At GDC last month, Meta shared the clearest look yet at the number of apps reaching various revenue milestones on the Quest platform. So far, 124 apps have earned $1 million in revenue or more, while 8 have exceeded $20 million.

In February Meta said the total amount of money spent on the Quest store had surpassed $1 billion, showing just how much spending on the marketplace has grown since the launch of Quest 2.

Last month at GDC, Meta’s Director of Content Ecosystem, Chris Pruett, shared the clearest look yet at how many apps are seeing material success on the Quest store over the last year. Lining up the data with some previously shared figures gives us an interesting look at how the Quest store is progressing over time.

First, here are the numbers Pruett shared at GDC, which include data up to February 2022.

An important not here is that these revenue buckets are exclusive, meaning 35 of the apps have exceeded $1 million but not exceeded $2 million (and so on). In total, 124 apps have exceeded the $1 million mark.

Quest Apps Reaching Revenue Milestones Over Time

Lining up the data with the same figures shared by Meta previously gives us an idea of how things are trending over time. First is a naive look at the data points side-by-side:

But this doesn’t account for the time between data points, nor differences in seasonal sales volume. With some interpolation we can account for time and seasonal differences by looking at a yearly average of all apps exceeding $1 million in revenue.

Of our three charts so far, this is the most normalized way to look at the data. The chart above tells us how many apps are reaching the $1 million milestone each year, on average. The number is increasing overall, which is a good sign, though the rate of the increase is slowing.

One variable that could significantly impact how we understand this data is that rate at which apps are being allowed into the store (since Meta hand-picks which apps do and don’t go on the Quest store). The number of apps in the store has been growing at a surprisingly linear rate, so we can say it likely isn’t having much of an impact on the chart above.

Granted, many of Quest’s early apps have been previously successful VR games that were ported to the headset, which makes their success more assured than the growing number of brand new VR apps that have launched as the platform has aged. This could account for the slowing rate of apps reaching $1 million each year on Quest.

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    This is from a facebook engineer at GDC. That’s a heck of a gini coefficent, with facebook owned apps taking up the top and beat saber being a double digit portion of the whole pie. There are studios who clearly want to be the ubisoft or activision of this generation of gaming or apps, some will be cloned, a couple will be bought, one or two will succeed, and the rest will fail.

    • Anonymous

      What is your point?
      Name one console or game platform that isn’t like this and why Quest could have been any different.

      Even Steam has algorithm to help AAA titles or studios generate more volume, making the rich richer the poor poorer.

      If you want to live in a dream world, found your own platform and see how long you last.

    • bruce718

      Ok remove Beat Saber and the 2nd one and this graph becomes a whole lot more readable and easy to illustrate that many developers will succeed with healthy revenue, even if it’s way below $25m…

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      • Nico Savard

        pretty sure that’s an IP grabber

  • Nice analysis. I wonder how many of the total earnings of Meta are from App Lab…

    • namekuseijin

      probably very little, as Pavlov and gorilla crap are free and none other have the same kind of big user rating number stats…

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  • JT

    Love the picture at the top of the article. All Woman! Apparently no Men are in VR! Wow do I hate PC BS!

    • stafs

      I like the fact you are outraged by this. I suspect you would not have even noticed if had been all men and no women.

  • fuyou2

    What are the figure with App Lab? btw what’s the process of submiting a game to oculus store? does it still have to be pre-approved?