Quest Store Revenue Distribution

With 124 Quest apps exceeding $1 million, that means that roughly 36% of apps on the Quest store have earned more than $1 million, which I take to mean that Meta is making fairly good decisions about which apps are going to perform well in the store if we measure ‘success’ by the $1 million milestone. For reference, $1 million at the most common Quest app price of $20 is 50,000 units sold.

If we take the latest data shared by Meta at face value (ie: we assume all the apps in the $1 million bucket have made exactly that much, all the apps in the $2 million bucket have made exactly that much, etc), we can conclude that about 55% of the $1 billion Meta says was spent in the Quest store has gone to these 124 apps.

And we know for a fact that games like Beat Saber have made far more than the top $20 million bucket of data that Meta has shared. So that means even more than 55% of all the store’s revenue is going to just 124 (36%) of Quest apps.

This isn’t an unexpected outcome, after all, gaming generally tends to be a hits-driven business, but it does make one wonder why a smaller number of apps are running away with the bulk of the earnings, especially when Meta is hand-picking which apps are allowed onto the Quest store. Is it that only a small number of games on the store are actually good, or are other factors causing certain games to snowball in success (like how they are promoted in the store)? Tough to say.

As for how overall revenue spent in the Quest store is changing over time, there’s been considerable growth since the launch of Quest 2.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to say how much of this growth in spending on the Quest store is due purely to new customers joining the ecosystem vs. an increase in the average spend of each customer (though the former is almost certainly the largest factor).

Quest Apps Earning the Most Revenue

One thing we can get a good handle on though is which apps in particular are finding the most success on the store. The number of reviews is a fairly good corollary for unit sales (not accounting for DLC); looking at Quest games that way gives us this list of the 20 most reviewed titles on the platform.

Name Number of Ratings Days on Quest Store Previously Released
Beat Saber 42,173 1,056 Yes
SUPERHOT VR 15,869 1,056 Yes
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners 14,815 545 Yes
Vader Immortal: Episode I 13,902 1,056 No
Blade & Sorcery: Nomad 13,152 158 Yes
Onward 12,617 620 Yes
Job Simulator 10,848 1,056 Yes
The Room VR: A Dark Matter 10,509 746 No
POPULATION: ONE 10,286 536 No
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 9,608 634 No
The Thrill of the Fight 8,666 900 Yes
Pistol Whip 8,270 886 No
Resident Evil 4 7,865 172 No
Eleven Table Tennis 7,084 552 Yes
Walkabout Mini Golf 6,356 564 No
GORN 6,287 428 Yes
Vader Immortal: Episode III 5,783 872 No
Moss 5,635 1,056 Yes
Virtual Desktop 5,617 1,056 Yes
Arizona Sunshine 5,529 858 Yes

There’s some interesting trends to see here:

  • 30% are launch-day titles (1,056 days on the store dates back to Quest’s launch)
  • 60% were previously released on another VR platform
  • Number of days on the Quest store is (understandably) a strong predictor of being on this list, with only two notable exceptions:
    • Blade & Sorcery: Nomad (158 days on store)
    • Resident Evil 4 (172 days on store)

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    This is from a facebook engineer at GDC. That’s a heck of a gini coefficent, with facebook owned apps taking up the top and beat saber being a double digit portion of the whole pie. There are studios who clearly want to be the ubisoft or activision of this generation of gaming or apps, some will be cloned, a couple will be bought, one or two will succeed, and the rest will fail.

    • Anonymous

      What is your point?
      Name one console or game platform that isn’t like this and why Quest could have been any different.

      Even Steam has algorithm to help AAA titles or studios generate more volume, making the rich richer the poor poorer.

      If you want to live in a dream world, found your own platform and see how long you last.

    • bruce718

      Ok remove Beat Saber and the 2nd one and this graph becomes a whole lot more readable and easy to illustrate that many developers will succeed with healthy revenue, even if it’s way below $25m…

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      • Nico Savard

        pretty sure that’s an IP grabber

  • Nice analysis. I wonder how many of the total earnings of Meta are from App Lab…

    • namekuseijin

      probably very little, as Pavlov and gorilla crap are free and none other have the same kind of big user rating number stats…

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  • JT

    Love the picture at the top of the article. All Woman! Apparently no Men are in VR! Wow do I hate PC BS!

    • stafs

      I like the fact you are outraged by this. I suspect you would not have even noticed if had been all men and no women.

  • fuyou2

    What are the figure with App Lab? btw what’s the process of submiting a game to oculus store? does it still have to be pre-approved?