It appears Oculus is currently testing out Android app integration on Quest, which could bring to the standalone headset everything from Spotify to Among Us.

The news was first reported by YouTuber ‘The Mysticle’, saying that he found a number of non-VR Android apps in the ‘Preview App’ section of the Oculus Store. The Preview App section of the store is where you can find games and experiences that are typically in a prerelease state, often reserved for private beta testing and for press preview.

We weren’t able to reproduce the claim and confirm the news ourselves, however both ‘The Mystical’ and a Discord user have snapped images from within Oculus Home featuring multiple apps in their Preview Apps section. Some of the apps include Among Us, TikTok, Zoom, Spotify, Snap, MS Remote Desktop and MS One Note.

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Both Oculus Quest and Quest 2 feature a chipset running the Android operating system; even allowing users to install and run those apps on the headset in ‘flat’ mode could bring a massive new set of apps including different web browsers, video players, games, and utilities.

John Carmack, Oculus Consulting CTO, mentioned late last year that although he was pushing to bring Android apps to Oculus Quest, he was “not winning” the debate internally at Facebook. Provided Oculus isn’t just testing the waters, it seems Carmack may have finally won that debate.

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  • if they don’t get the google cardboard demo of Vanguard V on quest…

    • MasterElwood

      there is a version of the demo for pcvr. you CAN play it on the quest via link TODAY!

      • xD I knew that, but thanks Elwood. I’d just love to play it standalone on Quest. :D

  • kontis

    So first they listened to him about Air Link and now Android Apps.

    Did something happen that made them listen to Carmack more?

    My guess is either some numbers weren’t as good as they hoped (their every big decision about Rift was based on sales) or they know something new about plans or progress of Apple and/or Google and got scared.

    I mean, a Quest 2 clone released today with either full support of IOS apps with is entire ecosystem or Android apps with full Google Play integration would be a giant problem for Facebook.

    They literally wouldn’t have to do anything more or anything special, just exactly the same as Facebook and they immediately would have a giant advantage.

    The more XR becomes normal and mainstream friendly the more advantage these mobile platforms can bring. This is the biggest weakness of facebook’s master plan. The second is the fact that everyone hates them.

    • Anonymous

      How is this relevant at all? Just because FB is evil and greedy then they can’t possibly have even one person other than Carmack, out of 52,000 employees, who can make a smart, competitive decision?

      Quest 2 has been boasting about the vision of integrating VR as a part of daily work and play life since DAY 1 so none of this is a surprise. In fact even a little late but they are lucky because no one has seemd to care to challenge FB directly in AIO VR.

      Seriously the notion of FB is pure evil and any decisions that seemed good must be Carmack is getting really old and stupid. Bashing FB for things they do poorly is fine, but pure hate like this for things they do right is really annoying.

      • Sven Viking

        I get what you’re trying to say, but in his recent published talk with Boz Carmack said he’s been arguing for this specific strategy for some time now, and he’s made similar statements in talks years back. That they’re now adopting that strategy could be entirely coincidental but it doesn’t require “pure hate” to think he might have had something to do with it.

    • Bob

      I’m sure Facebook had this planned for years. John Carmack happened to be the only one most vocal about it.
      Not everything revolves around your own delusional narrative.

      • Sven Viking

        I guess the main question is why they successfully argued against the feature for a year or so while simultaneously planning to add it for years.

        • dk

          ….just like wireless pc connection

    • guest

      Sony will kill the killer app of Beat Saber if Sony uses their massive catalog of music licenses with any similar app! (Its strange this comment was censored on Discus the first time. That used to happen with any critical comments about Magic Leap. Must be a real threat for them to go through the effort to do that).

  • S Ander

    I have watched every Oculus connect(now Facebook connect) and Carmack always had fresh and clear vision what should be done with vr and ar.

    I have sideloaded android apps to my Quest 2 but i would hope they will add ability to use apps on the backround like spotify or discrord calls.

    • Blaexe

      Not always obviously…Carmack for example didn’t believe in the value of 6DOF tracked controllers initially.

  • TechnoHunter

    I want to be able to play my old VR games from Oculus Go on the Oculus Quest 2, sad face.

    • SAME. I DO NOT understand why only a certain approved subset of Oculus Go games can run on the Quest. This seems totally arbitrary to me.

  • xyzs

    I hope the hardware support won’t get obsolete as fast as on the phones.
    Every Android phone I had was super slow after 2 years.

    • Sven Viking

      Possibly faster, though it sounds like your experience with Android has probably been worse than average.

  • So….. why? Not to doubt the great Carmack, I love what he’s done, but… really… why??? Do you really need an uncomfortable, heavy headset in order to do a low resolution version of the same thing you could do on a much better screen in reality?

    I know we’re all phone addicts, mine is usually not more then arm’s reach from me, but I’m usually ok with it not being in VR with me. I suppose a messaging app in VR would be handy… sometimes. Mostly though, it’d just a distraction from the distraction I’m using to get away from all of my other…. distractions. It’s like answering messages while on vacation. :p

    • Elite-Force_Cinema

      Because you need to be comfortable with Android apps on the Oculus Quest 2! That’s why Oculus is adding Android apps to Quest 2!!!

    • Sven Viking

      So it can function as a Chromebook replacement essentially, with their new keyboard features etc. Won’t be useful to everyone but while there are some cons it does have the advantage of allowing for huge portable monitors.

  • Ajedi32

    Carmack seems to be winning a lot of internal debates lately. First 120 Hz support, then Air Link, now this?

  • guest

    Wonder if Daydream apps will be functional on the Quest…

    • NFC adhesive strip from Daydream headset and daydream remote (or possible to spoof?), it could be a thing..

  • Michael Lupton

    Honestly I just want Discord.

    • Same! That would be a huge game changer.

  • mirak

    I did that on the Gear VR.
    It can be useful to check on something quickly like emails or whatapp.