Looking for an Oculus Rift S? You may be disappointed to see that the popular $400 PC VR headset is still suffering from supply shortages. We have a few alternatives you might consider though.

Update (March 23rd, 2020): Some Rift S stock has returned, and we expect greater quantities here in the next few days. Europe-based Amazon sites are quoting Rift S stock as arriving on March 3st. We updated the headline to better reflect the global availability.

Make sure to keep updated in our article ‘These Are the Countries Where You Can Still Buy Quest & Rift S Direct From Oculus’ to stay up to date on Rift S and Quest stock.

Original Article (March 20th, 2020): Rift S stocks persevered up until just last week in the only remaining regions where you could order direct from Oculus, which included Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Taiwan.

Now every supported country is out of stock, leaving only a few Oculus Quests in some last holdout regions. You may still be able to find Rift S at independent retailers, but with social distancing coming into effect, you’re probably not the only person out there looking for a distraction from reality; because of disruptions in the supply chain due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), there’s little indication when stock for either headset will be replenished (see update).

Come March 23rd, Valve’s continuation of the Half-Life series is set to launch on all SteamVR-compatible headsets, breaking a 13-year gap between Half-Life 2: Episode 2 (2007) and the upcoming HL2 prequel Half-Life: Alyx. At $400, Rift S represents one of the best price-performance ratios out there, which may explain why the last remaining stock was snapped up. Check out our Rift S review here for more.

If you’re wondering how to play HLA when it launches, you could of course pay the a markup through independent sellers on eBay and Amazon, but you might consider a few other SteamVR-compatible headsets currently available too.

HTC Vive Comos & Cosmos Elite

HTC Vive Cosmos is a pricey alternative at $700, and while HTC’s faceplate modularity scheme aims to appeal to a wider audience, it’s difficult to recommend the base headset due to its finicky inside-out tracking and power-hungry motion controllers. Here’s our review for Vive Cosmos if you’re on the fence.

Image courtesy HTC

The premium-priced Cosmos Elite, which was recently released, does the job of eliminating all tracking weirdness with its included SteamVR faceplate and 1.0 base stations, but it does so at a hefty $900 price tag which puts it just under HTC Vive Pro in pricing. That $900 is admittedly offset somewhat by a free code for Half-Life: Alyx in the box though.

Without Valve, 'Half-Life: Alyx' Wouldn't be Compatible with Rift or Quest

HTC Vive Pro & Valve Index

image courtesy HTC

Yes, Vive Pro is still available too, even though HTC is phasing it out soon along with the standalone Vive Focus. Vive Pro is more expensive as an all-in package at $1,200, but it’s undeniably a solid headset. Both Cosmos Elite and Vive Pro use the 2016-era Vive wands though, which could conceivably be swapped out for Valve Index controllers at a later date for $200. Check out our review of Vive Pro here.

There’s also Valve Index—clearly the best-in-class specs wise—although it’s not only $1,000 for the full kit, the lead time for shipping is currently at eight weeks.

Pimax VR & More

Pimax consumer version, Image courtesy Pimax

Pimax has a load of different headsets; they seem to change their large FOV headset lineup every six months, further adding to the confusion. The Pimax 5K XR is however included in a pretty enticing bundle that included everything you need to get into VR for $1,100, which includes a pair of Index controllers, two SteamVR 2.0 base stations, and a code for Half-Life: Alyx too.

Unfortunately the entry-level Pimax Artisan, which retails for $450 for the headset alone is currently out of stock.

Remember, if you have an Oculus Quest and a VR-ready PC, you could conceivably buy an Oculus Link USB cable and play.

And finally, one of the cheapest ways of playing Half-Life: Alyx is invariably getting a used Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Windows Mixed Reality headset. Just make sure to sanitize it thoroughly. Please.

Did we miss anything? Let us known in the comments below!

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  • FANDROID killer

    new Oculus VR headset coming out this summer. Increased field of view, built in eye tracking, light weight, built in tracking, hand tracking.

    • Torsten Balle Koefoed


      • Mei Ling

        False information.

        Samsung however should be announcing something during the summer in regards to their latest headset.

        • NooYawker

          I just got an Index but I’m really interested in what Samsung has up their sleeves. I don’t use android phones but there’s no denying they really threw a lot of innovative stuff into their devices. I think they can lead the VR market.

          • mirak

            Gear VR And Odyssey have awfull confort.
            But Samsung has OLED screens technology.

          • Immersive Computing

            I heard Odyssey had fitting issues but used one recently and was pleasantly surprised, this is completely dependent on your individual fit though!. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5786ce8c5503a635038100c51da9bec662196cf580d8792542fb0ff60a71ad88.jpg

          • JT

            I hear ya but the Odyssey + was by far the most uncomfortable headset I have tried and the light bleed was horrible.

          • Immersive Computing

            That’s why I never risked privately importing an odyssey or Odyssey Plus, the “fit” was unknown with many reporting discomfort.

            It was only Samsung opening their London experience store that let me try an Odyssey Plus, it was a surprise. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1501b435eaa5509196eb281d0e83997b90615e8b9a6244e3bf4c9ba6c1853801.jpg

          • Tunk

            For the O+ you need the leather Cover from VR Cover.
            Then the comfort is very good.

          • Mei Ling

            It will be interesting in terms of what direction they will take for tracking. Are they sticking with Microsoft (there are rumors that the partnership is now exclusive with Samsung on VR technology) or are they going with SteamVR (this is very unlikely) or have they come up with their own solution which is possible given their financial muscle.

      • Xron

        Write, –> Facebook Leaks Codename For ‘Del Mar <– in google.
        Though its just new name of their new standalone. No words about release date or specs.

    • plrr

      Is this made up?

      • Ryan


    • aasdfa

      the only evidence for this is a codename of a new oculus device someone found in some documentation

  • Chad

    I got a Rift S from amazon 2 days ago for $330.00, albeit a renewed one.

    • NooYawker

      Used devices is a great and inexpensive way to enter the VR market. Especially if you’re not sure if it’s for you.

      • david vincent

        Yep a used CV1 + Touch for only $150 is a bargain.

    • JesuSaveSouls

      Nice bargain.

  • Alextended

    If you can’t afford wait for/an Index just wait for S stock or go for a Samsung Odyssey if you can find it for cheap (~200), there’s zero reason to buy Vive. Cosmos has real awful tracking in comparison and Elite/lighthouse based stuff have the clunky wands nobody in his right mind can recommend since Touch became a thing, so you’ll need to pay another 300 for Index controllers when they come in stock if you do that. It does seem like HTC’s whole plan is to sell their crap by virtue of the others being out of stock. Don’t fall for it.

    • NooYawker

      I would love to be in the room where they thought up these new products of theirs. There must have been a lot of drinking or something.

      • mirak

        It would looks more like cocain effect. Irational confidence lol

  • ArSh

    Get the Vive Pro HMD, 2 basestations, and Index controllers, and it still works out better value than the full Vive Pro kit.

  • Why not the HP Reverb or Samsung Odyssey+?

    • Bumpy

      Because this site and many others seem to have an anti-WMR agenda.

      • Tunk

        Oh yeah.
        HP Reverb has still the highest resolution for a very good price.

        Looking to the citadelle without SDE ist a big improve for the atmosphere.

    • M Rob

      This site is run by Oculus fanboys. It’s subtle but keep it in mind when reading articles on this site.

  • Ace of Spades

    If anyone needs, I Have a brand new sealed Oculus Rift S, willing to sell it for Retail price + Express Shipping and you cover the PayPal fees, Worldwide, PayPal.
    Can do eBay if you need eBay protection, but you’ll have to pay extra 10% to cover eBay Fees.

    • Goose

      i would be intereseted if we can do it in a secure manner

      • Ace of Spades

        Sure, eBay or PayPal?

        • Goose

          any way to shoot you a private messege? we can talk over e mail or something? either one of those would work. ide like some pics and whatnot if thats cool

          • Ace of Spades

            Sure, Ill leave my junk email [if people going to send me spam i dont mind] here for 20 minutes or until you replay that you got it: gamezandmoviez [at] gmail [dot] com

    • Gennaro Pesantes

      I’ll buy it right now.

      • Ace of Spades

        I sold it on ebay.

  • Tunk

    Still a better Picture then the Rift s.
    And that for 230$ direct from Samsung.