Like new consoles, new VR headsets are only as good as the games you can play on them. Playful’s Lucky’s Tale and CCP’s EVE: Valkyrie are coming for free to customers that pre-order the Oculus Rift, but the company says that they expect many more titles to come down the pipeline by the end of 2016—also including Minecraft.

In an blog post by Oculus announcing the first wave of pre-order units slated to ship on March 28th of this year, the company also announced that “dozens of full-length, AAA games designed for VR are coming to Rift, with more than 100 titles available by the end of 2016…”


Oculus Studios, the company’s internal development wing that has already produced experiences like Henry (coming at launch), will be introducing more than 20 games exclusive to the Rift this year, including Rockband VR by Harmonix, Edge of Nowhere by Insomniac Games, and The Climb by Crytek.

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Last year’s E3 saw a mashup of titles coming to the Rift, including: VR Sports Challenge (Sanzuru), AirMechVR (Carbon Games), Damaged Core (High Voltage), and Esper (Coatsink) to name a few. Oculus says they’ll be announcing more titles soon.

The company has partnerships with 4A Games, Climax Studios, Glu, Harmonix, Ready At Dawn, Signal Studios, Square Enix, and Ozwe—so we can expect a number of highly polished games headed our way.

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Check back for more VR news headed your way directly from CES 2016 in Las Vegas. We have feet on the ground and are reporting live as new information comes in.

  • Lucio Lima

    Incredible games but still ruined by the “screen door effect”?

    • Cuerex

      cv1 has no visible screendoor. only if you concentrate real hard but even then..

      • Pauly B

        In comparison to the gear vr, any idea on how the sde looks? And the viewing range? Is it still about 100°?

        • Dawgs4ever

          Better in both respects. FOV is back to around the DK1 (better than DK2/gear) and SDE is much less noticeable. Text is much easier to read now, too.

  • Full_Name

    Are they paying these studios then? I don’t see why studios would spend a chunk of money on vr when the headsets are coming out that late and are that expensive.

  • P. Pzwski

    That’s actually some good news. Facing insanely overpriced cv1, and monopolistic practices by NVIDIA, this give some hope to VR for masses.

  • Kevin White

    That’s really great. But my question is what about the UNPOLISHED ones? What about betas, works in process, proofs of concept, experiments, indie projects, experiences, brief bits, little projects, tests, fun little things, VR learnings to try, conversions and mods, etc. — all the little things that made the DK2 era so fun?

    Is all of this going to be prohibited on the CV1? Will Oculus strictly control what you can view or use with CV1 (and the flow of money)? I’m afraid they will. I’m afraid the DK2 era is gone.

    If I’m wrong can anyone show evidence that the Rift CV1 will still allow us to try things out that Oculus hasn’t expressly approved and put on the Oculus store front?

    • BlackMage

      I don’t see how they could physically even prohibit content on what is essentially a monitor with an output stream for position whose drivers and SDK are already public.

      • Kevin White

        I hope you’re right. True, SDK 1.0 is out there, but I don’t think it would be impossible or even very difficult even to force software to come through the Oculus Store. However, Palmer addressed this in the Reddit AMA and said you can get stuff that doesn’t come through Oculus Store, so hopefully that stays the case. I want to find neat little things to try out each week.

        Is Rift still a monitor, really, in Direct Mode? I know it was in Extended mode.

    • Psilox

      This has specifically address by their CEO Palmer Luckey quite a few times, most recently yesterday in his AMA on Reddit:

      Q: “Will only apps downloaded from the Oculus store work or will we be able to use software that is downloaded outside the app store?”

      A: “You’ll be able to do both. You can download Rift titles from our store or elsewhere and run them.

      Treat it like a monitor.


      There are a lot of other good answers to questions there, too, if you have the time to read through it.

  • Mitt Zombie

    Football games in VR would just be horrible. Instant motion sickness for some people as well.

  • Mitt Zombie

    I don’t get how these 3rd person platformers are even VR…