Los Angeles-based White Elk Studios, a team founded by former members of the God of War team, and Oculus Studios today announced a new co-op game called Covert. The couch co-op game is said to feature asymmetrical gameplay that will let one player play inside either an Oculus Go or Gear VR while the other user plays outside of VR.

Here’s how Oculus describes it in the initial annoucement:

Working with the infamous League of Thieves, your mission is to steal a mysterious artifact from an impenetrable safe inside Capital City’s museum. You’ll hack your way past the security systems, using high-frequency glass breakers, ziplines, and more to work your way into the vault.

Image courtesy White Elk Studios, Oculus

Asymmetrical gameplay is accomplished by including another player, your friendly neighborhood hackerman, who plays on their mobile device. This other player feeds you details such as notes on museum blueprints, information on guard locations, laser movements, and the safe’s internal mechanics.

Oculus and White Elk say Covert features a “pass-and-play style,” which makes is a good candidate for easy group play, putting your communication skills to test.

Image courtesy White Elk Studios, Oculus

Ever since the success of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (2015), the asymmetrical VR game genre has been in need of more love, so we’re definitely hoping Covert can approach the sort of fun these games can provide in group settings. The choice of launching on Oculus Go, the company’s $200 standalone VR headset, is a decisive move that will hopefully raise a few curious eyebrows.

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Covert is slated to arrive on Oculus Go and Gear VR “later this year.”

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