It’s the beginning of the end for Oculus Quest and the start of the beginning for Meta Quest, as Meta (formerly Facebook) moves to erase the Oculus brand in order to bring its XR division more in line with its fresh brand identity.

Following its big rebranding from Facebook to Meta, the company is beginning the process of dissolving the longstanding Oculus brand. The official website can now be seen sporting new branding at the top with the words Meta Quest and the company’s new logo.

Most of the site’s remaining copy still says “Oculus Quest” where relevant, but it’s clear that this won’t last long.

Meta has confirmed that Meta Quest will the be product’s new name going forward and that updated product packaging will soon bear the mark starting in early 2022. That will coincide with a steady transition of documentation, marketing, apps, and services that were once ‘Oculus’ becoming known as Meta, including the Oculus smartphone app which will become the Meta Quest app.

Ostensibly the domain will be retired at some point to, and is likely to be hosted under or a similar subdomain.

Facebook announced its new name last month during the Connect 2021 conference where it shared its vision for the metaverse and made clear that this would be its primary focus moving forward.

First Filed in 2017, Vision Pro EyeSight Patent Envisioned Anime Eyes & Furry Avatars

The name change is more than just getting rid of the Oculus brand. Meta is using the opportunity to align its XR and metaverse initiatives more clearly under a single brand (previously they were spread between Facebook, Oculus, and Spark), while leaving the Facebook name to describe its social media app. That means the company’s growing XR and metaverse division, Facebook Reality Labs, will also be known as Meta Reality Labs going forward.

For Facebook Meta and its Oculus customers, it’s a notable end of an era and the beginning of something new.

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  • Keopsys

    What’s funny is that it’s still written Facebook LLC at the bottom.

    It’s a bit Frankenstein their transition currently.

  • TheKur0_San

    I just wonder to what they are gonna rebrand app to? Meta Quest? A bit too long. Just “Quest”?

  • Meta Quest sounds terribly

    • RJ

      There next iteration of this device will be rebranded as the ‘Verse’ [meta] Verse. Mark these words.

      • James Cobalt

        Mark these words: It absolutely will not be. Besides being a terrible and confusing name for a physical product, it would be shooting themselves in the foot to change both the brand name and product name at the same time. The Quest name has a lot of value, and they won’t be changing that until the Meta name has at least equal or more market recognition.

  • rfanck

    IS it possible now to unlink that facebook account or not ?

    • NL_VR

      Yes, but just by contacting the support,
      And you loose your “oculus friends” if you have any

      • Geogaddi

        What account do you use now instead of fb? I’m planning on buying a Quest 2 soon,

        • NL_VR

          there is no “meta account” yet so your account become an “old oculus” account.

          And the different is you cant have friends on oculus and stuff like that.
          For that you still must use Facebook account, but later you probably will be able to use a proper Meta account.

          • NL_VR

            edit to my post.

            i think you still must use a facebook account during setup of Quest 2 because there is no to choose another.
            But check reddit, lots of info there.

          • Geogaddi

            Thanks for the info. I really wanted to avoid making another fb account, as I quit using that 3 years ago. But it make take a while before Meta accounts are live, so I’ll see what I can do in the meantime.

          • Ad

            Can you do parties, use venues and horizon, etc?

  • kontis

    Funny how Facebook started eating the Oculus branding years ago and now the reverse is happening and Oculus turned into their main brand as Meta, and Facebook is now a sub-brand of that.

    Oculus from Facebook.
    Facebook from Meta (oculus).

    But most people don’t seem to realize the main reason Oculus is dead.

    Facebook was already unhappy with Oculus branding in 2014.

    Not only the logo screamed “Big Brother” and “Orwellian”, which was super ironic considering this was also Facebook’s actual stigma, but even the name “Oculus” means EYE, which could be interpreted as a big eye that watches you.

    The original Oculus logo was very similar to the generic eye logo that Big brother also had. So they changed it immediately. But the word (implying that the Big Eye watches you) was also very unfortunate and inconvenient for them.

  • T0X1N

    This whole rebranding just seems lazy, amateurish, and just not needed specifically on their sites because if you hover over the dropdown for “Products”, it still says “Oculus Quest 2”. It’s as if they are just replacing logos and not taking the time to go through the web copy. Also if you see the actual title of the webpage, it says “Oculus Quest 2”. Pretty amateurish.

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  • VRFriend

    Oculus was a stupid name out of ceiling. Meta is quicker and better name. Period.

    • Lulu Vi Britannia

      Oculus was a reference to eyes, which made sense because VR is mostly visual.
      Meta makes no sense and is way too generic of a word. Also, it sounds like shit.

      Saying “period” at the end of your comment doesn’t make it a fact.

      • XRC

        “Definition of oculus

        1 : a circular or oval window
        2 : a circular opening at the top of a dome”

        merriam-webster dictionary

      • VRFriend

        I informed you how it is. I don’t discuss.

        • Paul Acosta

          Y’re both funny, go watch some Meta Quest porn and cheer up!

          Quickly before it gets banned in the Metaverse or something…

  • Keng Yuan Chang

    No comment, but I feel who owns the sensory technologies (display, touch, brainwave etc.) owns metaverse.

  • Ad

    This is more honest.

  • DeanVega

    I understand the disappointment of people saying that the rebranding is a mistake. However, I’m sure meta has some of the best people that plan the marketing part of the products.

    I’m really curious about one thing though. Since the Oculus products have flooded the market, many VR porn guides have included it. Now, the same things happen with the rebranded products. You can see it in many Meta Quest 2 porn guides like this one.

    I wonder if Meta (ex-Facebook) knows how many people buy their headsets just to watch VR porn.