To celebrate the one year anniversary of the release of Quest and Rift S, Oculus is hosting a sale on heap of games for both headsets, including some Quest bundles with top titles.

Oculus has kicked off its anniversary sale which runs through May 25th, 11:59 PM PT (your local time here).

Image courtesy Oculus

On the Quest side, the company is offering three bundles, a rotating daily deal, and discounts on 15 individual titles. Here’s the bundle breakdown and today’s daily deal (see everything on sale here):

  • Quest Best Sellers Pack – $140 (24% discount)
    • The Climb
    • Moss
    • Espire 1: VR Operative
    • Sports Scramble
    • Gun Club VR
    • Creed: Rise to Glory
  • Quest Essentials Pack – $90 (23% discount)
    • Arizona Sunshine
    • Job Simulator
    • Space Pirate Trainer
    • BOXVR
    • Racket: Nx
  • Quest Starter Pack – $50 (23% discount)
    • Pistol Whip
    • I Expect You to Die
    • Eleven Table Tennis
  • Daily Deal (May 22nd): Star Trek Bridge Crew – $22.50 (25% discount)

Bundle prices are automatically adjusted to account for games that you already own.

Image courtesy Oculus

On the Rift side, the anniversary sale has brought discounts on 166 titles (and there may be more to come throughout the sale). Check out all the Rift games on sale; here’s a handful that caught our eye:

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  • Mah, as always the sales on Oculus Store are pretty disappointing… the only games with big discounts are the old ones.

    • Yusep

      Well, I just bought the quest so the starter pack deal was pretty interesting

    • penix

      Yeah, amazing how they simply refuse to give their exclusives discounts. But at least we get all the games we can also buy on Steam (for the same money in a sale, but on a better launcher).
      I have a Rift S. I’m not sure but either stupid me was looking in the Quest Store or most games were just discounted into 60+ € packs with at least 1 games you already own on Steam and at least 2 you don’t care about at all.

    • AndyP

      Yes, old hats for “discounted” prices. Now back to HLA, on my OLED Rift.

  • penix

    … you don’t want to buy our exclusives, do you?

  • Pablo C

    Sales on the Oculus store are so lame….

  • sfmike

    The Quest sale is truly disappointing. Not surprised at all but still disappointed.

  • Warp

    The one game I was interested in was only discounted as part of a bundle that I definitely was not interested in. Disappointing as usual.

    • Peter Kovacs

      Let me guess… The Climb?

  • James Cobalt

    “Brings Big Discounts on Quest”
    I see a small handful of titles and 3 very pricey bundles with just moderate discounting. Very underwhelming sale as far as software sales go. Of course, they don’t have to do sales at all. They seem to be doing pretty well selling software at full price …as one would expect with a walled garden approach.

  • martin

    well hopefully the summer sale will be better.

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  • Pablo C

    Rift S: what a software nightmare, from start to finish.