Oculus is bringing two highly anticipated Rift exclusives to PAX South in San Antonio, Texas this year: Stormland and Defector.

Stormland, a sci-fi adventure from Insomniac Games, first debuted at PAX West last summer. It was available through a pop-up installation for a one-day only affair back in August, and hasn’t publicly demoed since.

Stormland is touted for its open world narrative which lets you interact with the world through a number of ways, be it scaling mountains, jumping over chasms, or soaring through alien world ‘slipstreams’ that shift as you play. The game is said to be both single-player and multiplayer; a phenomenon called ‘The Tempest’ rearranges the world each week to reveal new challenges.

Defector, a Rift exclusive from Wilson’s Heart (2017) studio Twisted Pixel, first debuted at PAX East in April 2018. Essentially, Defector stitches together a number of action sequences in a variety of play-styles and branching pathways, promising plenty of replayability. Twisted Pixel set out to build something of a hybrid between Mission: Impossible and Fast and the Furious.

We went hands-on with Defector last year, and the action-heavy demo seemed to impress Road to VR’s Ben Lang.

In the demo I played I was given the choice of whether I wanted to jump out of the plane or fight my way out. Both choices led to totally different segments of the game: one had me clinging for my life to the outside of a plane in a sort of climbing mini game, while the other led me into a gun fight, a fist fight, and ultimately to driving a sports car out of the plane’s cargo hold.

Oculus will be also publicly demoing the upcoming battle royale shooter Population: One from Big Box. There are also a few tournaments to look forward to as well, including:

PAX South takes place January 18th – 20th in San Antonio, Texas. Oculus will be in Meeting Room 225 A/B and the VR Freeplay area.

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  • Unluckily, I won’t be there, but I would really like to try these games…