and resolution required by VR headsets, and it would be plenty of work to revamp the game’s interaction model to make good use of motion controllers, not to mention redesigning the game’s various methods of locomotion to be comfortable for VR. That said, we’ve seen successful ports of non-VR games to VR before; Skyrim VR (2017) and Fallout 4 VR (2017) play reasonably well, despite being adapted for VR long after their initial development.

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  • Get Schwifty!

    I would be willing to give this a shot in VR….

    • Michael Slesinski

      i “give it a shot” with every major update and its still one of my biggest disappointments in 40+ years of gaming.

      • Michael Bedard (Ivy Mike)

        You might want to give COD a shot. It might be more up your alley.

        • Michael Slesinski

          gave your moms alley a shot last night.

          • Jistuce

            Oooooooooh. That is the sickest burn to ever come out of junior high!

          • *Eats popcorn*

      • So?

        • Michael Slesinski

          ..oh look its a retard. lets do this!

          “so” its been a stellar and consistent disappointment (much like you are to your entire family im sure) and adding vr support (which we kind of already have to a degree) isnt going to change the tedious pace of the game or the amount of bullshit arbitrary grinding you have to do.

          40 years retard, thats like 30 more birthdays than you have had.

          • This coming from a retard where the concept of a game not being made for people like you are far beyond comprehension.

            The same retard that hates this game, but yet is here sprending his neanderthalism gospel of hate.

            The same retard that mad…for what reason exactly? Oh right a game he hates can get VR support…

            I dont even like mincraft but ya dont see me bitcing about it getting VR support, not that minecraft can be compared to sky.

            But I find it boring as hell and not worth my time. But at least those who like it can play it in VR.

          • Michael Slesinski

            holy fuck, learn to spell retard!

          • Nice try, but neanderthalism is a word :3


            One does not need to learn to spell on the internet, but unless he wants it to be attacked by another neanderthal w/ a failing arguement, one should. :3

          • 35 more birthdays than you :D

      • Lewis T

        If a person who is still primitive enough to use the word ‘retard’ in a derogatory manner doesn’t enjoy the game I enjoy, I’m okay with that. Perhaps you’ll find more enjoyment in a game that doesn’t require patience.

        • Michael Slesinski

          fuck your political correctness, that kid is very obviously a retard. i hope you get a life time of anal fissures just for being such a pansy.

          over 2000 games on steam, over 2000 hours in civ 5+6, 40 years of playing videogames.. but i lack patience? NO the game is intentionally tedious! thats why they reset the materials and everything. no mans sky is digital fucking thorazine. i guess your mind just moves too slowly to comprehend that.

          • i guess your mind just moves too slowly to comprehend that people realize this and still enjoy the game anyway :3

          • Feel free to do yourself the favor of not reacting as though you feel threatened. It makes you seem impatient.

          • Michael Slesinski

            feel free not to respond to 3 month old comments asthough you are relevant, it makes you seem like a fucking moron.

      • Lewis T

        And yes we are aware that you are trolling. It is therefore regrettable that you lack the subtlety required for proficiency in expressing sarcasm and irony. May I recommend reading ‘A Modest Proposal’ by Jonathan Swift? Excellent research material for proper trolling.

  • 3872Orcs

    PSVR might not be able to handle it but should be no problem on a high end PC.

    • DQ Queen

      PSVR could likely handle this without a problem. High end PCWORLD not required.

      • Alexisms

        Unlikely. The PS4 would have to basically be running 2 versions of NMS at the same time and at 90fps. That’s never going to happen without a huge downgrade in visuals similar to Driveclub. And i speak as a PSVR owner.

        • DQ Queen

          I’m a PSVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owner, but it’s quite likely that PSVR could handle the game. Barely a downgrade in visuals either.

  • DanDei

    Finally! Since release I was adamant in waiting to buy this game untill the day it receives a VR patch. Then, and only then will I purchase it.

    • Pablo C

      I was playing NMS the other day, I barely play on Flat monitor anymore. One of my few exceptions is NMS, the other is The Witcher and Assassins creed. The reason for it, is that those 3 games look like postcards, and you don´t need to be in-the-place to appreciate a postcard. I mean, it would be ideal, but it´s still great to appreciate it in flat. Specifically NMS, it has those graphics that emulate those old Sci fi book covers, which I personally love. Those covers were flat (of course), and while I´d love being there (VR), looking at them and activelly generating those looks while I play is amazing.

  • ビッグマシン

    VR would be a perfect fit for this game.

    • Michael Slesinski

      because vr is meant to be boring? 100+ hours strapped into a head set for a slow paced game sounds GOOD to you?

      • Andy

        Yes. Remember.. not everyone is the same as you. Elite Dangerous would be a similar enough title that VR does enhance greatly for a lot of people.

        • Michael Slesinski

          really? you spend alot of time OUTSIDE your ship scanning plants and sucking minerals in elite dangerous? maybe ill have to go look at it again, because i seem to remember being in a cockpit the entire time.

          i would be interested to know how many people have spent over 100 hours playing ED in vr (im betting its less than 50), and i mean 100 hours STRICTLY in vr, not 100 hours total play time with 12 hours in vr.

          • Kenneth Richlin

            I’m in that club. You can leave your ship you’re just in a buggy, still in a cockpit, that’s how you do most of your mining.

          • Kenneth Richlin

            Most of my guild are several hundred hours in, for me I’m around 1500. And maybe half is in VR

          • Michael Slesinski

            thats 1.. anyone else want to raise their hand? (note: im not even questioning it, i have friends who play it alot.. but they dont play in vr either)

          • *raises your hand*

          • antonio mora

            I already said it but yeah I have put over 1300 hrs… all in VR and enjoyed every bit of it.

            I must admit I don’t think I would ever consider buying ED if it wasn´t for VR.

          • Trevor Jones

            I had the game for 3 years and never logged more than 10 hours into it because quite frankly I found it kind of boring. But then I got VR and i believe I have logged over 100 now. The VR is just so immersive that it makes the boredom bearable =).

          • Michael Slesinski

            right, not WALKING around.

          • Hello there :D

          • Andy

            For you to pick an argument in that too? Na.. think I’ll pass.

          • Well, considering most people dont finish their games, i’d say your failed logic would apply to those who dont have VR.

            How many acually play for that many hours in VR compared to standard.

            However in the end theres no difference in hours playing many games for 100+ hours total compared to playing one game the same amount of hours.

            It’s all the same.

            ^cough* retard *cough*

          • JoeD

            God DAMN shut up.

          • Michael Slesinski

            making homos like you angry fills me with joy.

        • I wouldn’t play Elite Dangerous were it not for VR support. It enhances the game a great deal, imo. I’ve never played NMS but from the videos I’ve seen it has some similarities to Elite Dangerous and VR would be a great fit for it.

      • Michael Bedard (Ivy Mike)

        Doesn’t sound like you like this game…. so go away.

        • Michael Slesinski

          thats just it, i SHOULD have liked this game. i mean, i buy every science fiction game i find on general principal just so theyll keep making them. but this one is such a colossal piece of shit theres no liking it without completely ignoring every standard i have.

          • So you standards brings you here screaming like a raging neanderthal at everyone who enjoys this game.

            Must be fun to be you :D

          • Jistuce

            He just hates fun, that’s all. But he likes cursing, so it balances out.

          • Daban

            Haha. Bro you ain’t on a high horse. You are riding a donkey.

          • Te donkey from shrek. I like it :3

          • Raphael

            You still think it’s shit after the updates? I haven’t played it at all and prefer serious space sims but I still watch the news.

          • Michael Slesinski

            yea, unfortunately its still shit. it was particularly dickish of them to rework the crafting system rendering materials already crafted pretty much worthless (have fun regrinding the mats..). mind you i also watched it roll out on xbox. i warned everyone i figured would buy it of its awfulness (mostly elite dangerous players, but also some open world junkies) and of the 4-5 that bought it anyways i watched them play for about a week and then get bored and stop entirely.. back to elite or in one case starcraft 2 they all went.

            its just alot of the very same shit over and over and over which obviously gets played out fast. you would think all those planets would be different with near infinite flora and fauna and color schemes.. but you would be wrong.

          • Raphael

            When developers brag about billions of generated worlds you can generally assume it’s gonna be the same thing over and over. To some extent this applies to ED but that has the advantage of being a serious space sim with lots more development coming over the next 10 years. No man’s pie looks cute and all but I’d also be bored with simple core game-play across countless worlds.

            SC is still improving and if and when VR returns then I will buy into it.

          • JoeD

            But you didn’t like it. So shut the hell up you colossal piece of shit.

          • Michael Slesinski

            i COULDNT like it BECAUSE IT WAS A COLOSSAL PIECE OF SHIT you fucking simpleton.

      • Torben Bojer Christensen

        Immersive: Providing, involving, or characterized by deep absorption or immersion in something (such as an activity or a real or artificial environment) – Merriam-Webster

        Immersion: The fact of becoming completely involved in something:
        Total immersion in a videogame is almost like living another life. (cambridge dictionary)

        While you might get immersed in boredom, other that like the game wouls just love it even more as VR.

        • Michael Slesinski

          we dont have “total immersion” in videogames yet.. and no headset is every going to achieve it.

          • You gonna have a lot of posts to reply to in the morning, boy :D

      • Yea, 100+ hours STRAIGHT strapped into a head set for a slow paced game sounds GOOD.

        Jus need a bucket formy piss.

        • Michael Slesinski

          im betting you own a switch and not a vr head set.

          • How many switch games actually have 100+ hours of gameplay?

            You aren’t even capable of applying logic to an insult. :D

            Jus go back to spamming retard like a neanderthal :3

        • DanDei

          My 30+ hours in Subnautica VR were amazing

      • Do you seriously have nothing better to do than argue with everyone who, for whatever reasons, likes the game? Seriously?

        I guess we all have to like the ice cream flavors you approve of too. Thanks you miserable fascist fuck, much obliged.

        • Michael Slesinski

          do YOU have nothing better to do than reply to comments i made last year? you complete fucking twat!

          you can like whatever flavor of ice cream you want, just DONT try to sell the rest of the world on shit flavored ice cream being anything but shit! seems to me all the NMS fans out there are the same kinds of retards that dont own ANY shit games, and thats simply not honest. EVERYONE gets burned here and there, you simply owning a game doesnt mean its NOT shit!

          so go on and admit you like shit games and you can walk away with your dignity.. personally my mind works FAR too fast to be entertained by anything as slow paced as no mans sky.. but i can see retarded kids liking it because they can play at their own pace.

    • Amen.

  • Les Vega

    I would have just been curious before but after the amount of work they put in to correct the games major flaws/lies Vr is a no brainer.

    • Sandy Wich

      Yea they made that bank on lying to their audience, now they’re hero’s for patching it.

      It’s like the entire mainstream consumer base of the video game market have no self respect.

      • Michael Davidson

        Then you don’t have to play it! It would be cutting our own noses off to spite our faces if we just wanted them to fail. I bought the game at release, so I am very happy they have followed through with getting taken care of. If they decide to add VR support and it works fine, then AWESOME again. Just because someone doesn’t get it all right the first time doesn’t mean screw them forever. If that’s your attitude, then my god I wouldn’t want you as a friend.

        • Raphael

          So did you complete the survey?

      • Kev

        You have a bizarre attitude. They are still trying to improve the game even now. That game had a really big vision that was super hard to achieve. I mean compare that to Star Citizen who charge ever more ludicrous money for ships to get them to keep putting out updates.

        • Raphael

          Umm, You have a bizarre attitude. SC isn’t breaking any laws or scamming anyone by charging high prices during development phase. It’s already way ahead of any other space game in terms of scope and cinematic realism. It’s groundbreaking in many ways. No man’s pie is a simple kiddy game by comparison. And no… No man’s pie vision wasn’t super hard to achieve especially compared to the ultra-realism SC is bringing. It’s like comparing SC to super mario.

          • Kev

            I didn’t say SC was breaking any laws but just a few months ago they put out for example a 27K (i.e. 27 thousand dollar) ship pack… You seriously think they aren’t siphoning massive cash from their userbase??

          • Raphael

            If you have hard evidence they are using the money mostly for their own personal enjoyment then show it here. Otherwise you just read like a generic cliche SC hater because they dare to generate massive income during the development phase. 5 studios in different countries. The most complex game ever created. What they charge for ships during development is totally irrelevant. The results of that funding is more and more evident as they reach new milestones.

          • Kev

            I think SC is decent (but not the godlike stuff zealots seem to think it is). I think most people can see where your head is at when you said “what they charge for ships during development is totally irrelevant”… OMG, your cheese has slid off your cracker. They’ve been developing SC since… 2011. ***2011.

          • Raphael

            Me saying SC is the most complex game development ever is not the same as me saying SC is the greatest game ever developed. I have spent precisely zero on the game, didn’t like it for some years but as an ex-coder I can see what they’re achieving with that funding. $200 million… so what? I know people who have spent thousands on ships and they spend all day talking about their features and performance. It’s their choice, they have the money, they aren’t being scammed by criminals.

            I really think SC hate comes down to two things:

            1: Jealousy because the success of funding for the game.
            2: Bitter rage because it’s taking longer to develop than super mario space edition.

            I couldn’t give a flying feckywanks how much they charge for ships during the dev period. I keep track of the development and appreciate the coding hurdles a game like this faces and also the artistry.

            Stalker took 7 years and was a very simple game by comparison. Criticizing because they charge high prices for ships in dev phase and are taking longer to develop… just further illustrates the degree to which many people are clueless about this game versus other games.

            Do you know when SC and ED will be finished? At end of life. Both games have many years of development to go. SC and ED will be in development 6 years from now. Probably 10 years. This isn’t call of duty or Battlefield. These are games that are only finished at end of life. SC will eventually launch in gold status but it won’t have anywhere near the full content. End of life is when it’s finished.

            I won’t be buying SC unless the VR support returns at some point.

          • kool

            SC is a massive game but it could have been finished if Chris Roberts had some other people in charge and wasn’t the all powerful boss. He wasted a couple years on scrapped ideas and made some questionable gameplay choices nobody could challenge.

          • Raphael

            Yes and no. Can’t argue about his chopping and changing but it still wooden have been finished.

          • kool

            Yeah that’s just being hopeful. I think he could have used more structure in the beginning when they were mapping out the development he should have brought on somebody from a big AAA studio to make a roadmap for them. But since the 3.0 launch they seem to be making consistent progress I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But Chris wasted a fuck ton of money and had it not been for the backers $150 mil wouldn’t have been enough. Thank God we got some dedicated nerds with disposable income because I want this game so bad. I kinda need to be a lovable space pirate whos circumstances force me to choose a side in an ever expanding war and lead a ragtag group of rebels on a suicide mission that could change the tides of the war or see the resistance destroyed for good…

          • Raphael

            Lol. Agree on all points. While some people see the cost of ships as a scam I see it differently. If the ships were gonna stay that price when the game hits retail then that would be bad. It’s a testament to the skills of those involved in the game’s development that enough people are willing to pay hundreds of $$ for a collection of pixels. I would I could generate compelling pixels in that way.

            The SC universe has a realism about it that I haven’t seen in any other space sims. As much as I like ED… it’s not cinematic at all and will be years away from even getting atmospheric planets. ED kind of reminds me of an infocom adventure mixed with an old style space sim. Missions are presented with a cartoon face of the mission giver, upon completion of the mission you’re presented with more text.

            Planetary surface stations in ED are rudimentary compared to the stuff emerging from SC. ED does VR very well though and the game has years of new content forthcoming so I am patient.

          • kool

            I wouldn’t pay for the ships but I wouldn’t mind if the people who paid get to keep the capital ships and fleets they’ve paid real money for. They should be the beginning of the factions that form. With the ability to create missions it’ll get bloody real fast. I can’t wait to what kind of metagames will emerge from this game. I hope they get a whole vertical slice of gameplay working in a solar system sometime soon. I want to see how it all works out with all the systems in play!

          • kool

            SC wasted alot of that money adding in features, taking them out and reimplementing them. Also they wasted alot of time making every button work which has to be a nightmare to code and a hindrance to play with. I think the feature creep has ended and we may see the game by 2020 maybe…

          • Raphael

            2020 would be good but I’m not optimistic on that.

      • Heroes? Only a neaderthal would think they’re heroes.

        If anything, they are amateurs.

        VR would be a blessing.

  • Pablo C


  • Mateusz Pawluczuk

    This survey is intended for existing flatscreen playerbase. I don’t think they will see VR support as a priority.

  • Sandy Wich

    Lies lies lies tell me sweet lil lies.

    Seriously, have some self respect and don’t support this game/developers ffs. It’s like kissing your GF after she cheats on you while laughing at you, just to accept a kiss later on.

    Are all gamers cucks these days?

    • heskey30

      They did come through in the end…. They didn’t have to keep improving no man’s sky, they probably made enough to retire on their initial sales.

      • Michael Slesinski

        despite what was it.. 80% of the day 1 steam sales getting refunded?

  • Arcticu Kitsu

    “Having not been built for VR”…. Scuse me? Then what was the Chinese company with the VR that was tied to No Man’s Sky? It had a funny name of HelloVR, or something like that… Something funny like that. Also, if you look at the gestures and the way the camera behaves it simply asks to be played in VR so I feel this person didn’t do enough research.

    A shame I forgot the name of that VR company. But this is what I want to hear making VR more accessible :)

    • YamaThe Llama

      lol no you didnt do enough research, that chineese compang was called W/ARE and was a fake company for the ARG WT. It was how dreamers connected to the NMS Atlas in WT

  • Eddie Barsh

    This should have BEEN done

  • Trevor Jones

    I hope everyone on this message board filled the survey first

  • OOoooooo, NOW we’re talk’n! Might actually play that game again!

    Adding basic VR support won’t be too hard for them, as it is a mostly 1st person experience. I think hand-tracking support might be light though, and they might have to opt for a Controller-Only VR experience, like Subnautica. The issue is that joysticks are an absolute MUST with so many vehicle to control, so it’s either stick to a controller-only setup, or remove the PSVR and VIVE from the support list.

    I know some of you might groan at Controller-only controls, but as somebody who has logged over 80 hours in Subnautica’s VR, I can thoroughly say it’s good comprise.

    • kool

      Well at least on the psvr you can use an aim and a controller for vehicles once you get in.

      • Sure, that *could* work… but would you really be comfortable using a gun controller to fly or drive? I could see that as an option for the adventurous, but it’s hardly a great solution.

        Of course, that’s assuming No Man’s Sky could even *be* run on PS4 in VR mode. There’s a massive drop in fidelity that comes with doing VR on the PSVR. Trying to shoehorn No Man’s Sky into the PSVR might be impossible. You’d have to drop the polygons and visual quality massively.

        You know, considering how aggressive Oculus has been with the the exclusives, and how they are the only VR system with joysticks on their hand controllers, it might behoove Oculus to talk to Hello Games about making No Man’s Sky VR a store exclusive. I know nobody is happy about these exclusives, but this one really makes sense. And the extra money Hello Games would get would allow them to really spend time making it a knock-out VR experience.

        • kool

          You can use the aim for shooting and a controller for flying and driving. Idk what hello gamers would gain by going exclusive in vr but it might be by default because of graphics.

  • FriendlyCard

    Looking forward to purchase the VR version for Rift.

  • PJ

    I really liked NMS, VR support would get me playing again

  • Johann S

    If this released in VR, it’ll have my money instantly. Including all associated expansions, right away.

    For the Odyssey please.

    • Michael Slesinski

      theres software that lets you do it already..

      • Nah, its better devs give it VR support to annoy you children :D

        Wathcing you rage is fun, wathcing you rage when it gets VR support shall be a blast :D

  • Raphael

    So have any of you completed the survey and told them you want VR?

    • Andrew McEvoy

      heh yeeep siree

    • Hey you, theres a fool above your comment that things people like you cant handle 50+ hour VR games and think this game would be a terrible VR game.

      Maybe you should enlighten him :3

      • Michael Slesinski

        its a shit game. they could add fucking ju-c air support AND vr, its not going to make it anything but a shit game. so lets look at a game that isnt WIDELY considered a piece of shit. lets look at skyrim vr. look at ALL the positive reviews on steam (eliminate the negs) now look at the play time on them. the VAST majority of people WHO GAVE IT A POSITIVE REVIEW didnt break 100 hours. infact most of them didnt even break 60! so by all means pretend you want games you can play for 300+ hours with a head set on, but the numbers are screaming “LIAR!”.

        • Ya know, those statistics also apply to people who don’t even finish standard games.

          however, where are these statistics of yours btw. Are ye even lookin at the right ones?

          Oh and no one here shares your feelings. :D

          • Michael Slesinski

            im not here for “sharing” retard. do your own research if you want, its pretty obvious you arent capable of comprehending statistics.

          • DanDei

            Wow, now you are really committing to being a dick.

          • Michael Slesinski

            not really, i doubt the little tard is going to pay money to look at my source anyways.

          • Doubt this lil turd is gonna provide a source rather than scream retard every 5 seconds like an actual retard :D

          • its pretty obvious you arent capable of comprehending actual infomation :D

            Actually, you are sharing your knowledge or rather lack there of, retard :D

        • Trevor Jones

          Not to mention that Skyrim is 7 years old and most people who are bought the game in VR probably already finished it 6 times already on other platforms and on their toaster.

          • Michael Slesinski

            i actually excommunicated people who bought it more than once outside the vr version (mostly console peasants) because it was nowhere near a good enough game for that kind of support. the same applies to NMS though, anyone who is a zealot for the game probably got bored of it months ago. it isnt like it has anywhere NEAR the fanbase that a bethesDUH game has, so they would be doing the whole vr conversion thing for VERY little profit (though i honestly cant imagine them doing a worse job of it than bethesDUH did). regardless of if people have tracked its development or not we are talking about one of the most hated games in the history of videogames.

        • Wow, yet another miserable post from the same miserable asshat who says vanilla is a shitty flavor ice cream, in spite of there being so much enjoyment. Hrm, almost makes you think there’s something seriously wrong with you and your 40+ years of gaming experience. Your weeaboo profile picture is a dead giveaway, you fucking hate yourself, and the world too. Go die please, thanks.

          • Michael Slesinski

            “weeaboo”? do tell.. actually dont bother, i dont care… with your grossly undersized head. theres really no “enjoyment” in a slow shitty game like no mans sky unless you find being bored out of your mind and moving at a sloths pace “enjoyable”. ace combat 7 has vr support, if you want to fly around in vr i suggest that. not that you are here for that, because no mans sky is SUCH a great game your stupid ass is sitting here replying to 3 month old comments INSTEAD of “enjoying” it. tard much??

    • antonio mora

      I did but I choose more varied plants

    • Trevor Jones

      I even got people who dont have VR or No Mans Sky to fill out the survey saying they want VR. !

  • kool

    Where is the survey?

  • It would be interesting

  • Paulo Pê Costa

    Yessssss please ! Vive pro !!


    This game doesnt have stable frame rate. Plus you need a beast of a card to even run it well. Be prepared to lose your lunch in VR.

  • Lucidfeuer

    Already impressive with the right VorpX file, but native support would be best.

  • Michael Slesinski

    what a dumb idea. why would anyone want to spend hours upon hours with a head set strapped to their face for such a completely boring game? i see alot of you having the knee-jerk reaction of “omg so awesome1!!!1!”, and im sure one of you clever little kiddies will say “how is more games in vr a bad thing?” but do we really need MORE BAD vr games?

    i hate to say it but games that are meant to go on for 50+ hours really arent for vr at this point in time. maybe with lighter head sets and better optics it will come, but the thought of sitting (im assuming it would be sitting, it would be kind of funny if they forced you to stand each time you left your ship) there for 100+ hours for this INTENTIONALLY slow paced game is really off-putting.

    • kool

      I’ve spent a shameful amount of time in VR already. I can’t wait for this or something like it to come to VR. I’ll play that shit until I go cross eyed if I can!

    • Dont see people playing Fallout and Skyrim in VR repeating you.

      Youre the only one that feels this way.

      Mr. Spend 10mins in VR. ok…hour at most but rarely I bet.

      Anyway, dont bother projecting your feelings on others, you are in the minority.

      As many bought Fallout and Syrim and are pacing themselves(well, some are).

      You act as if people must spend 50 hours in the game straight jus to enoy it :D

      You could be one of those people that play all day and all night and would hate to take a break cause of the headset weighing down on you.

      However Devs must prepare their games for the lighter headsets. So theres lots of 50 hour VR games awaiting new customers.

      • Michael Slesinski

        look retard, MOST of the people who bought skyrim vr (and fallout) have less than 12 hours in it! most vr games DONT require over 100 hours to play through, infact my experience has been the exact opposite, most are over FAR too soon. i DO play for hours at a time some days (and then take a break and go back for more) but thats not “average” unless you are going to try telling me the “average” gamer spends 12-16 hours EVERY FUCKING DAY playing videogames too.

        you HAVE bodily functions that headsets do NOT lend themselves to, wearing them for prolonged periods of time is NOT advised AT ALL EVER! even back when i used to play on my virtual-io i took breaks, and back then almost ZERO games were “made for vr” we just played normal games IN vr with head tracking.

        you fucking pansies dont even KNOW what you “want” or you wouldnt be eating every pile of shit the industry puts infront of you. you are like 5 year olds who “want” everything they see a commercial for, and just like them you get bored and complain after a short time. shit, most of you probably thought this game sounded “AWESOME!!!1!” before it came out, even though it was described as a very boring tedious experience to anyone who was paying attention.

        if they do add vr support ill once again load up the game, fuck around for an hour or so, and be overcome by boredom AGAIN, just like every other time i have tried to sit down and play it. its a fucking boring game, even vr wont change that.

        • Ater you typed all this nonsense, you still didnt justify why 50 hour vr games should not exist, in fact you contradicted your logic.

          You really are some retard spouting nonsense.

          Enjoy shouring at the wall, dumbass :D

          Even if a few ever reach 60+ hours, its still totally worth it.

          However, wherever you get your info from, maybe you read it wrong as many admit to spending countless hours in VR.

          • Michael Slesinski

            enjoy repeating third grade english until you get it right..

          • I enjoy screwing w/ 5 year old olds such as yourself :3

        • benz145

          Wow there. You are making fair points but can we work on the civility?

          It’s unlikely that you’ll change anyone’s mind with hostility. If your goal is a real discussion, try finding some common ground and present your perspective in the hopes that others will really consider it. The cursing and anger really just puts people on the defensive and distracts from your actual point.

          • Michael Slesinski

            there IS no common ground with these cretins. do YOU go around trying to make people pointing guns at you find common ground? how about complete retards? what about pedophiles? if their minds were capable of changing they would have seen the logic in my statements in the first place and considered my words. instead they “lol” and yammer on like twats.

          • benz145

            Are you comparing the people you’re discussing VR with on this website to murderers and pedophiles?

          • Michael Slesinski

            is THAT what it appears to you as? i was making the point that there is NOT always “common ground” to be had.. particularly when it comes to rabid fan-boy zealots in the videogame industry. you arent going to convince the fucktards playing gta that its a shit game with poor mechanics nomatter what.

          • Yet here you are trying to do jus that and they’re the fucktards?

            What logic :D

          • benz145

            I’m trying to clarify why you brought up murderers and pedophiles in this discussion.

          • PJ

            Wow!!! This is a VR website dedicated to VR, stop spouting drivel like this, if there’s a debate to be had do it in a manor which it fits the point being made

          • One who cannot see the logic in others’ statements(when people can) cannot expect others to see the logic in his.

            Seeing as the way you perceive the logic of others as “”lol” and yammer on like twats” while others actually see logic but when they see your “logic” they see



            Raging on like a twat :D

            Its like your bipolar.

    • gothicvillas

      I have 85hr on Skyrim VR on PC and I’m not done yet!!

      • Michael Slesinski

        grats, thats uncommon, because as i stated before MOST people have less than 50. i was not impressed with the controllers showing up where hands should be and therefore not willing to play through it again.

    • antonio mora

      I have 1,300+ hours in elite dangerous, all of them in VR, Skyrim 100+ and Fallout 4 100+ too.

    • PJ

      Just come a 4 Hour long stint on Pavlov

      Racked up up over 300hrs on SkyrimVR

      Over 500hrs on Elite Dangerous

      Not even touched Fallout4 VR yet…

      I have also notched up over 100hrs on NMS, and I for one would very much like to experience it on VR, though I can’t see it ever happening. You make a valid point about lighter headsets and better optics, but everyone is different, some people are happy to wear a headset for hour upon hours, I’m one of them, there’s normally 4 of us playing together, and we are all happy to wear it the whole time having a great time in VR.

    • Pablo C

      I feel the oposite: Most VR games are only VR experiences. VR adaptations are nowadays the only true VR games (pretty much). And spending a couple of hours exploring Skyrim is not bad at all.

      • Michael Slesinski

        its not GOOD at all either. if it was you would swing your sword in real time and not just have it animated for you. the trees are also not MADE for vr and it shows. theres alot more to properly making a vr game than just adding a shitty interface for it (especially when it shows your controllers instead of hands..).

        • Pablo C

          I only use a bow, which is really great. Anyway, different tastes, I love traveling through Skyrim, and I´m pretty sure I´m not the only one.

          • Michael Slesinski

            im sure you arent, theres an entire demographic out there that LIKES shit games that media outlets tell them they must like or they arent cool. factually speaking though its a shit implementation of vr and the only reason they did it was because they knew todd howards adoring fans (aka: morons) would buy it JUST to say they bought it.

          • Pablo C

            Ooooww, you are that troll from upstairs, sorry I took you seriously again. Loose some hate man, it´s not good for you…

  • Michael Bedard (Ivy Mike)

    I want this SOOO bad!

  • Kenneth Richlin

    Yes. We still want the thing we wanted two years and three months ago. We want it!

  • Gary

    I suspect if it ever comes it will come as a paid DLC, the financial incentive would be too much to pass up for it to be another free update. With that said I think the novelty will wear off pretty quickly for some though since there isn’t enough depth to the exploration side of the game. Everything You see in game are just for visuals and have no substance, they’re all made up of the same basic elements.

    • Michael Slesinski

      im glad somebody atleast gets that.

      • Thats actually obvious to everyone, but it seems you did not realize that it was :D

        Survival games are typically slow paced, yet sell well.

      • Pete

        And look how comparatively eloquent and lacking in pointless vitriol it was! Maybe take some notes.

        • Michael Slesinski

          there was nothing “eloquent” about what he said, it was simple and bland (much like the game itself). infact.. i would much prefer vitriol because its a much more honest way to say something.

          “nice is the worst insult you could pay anybody. It means you are utterly without threat, without values. Nice is a cup of tea.”
          -johnny rotten

          • Pete

            Notice I said ‘comparatively’. Vitriol is tone, it has nothing to do with the validity of the point trying to be made, only it’s effectiveness of being communicated.
            If that what is takes for you to be honest then it explains a lot.
            As for the quote, I’m not sure how it’s at all relevant to anything other than Johnny Rotten justifying his character. A cup of tea is nice though, he’s not wrong.

          • Michael Slesinski

            theres nothing honest about “nice”. so being a completely honest person i have 0 use for “nice”, you can consider it vitriol if you want but thats just the pussification of society. nice: “its not the best game” vs. your perceived “vitriol”: “its a piece of shit that fails on every level”. same thing, different approaches.. and 1 is WAY more honest.

            once upon a time.. not that long ago, you could call a retard a retard. NOW its some kind of crime against humanity.. even though retards arent even capable of knowing they have been called retards! the way i see it its only a matter of time before this planet of fucking morons starts considering it racist to call a bird a bird since the birds never consented TO being called birds. people need to harden the fuck up or get out of the pool.

          • Pete

            You being unable to see honesty in ‘niceness’ is depressingly telling.
            Also what in heck is the ‘pussification of society’?

            You’re going around calling people ‘retarded’ without having any ability to know if they are mentally handicapped. That’s what’s wrong with using the term, if nothing else.
            Also ‘retards’ are capable of knowing and exist within a spectrum of mental functions and capabilities, a fact clearly revealing your ignorance of the topic.
            Saying ‘its a piece of shit that fails on every level’ is just so clearly comically exaggerated for outrage points that I can’t help but not take the criticisms seriously. It feels less honest.

          • Michael Slesinski

            you not knowing the difference between “honest” and “nice” is far more telling. as for being unaware of the world around you being turned into a bunch of giant pussies.. again very telling. im just going to guess you are a millennial, because if you were any older you would remember men actually being men.

            that kid was most certainly retarded! theres no “nice” word for retarded (though they have tried to push “autistic”..) either, you could say “mental deficient” but that REALLY doesnt quite cover it.

            you sound like a very boring person (thats me being nice) and i sort of pity you for it. to live a life where you are constantly self-censoring just to avoid hurting the feelings of the idiots sounds like hell to me. at the same time i find it amusing that you would describe somebody as “effeminate” while i would simply call them a “shit stabber”.

            OH! for the record the game does fail on every level, everything about no mans sky is a half-assed attempt to do what other games out there do better!

          • Pete

            If this is how ‘men’ act then we are all lucky it’s apparently changing.

          • Michael Slesinski

   you like being a little bitch. got it.

    • Pablo C

      There are a lot of VR games that are just and only “visual”, and NMS is certainly more than that.

  • Cat of Many Faces

    this would shoot that game to the top of my list right quick :)

    • Careful, theres a dick raging at everyone here. he’ll notice you soon. You can catch him by putting the game in a trap.

  • nasprin

    Just completed the survey – NMS seems a little bit to shallow with the exploring and the Refinery mechanics are more “Magic” than science, but looking at how they optimize the game I’m sure it will eventually become even better.

    VR support is needed for:
    a) Watch in frightful awe, as the Sentinel Walker stomps towards you
    b) Puke your intestines out during an automated station landing.

  • HomeAudio

    If No Man’s Sky will get VR support – than DEFINITELY it will be killer app for VR. I can suspect I will see it on top of most played VR games lists shortly after VR release. Last “NEXT” update is amazing! VR will make this game one more time great and famous! I am waiting for this moment!

    • Michael Slesinski

      yea.. you would have thought that about skyrim and fallout aswell, but it doesnt turn out that way.

      • HomeAudio

        No, I didn’t… I even don’t have these games. But for my brother Fallout VR is one of the best games in VR – so partially you are right ;)

        • Michael Slesinski

          noo, im all right. your brother thinking fallout vr is “one of the best games in VR” doesnt make it truth, its poorly implemented vr runs horribly, and has really not been a critical success.

          you simply cant put lipstick on a pig.

          • HomeAudio

            Well. You are wrong in your statement … or you didn’t understand me. My brother is playing this game and he likes it a lot Fallout (and he has probalbly 90% of other big titles available for VR – so I think he knows what he is saying). I see your experiance in many titles are not so good – and I respect it – but it doesn’t mean that other people thinks the same as you. I really dont understand why you are trying to convince everyone here that something is good and that other things are awful… I think everyone should decide what they likes by themself – especially when thers is option of returning games on Steam.

          • HomeAudio

            Well. You are wrong in your statement … or you didn’t understand me. My brother is playing this game and he likes it a lot (and he has probalbly 90% of other big titles available for VR – so I think he knows what he is saying). I see your experiance in many titles is not so good – and I respect it – but it doesn’t mean that other people thinks the same as you. I really don’t understand why you are trying to convince everyone here that something is good and that other things are awful… I think everyone should decide what they likes by themself – especially when thers is option of returning games on Steam.

          • Michael Slesinski

            big titles are shit.. your brother is obviously a trendite and therefore his uninformed opinion is MEANINGLESS.

            there is an option to return a game WITHIN 2 hours. theres quite a few games (like no mans sky) that you dont see the lack of depth until after like 10 hours.

          • HomeAudio

            For me your opinion is meaningless. You are arguing with everyone here like you had/have some personal problem with NMS and developers – so your opinion can not be taken seriously. For me spending few $ for ths kind game is not a problem – it is still in process of improvement and I hope next improvement will be VR.

            BTW: you are trying to make general statements here (‘something is wrong”, “something is shit”, “all you are wrong”) but I am telling you one more time – it is wrong way. General statements you can do in mathematics or physics. Check how many shity games was bougth on steam and not returned – sometimes evene worse product can be good for someone and your general statements are not right in this situation. NMS is what it is – everyone can check on youtube how looks like gameplay (there are also few hours long gameplays) – and making general statements for this game is wrong as everything else what you are trying to achieve here.

          • jj

            jesus mike you’re just a little bitch arent you?

            if you’re going to make a stupid analogy like: “You simply can’t put lipstick on a pig” at least finish them so it makes sense…

        • Pablo C

          What? Skyrim is one of the best VR games out there. Same for Senua´s, and X-Rebirth, all VR adaptations.

  • Sam Illingworth

    I dunno. In my experience current VR hardware isn’t great at rendering distant things, and exploring games like NMS are all about the huge wide open view, both in space and on planets.

    • Pablo C

      Skyrim VR, X Rebrth VR.

      • Sam Illingworth

        Exactly. Skyrim VR doesn’t look very nice, especially distant things.

        • Pablo C

          Really? They look great in my system. Try some supersampling, or setting distances in the config file.
          Anyway, even if it doesn´t look good in your system, woud you say Skyrim is a bad VR game?

          • Sam Illingworth

            Meh, I can’t be bothered messing with config files, and I dunno if my system could run it at much higher than the Vive’s native resolution (I have a GTX980).

            Actually yeah, when I played Skyrim in VR I didn’t have an enjoyable time, but I think that’s mostly cos I’ve just gone off the game since it came out. The dungeons just feel so repetitive and dull. Gonna try FO4 instead.

          • Pablo C

            For my personal taste, Skyrim was better than Fallout in VR. But then I love using the bow in VR, so actually I found dungeons and caves to be a thrill. If you already have it, you could try supersampling, it´s really what takes the blurriness out of VR.

          • Sam Illingworth

            Oh yeah, the bow was certainly a part I liked too, and having enemies charging at you in full size, human scale can be scary as hell.

            I’ll give supersampling a try, but I’m not sure it’ll run well on my 980. Although they did add the new dangled frame insertion tech to Steam VR recently didn’t they, so worth a try!

  • Dave Graham

    I can’t really fill in the survey as I don’t play the game as is, but I would certainly buy it if Mr Marray decided to go the VR route. This game would be epic with VR support but it would need a slightly more realistic flight model IMO.

  • State of Psychosis

    VR would benefit regular users too because they’d need to update things like directx/vulkan support to get good performance in VR which would benefit everyone playing it.

  • david vincent

    Maybe when foveal rendering will be a thing…

  • Skippy76

    I definitely won’t be buying this!
    I refunded the original because it was CRAP. Cant see myself putting my vive on to play it again. You might fool me once but…

    • Pablo C

      Unfortunatelly (for you), NMS turned out great. It´s a very different game than at launch, they addressed all our complains and nowadays, it´s one of the best (if not the best) space exploration games. If you get to overcome your stubbornness, you´ll be pleasently surprised.

      • Skippy76

        So.. do the giant creatures cause environmental destruction when they roam around like they showed in the trailer? Nope..
        Do the space pirates or security drones have better AI?? Nope
        This game is basically just a wash, rinse and repeat space exploration game that doesn’t offer much of a real challenge. I get the appeal if you just want to chill out and explore nice alien scenery but I don’t see this as being an interesting VR title. Minecraft however was a brilliant port to VR!!

        • Pablo C

          I love Minecraft, but honestly, I don´t think there is much difference with the survival mode of NMS. I get why people hate it, but I´m pretty sure, if NMS would be happening now as it is, it would be a bliss. It has issues as every game does, but no game offers you the posibilities that NMS does, albeit, and this might be your issue: at your own taste and pace. Right now it has story, it has missions, building, exploration, multiplayer, on an infinite scale, way less repetitive than at launch. Which other game gives you that all together?

          • Michael Slesinski

            lots of games have a FAR better story, tons of games have way more interesting missions/quests, loads of games have way better building, how much does exploring matter where things are always essentially the same? and the multiplayer.. probably the saddest use of the term outside of games that consider leader boards “multiplayer”! so yea it has all those things (so does starbound.. and it sucks too!) but it does them all FAR worse than its contemporaries. you can fanboy it as hard as you want, those of us that dont fall for the technicolor bullshit are NOT going to capitulate though.

          • Pablo C

            We are just talkin here, no need to offend or hate (and… capitulate…?). I think I´ll wait for skippy´s answer.

        • Michael Slesinski

          “digital thorazine”

  • Tyler Soward

    Wasn’t a big fan at launch – kinda disappointed, and haven’t gone back to try out the additional content yet, but I’d definitely give it another go in VR. Think it would really add a lot to the game

  • A fenek

    I think VR will be the killer app with this game – and if they manage to optimize it for VR, then vastly improved flat-screen performance would be an added benefit.

  • PJ

    This comment section is so much nicer now I have blocked that Michael that boring git goes on

    • Michael Slesinski

      oh no, ive offended a homo!

  • Larry J

    Might actually make the game interesting.

  • Eli Schnell

    Hope this happens! I’d gladly spend some hours flying around space. I have a feeling jetpacking is going to be a major hurlfest, though.