Looking to put the Rift launch behind them, a fiasco that had many pre-order customers waiting several months for their headsets to arrive at their doorstep, Oculus today revealed that they’ve finally caught up to demand, and will be shipping new orders as soon as they receive them.

According to a blogpost announcing the Connect 3 dev conference, Oculus revealed that “all Rift pre-orders have now shipped, and new Rift orders from Oculus.com are shipping within 2 to 4 business days.”

Oculus also now says Touch, the company’s natural hand controller, is “on track” too. While no specific date has yet been announced, CEO Brendan Iribe tweeted that Touch will be launching in Q4, a narrowing of the initial H2 launch window estimate.

To the news, the company also issued a brief apology:

We want to apologize for the delays in getting Rifts to doorsteps. We appreciate that without your support, VR wouldn’t be where it is today. Thank you for your patience over the past few months.

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This isn’t the first admission from the company however, as days after the March 28th launch, Oculus sent emails to customers revealing the delays as a result of “an unexpected component shortage”. To that end, the company pledged to deduct shipping costs for all orders placed up to April 2nd, and promised a more concrete answer to follow on April 12th.

At the time, Oculus maintained that “many Rifts will be arriving on schedule and in line with original estimates.” However when the scheduled April 12th update came, many pre-order customers were cited several months until their Rift would arrive—with this writer included receiving a late-May, early June shipping window for a day 1 pre-order.

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More information on Touch and it’s 30+ launch titles is said to arrive for Oculus Connect 3 which is being held October 5-7 in San Jose, CA.

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  • Pcenginefx

    Can’t wait for touch to be released for the Rift. Hope they can get shipments out quicker this time around.

    • J.C.

      Absolutely. I don’t have a rift, nor do I plan to get one. I’m happy with my Vive. But motion controllers are THE way to play in VR, and the sooner both headsets have it, the sooner we’ll have most games using it. Obviously, cockpit games don’t have a use for motion controllers, but pretty much any other game style would benefit greatly from them.

      Look no further than Vanishing Realms for “why motion controllers are incredible”. I’m excited for the Rift users on here to experience it, then realize afterwards how simple of a game it really is. If it wasn’t in VR, it would be…pretty awful. But since the entire game relies on clever use of motion controls, it’s a fantastic (but currently short) romp.

      For Rift owners worried that teleporting breaks immersion…it doesn’t. Your brain writes it off the same way it accepts dozens of camera angle changes in each scene of a movie. The only game it’s immersion-breaking in is oddly one of the least-realistic games on it: Catlateral Damage. It’s a game MADE for you to methodically march forward, slapping books and toys off of shelves. It’s at least got the excuse that it wasn’t made for VR, only retrofitted.

      Sorry for the long post.

  • Foreign Devil

    I’m one of those few holdouts waiting for Rift + Touch bundle before I buy consumer VR.

    • Doctor Bambi

      Right there with you. Really hoping we hear some bundle information at Connect 3.

    • Bob

      Agreed. Oculus will be back in the fight once these are released and if not gain more market share by the middle of next year. No offense Valve but Oculus have user experience, comfort and ergonomics in the bag and not to mention they are working on plenty of first party games in-house to bolster their product.

      • mrtexasfreedom


        I’m an enthusiastic Rift owner (day one preorderer), but I wouldn’t say Oculus has user experience, comfort, and ergonomics in the bag when contrasting the HTC Vive. Having the video camera on the face of the device is a huge benefit to the end-user. It supports continued immersion while having a keyhole to look at the real-world surroundings to find a controller or type on a keyboard. Also, for room-scale, being able to see the boundaries via a super-imposed grid is very cool and helpful.

        Though I haven’t tried the Vive, that camera seems like a well-thought-out innovation I would like to see adopted in a version 2 of the Rift. Or maybe even support for a clip-on webcam…

        • Having a Vive myself, I have to say that If find the camera virtually useless. It seemed really convenient before I used it, but most VR situations I am have not called for it.

        • DaKangaroo

          Well as another Vive owner I can say that I love the camera. No games require it, but it’s very useful for like you said, finding headphones, keyboards, etc. Also when it fades in as you approach the boundary of your play area, it briefly gives you a reminder of where in your play space you area, which is quite comforting. Plus the virtual desktop mode is also very useful and well designed. I can go hours without having to take off my headset due to the smart design decisions on the Vive.

      • Pistol Pete

        Valve, no user experience…. Rofl.

      • Jean Thompson

        I have both and find vive more comfortable when it comes to wearing glasses. I love the steam interface. I’m not fond of oculus home. Only has select games to choose from. Steam all the way.

    • ummm…

      why has the vive not attracted you?

      • Foreign Devil

        I was too busy this summer for VR. . I like the integrated audio solution on Rift and better ergonomics. I can wait to see both companies offerings compared side by side when they are truly comparable. I’ll choose the best one at that time. .. Hope Occulus customer support improves though. .as it is now. if you scratch your lens on CV1 your screwed. No reply or option to even pay for a repair.

        • ummm…

          cool cool i respect that. however, keep in mind. the vive has integration as much as the rift with a built in mic and headphone jack – for which you can attach YOUR OWN headphones. also the vive has more levers and such to customize the feel on your face. with the rift either it fits or it doesn’t

  • My “Rift Order” won’t ship until the Rift and the Touch are shipped TOGETHER. (and hopefully in a money saving bundle)

    • ummm…

      why not go for the vive?

      • I already have the VIVE. I’ll need both for cross-platform development.

        • ummm…

          wowie your all in!

      • Kraffles

        Maybe he doesn’t want one?
        I have a Rift and made my choice on the controllers that will be available, as they are both so similar. I didn’t want to hold thumping great wands in my hands and preferred the look of touch.
        Any VR headsets sold at present is a good thing for the future and peoples choices should be respected rather than this “I think mine is best so yours is crap” attitude I am seeing everywhere.

        • ummm…

          CHILL OUT FANBOY. I asked a question. me thinks thou dost protest too much.

          • Nashoba Darkwolf

            lol speak for yourself kid.

          • ummm…

            who are you?


    No doubt many are waiting for a Rift/Touch bundle. I wouldn’t bet there will be a bundle discount, however… Imagine the blowback from people who waited months to receive their preorder Rift. Anyway, very glad the Rift backlog has FINALLY been cleared. I’m gonna pull the trigger and order my Rift, now that I know I won’t be waiting a month or 2 before I receive it. Betcha Oculus is gonna have a shit-load of TOUCH’s in a warehouse somewhere, to make sure there is no shortage when they go on sale. Safe to assume they know how many they will need. Vast majority, if not all the people who purchased RIFTS are gonna want TOUCH.


    I have the Rift and Vive.. I enjoy them both as they are both different and unique unto themselves. Vive controllers and lighthouse tracking are amazing and spot on accurate! But I can’t wait for Touch controllers to become available. I am thankful for 2 great PC- VR systems!
    I also have the PSVR bundle paid for as it will have great exclusive content that I will not want to miss out on too! Completely vested in VR! ….Excited!

  • Sullivan Sean

    I ordered 7th Jan, still waiting, sent support ticket saying that the revised delivery time expected ie June 26 to 7th of july has come and gone, got no response except now when I look at my order page it says usually ships in 2 days. Ive bought a vive since and a second hand dk2. Im not sure what i am going to do id like to keep waiting but this is ridiculous or should I say redoculus

  • Sullivan Sean

    Ordered 7th Jan
    Order Status
    Tracking #(TBA when your order ships)
    Order #61300003627887
    Estimated Ship Date*Usually ships in 2 business days