For developers, it’s not easy grabbing a player’s attention when their game is getting a big update, or an important in-game event is about to happen. In effort to remedy this, Oculus is opening up Notifications on Gear VR to developers looking to draw wayward eyeballs back to their apps.

Oculus has used in-app notifications for a while now, something the company calls in a developer blog post “an important channel for communicating with our community.” Now, Oculus is opening up this ability (in beta) to create and send targeted messages to people who’ve installed an app directly in their Notifications feed.

Users will see a number on the Oculus badge indicating unread notifications, and then will be able to read them in the app itself.

People will also have the ability to unsubscribe from an app’s notifications, so as Oculus says, “it is in your best interest to send high-quality, relevant messages at a reasonable cadence.” In other words, if people feel developer notifications are spamming them to death, they’ll hit that big ‘off’ button and never look back.

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  • I hate Gear VR notifications, so the more there are, the worse it is for me