The long anticipated Oculus Touch controllers launch on December 6th. If you’re just putting in your pre-order with Oculus today, you may not have your hands on the device until later in the month. Other retailers may still have unordered stock.

Oculus opened pre-orders for Touch all the way back on October 10th. The $200 pair of controllers has been hotly anticipated by the Rift community since its announcement one and a half years ago.

oculus-touch-packaging-2Like the Rift, Oculus has chosen not to ever “sell out” of the device, instead continuing to tally a backorder and shipping them out when stock comes in.

Demand appears to have now caused an estimated 10 to 15 day shipping delay for new pre-orders placed through Oculus. The company’s site currently indicates an estimated shipping date between December 16th and December 21st in all 21 territories where Touch is being sold, for newly placed orders. The new Rift Earphones and standalone Sensor accessories are also seeing estimated shipping delays of up to 15 days depending upon the purchase region.

Oculus promised that those who had pre-ordered the Rift headset would get to jump to the front of the Touch pre-order line so long as they put their pre-order in by October 27th, so early adopters are likely safe from potential delays due to high demand.

Those early adopters however will surely remember the unexpected troubles that plagued the launch of the Rift itself—thanks to a mysterious “component shortage”—which saw delays of several months for even some of the ‘first-hour’ pre-orders. After forgiving shipping costs for a swath of early orders, Oculus did eventually get all the Rifts shipped out and vowed that the Touch launch would be different.

“[The Rift shipping issue] hit us [suddenly] internally, and all at the last minute,” Jason Rubin, Head of Content at Oculus, told Road to VR in an interview earlier this year. “It wasn’t something we were hiding, it was something that struck us out of the blue in our process that created the problem.”

“We’re at a point now where, after having cleared up those problems, having given away free shipping and having gotten people the hardware that delivered on its promise. I think we really should be starting to put the slip ups behind us. Judge us on our Touch launch,” Rubin said.

Oculus Touch Day-one Launch Lineup Soars to More Than 50 Titles

While the Oculus Store may be seeing some delays, it’s not the only place to get Touch. Other retailers like Amazon† and Best Buy may be drawing from their own stock allotment, as they appear still poised to deliver Touch on the December 6th launch date. Microsoft’s online store however is currently listing Touch as “Out of Stock”.

† Update 11/24/16, 1:27PM PT: The Oculus Touch product page on Amazon now warns,”due to high customer demand, orders placed after Wednesday November 23rd, 2016 may not be delivered until January 2017,” and says customers will be emailed about their estimated delivery date once there’s more information.

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  • Sky Castle

    At least you can still get it before Christmas. Glad I am a day one Rift and Touch pre-order though!

    • Jono

      lol over a year late to the roomscale party arent they. You should have bought a Vive

      • Jacob Roberts

        Vive came out “over a year” ago?

        • Doctor Bambi

          I believe your comment is sarcastic in nature, but just to clarify things for the comment creepers. Oculus released on March 28th, 2016. Vive released on April 5th, 2016.

          Vive users will have had the luxury of in-house motion controls + room scale for an additional 245 days or 8 months and 1 day.

          Jono’s argument is pretty superfluous though as anyone looking to buy one of these headsets would not care how long each has been on the market, but simply what their tech is capable of today or in the foreseeable future.

          • Jacob Roberts

            Ha, yes it was sarcastic. If he’d said “a year” then fine, round up or whatever you gotta i guess. Not sure how u can justify saying “over a year” when its obviously been considerably less than

      • sibbih

        sounds a bit like a fanboy…

        personally i’m glad to wait a few months longer, after i saw what the controllers are possible to do. i also tested the vive for 2 weeks but when touch is released the vive isnt that good anyways. comortable and usability are the main reasons for me.

        but both devices or generally vr has the problem with moving in vr….teleporting is no solution for me personally. it takes a lot of the game feeling and atmosphere

        anymay…im exited

      • LaRocky

        Vive fanboi is feeling a little salty because now you can’t yell ‘but we have room-scale’. You should be happy, because now with Touch, there are even more games developed with motion controller support which not only helps Rift but also Vive.

        • Dreamy

          Personally I’m salty because in the beginning people who bought Rift were attacking us claiming that “room-scale was a gimmick”. Now they are rubbing it in our face that they too have room-scale? If you guys wanted it, you should have supported it from the beginning. Shame on you guys for letting us carried all the weight.

          • beestee

            I am not as enthusiastic towards the room scale aspect that touch will add to my experience. I am much more excited about the prospect of getting my hands into the seated/standing experiences more than anything.

          • Ned Hoon

            The Touch games are not developed with Room Scale in mind they are front facing standing games so your good to go.If you wish Room Scale pretty much every Vive title is open to you tho.

          • Get Schwifty!

            LOL now we are down to “if you had just seen the light and helped the cause”… talk about self-important attitudes. The reality is many people looked at both companies and their offerings and opted for Oculus over Vive for a number of reasons knowing full well they would have to wait longer for the Touch controllers… you know, the adult thing called restraint and objectivity. It’s not all just about having room-scale as a reason to buy a VR HMD platform, many people want VR but don’t want or can’t to devote that much space.

          • Dreamy Mk2

            Ah of course, it is very “mature” of you to read my post and concluded that it was about self-important attitudes. I was in no way talking about the hypocrisy of some people’s view on room-scale. Why on earth would I be talking about that, right? I was obviously talking about the lack of restraint and objectivity. Props to you for recognizing that.

            While at it please enlighten me on how having Touch controllers equivalent to having room-scale? Or maybe my mind is so immature compare to yours that I cannot understand your argument? After all everyone knew beyond doubt from day 1 that Touch will support room-scale.

      • Aaron Hillaker

        Nah. All you Vive fanboys are gonna be jealous when we’re all using the Touch and you’ve still got your uncomfortable wands. : )

        In all seriousness, just play your awesome VR games and stop trying to feel better than Rifters just because you got motion controllers first. It’s super unhealthy for the VR community.

        • Jumper

          It’s a bit ironic hearing you said what he said “it’s super unhealthy for the VR community”, when in fact the most unhealthy thing for VR community has been Facebook’s underhanded tactic of exclusivity and delaying of Vive’s games. Facebook has been poisoning the VR well since this past year and yet you are still supporting them.

          • Aaron Hillaker

            Facebook has given 250 MILLION dollars to developers to make games for the Rift and Touch. Has HTC or Vive done that? No. No they haven’t.

          • beestee

            Actually, HTC has done that.

            Rift user here BTW, I do not own a Vive.

          • Aaron Hillaker

            They put up 100 million.

          • Get Schwifty!

            Its not underhanded in the least to do exclusivity, it’s an upfront deal. You bought into a platform, whether or not its on the PC is irrelevant ultimately, it doesn’t entitle you to everything if you chose otherwise. There is not golden rule written in the stars that exclusives can’t exist within the PC world.

            As for Facebook somehow hurting HTC/Steam by exclusives, this attitude totally ignores the clear buddy-buddy relationship HTC and Valve have and what that means to FB/Oculus who are trying to establish themselves and not leave VR’s future up to a couple of partners who clearly have a self-interest. If Oculus wishes to establish itself as a “Brand” in VR, not just selling hardware, then they have little choice but to develop their own platform, and to generate interest they invest in exclusives. What is evident is that FB/Oculus is interested in managing the adoption of VR in way that both benefits them AND has a quality control associated with it, something HTC/Valve are not as concerned with.

            This “good company/bad company” childish attitude is absurd, if the CEO of HTC could hit a button and remove Oculus from the market I have no doubt he would, regardless of all the people working for Oculus, customers developers and least of all the “VR community”. It’s a competitive world, get over it already.

          • care package

            Is exclusivity unhealthy for consoles? Lots of metrics there, but you have nothing to base your argument on. Vive software has been lackluster at best. I’ve seen no negative effects to Oculus exclusivity other than whining vivians. You all bitch out of jealousy more than anything.

          • Channonbom

            Oh stop it, Vive is paying to build VR arcades across the globe, that’s as exclusive as anybody can get. If a company pays to be exclusive, good for them, good for Vive, good for Oculus. Everytime I hear this I want to virtually reach out and touch someone who know nothing about economy. It’s called a FREE MARKET.

        • dogtato

          In all serioiusness, I will be jealous. At least until third party controllers start shipping, or hopefully that design Valve was showing at steam dev days.

          • Aaron Hillaker

            Well ya know what? I hope you Vivers get your sweet controllers too.

      • Sky Castle

        I pre-ordered both the Vive and Rift within 10 minutes it went online for sale. I enjoy my Vive everyday but still very much excited for the Touch nonetheless.

      • ‘Good things come to those who wait’.

        In my opinion, HTC/Valve *rushed* the Vive launch, and now they are suffering because nearly every single part of the total Oculus kit is a good deal superior.
        Nicer optics, better comfort, sweeter aesthetics, more accessible, easier to use, and that’s just the headset. Touch is yet another level beyond those Vive ‘wands’ and you know it.

        Have fun playing with your rebranded DevKit. :p

        • One thing that Vive has over Oculus is the tracking. It is far superior.

          • Get Schwifty!

            This is a common misconception, Lighthouse is slightly better in certain situations where you can twist the controllers close to your chest based on actual reports, mainly because the wand design sticks out in comparison to Touch controllers. I still stand by my prediction that the Lighthouse system Vive uses will give way later to a camera based design closely resembling Constellation on the Rift. Why? Cameras just make more sense in time to bring in aspects of the environment or better yet to bring in the user and possibly even do away with controllers. There’s a reason Oculus looked at light-based sensors and cameras and opted for them for the long haul instead of a 2016/2017 rush to market race.

          • Why do cameras make more sense, you Rickidy fuck? Why don’t you explain that one to me? To be honest, if one was to rush to market, developing for optical based tracking is far quicker than developing galvo based light sensors. Lick lick lick my balls and then explain that to me please. And I will hold you to that prediction.

          • If you would calm down and read carefully, you will see he *tells* you why cameras have the upper hand, in his comment.
            Also, why do you need to lose your head and insult people? Did he touch a raw nerve somewhere?

            It’s ok to be wrong bud, it isn’t ok to act like a fucking moon-monkey because of it.

          • I’m just making Rick and Morty references. No anger here.

          • Get Schwifty!

            I am consistent in my message; Lighthouse is marginally more effective under a few circumstances, but not by a difference most people would notice in general usage. It’s also not a very scale-able solution in the long run, requiring sticking chips on just about everything to track. If, and I mean IF Oculus is correct, camera developments along with better software identification of objects (think face recognition for instance) continue and most indications are they will then it’s the better play in the long run.

          • Well, you need to look at it holistically. The Oculus tracking system cant really scale like the lighthouse system- you need a fast data connection to each camera with the constellation system, whereas with the lighthouse, you only need dummy stations with a power source. Facial recognition is a point though, but if you want to track inanimate objects properly you’ll need to attach sensors on them and have a digital model.

          • Get Schwifty!

            You’re missing my point I think – it DOES scale more effectively from a holistic perspective with camera technology which continues to improve. Is it “behind the curve” currently with Lighthouse? Barely in tracking at this moment, in a few corner cases. However, the benefits of integrating the environment and the user down the road give it the edge which is why I stand by my statement that Lighthouse is a short-term technological solution that HTC decided to go with to grab market share (and I don’t think it’s “wrong”, just a temporary situation) The data load is really nothing, and as computing power continues to improve (particularly in parallel applications) the camera system just makes more sense. Again, if wires bother you with the sensors use wireless USB extenders.

            I am also looking at VR as a whole in other environments;cameras are and will be much more ubiquitous, but while you could deploy loads of cheap Lighthouse systems at the end of the day you need reflector chips on everything whereas a camera based system is much easier to implement en masse.

          • Never really watched the show. I Googled that reference tho, fucking hilarious. :D

          • Oh man I wish I could erase my memory and watch the show over and over again – I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in years.

          • Get Schwifty!

            I already did. The point is that down the road the cameras allow for integration of the environment and ultimately the user into the VR space as desired,. I recommend you do some reading on the past commentary by Oculus folks and others on the potential of cameras.instead of making criticisms without knowledge, but then again most people do so you’re not alone.

          • Dude the light house system is objectively better. It’s really down to fact.
            I don’t really care either way but your bias is glaringly transparent. Mr high horse thinking that you know what “most people” are like. It just comes off as arrogant and your authoritarian posts on this thread make you look like a mega douche.

            So why don’t you lick-lickidy-lick my balls.

          • care package

            More like overkill. Even the guys at Tested agreed sure it’s more precise but that level of precision doesn’t really apply with current tech. In other words you’d never notice a difference between the two until you needed the millimeter accuracy.

          • As far as room-scale goes, I’d give a nod to the Vive. Aside from that though, I would say the Rift is better in all respects.

            Not saying they are worlds apart though, they are both amazing for what they do, but I think Oculus clearly has the better design here. (I just wish the Rift did inside-out tracking).

          • Ned Hoon

            The tracking from the 2 front facing separated sensors of the Rift is actually superior to a single Vive lighthouse covering the same area.

          • And what’s the point you’re making? Thats like saying it hurts your brain more when you take a dick in both ears rather than one.

        • hyperskyper

          Oh look it’s an Oculus that’s trying to make Vive users feel bad for purchasing the far better headset. The Vive was not rushed at all and it is certainly not a dev kit. The Vive is better than the Rift in almost every way, not the other way around. The Rift might look better, but that is just a preference thing and I would hate having to look at a Rift if I had one. It would just remind me that I bought the wrong headset and that I was supporting a disgusting company. The Vive’s setup process is much more straightforward. You set up one or two of the sensors in the corners of the area and sit them on bookshelves or mount them to walls or the ceiling. All you have to do to make them work is plug them into an outlet each. You don’t have cords running across your room to your computer like with the Rift for use with the Touch. The room would look terrible with the three needed Constellation sensors all stringed together across the room. It’s easier to set up two sensors once and just have them connected to outlets all the time than having to spend 15 minutes each time setting up the Constellation cameras (which have much worse tracking than the Lighthouse lasers btw) and connecting them all to your computer. The Touch controllers are boring. They are just Xbox controllers that you strap on your wrists. The Vive controllers actually have an innovative design and the new ones that they are prototyping are worlds beyond the controllers of today. So basically, the Vive is as good or WAY better than the Rift in every single way.

          • Get Schwifty!

            Overblown comparison. The reality is most objective critics who have looked at both headsets give the ergonomic nod to the Rift, and its a toss-up on Home vs. Steam.

            As for the Touch controllers being “boring”, I am not sure what you are using for sources of information, but that is not at all what is being posted by everyone who uses them, quite the opposite, most are noting that the ergonomic qualities and immersion reflect the design time put into them. OTOH, the Vive wands are clearly a rushed-to-market design, which is why now HTC is working to change them.

            I will agree on that the setup for the extra sensors involves cables which is more of a hassle, but again, unless you live under a rock if it bothers you then just use wireless USB extenders, cheap, easy and effective.

            The reality is the systems are degrees apart in different areas. yes, HTC was first to market, but in my eyes and many others they made compromises that didn’t seem worth it and opted with Oculus. Why this bothers Vive people so much I will never know, I guess they like their systems so much they fear somehow they will lose their toy if Oculus has any successes in the market. The reality is both Vive and Oculus need each other to push themselves in the market.

          • lol, first off, learn to talk properly.
            Second, you come off as a worse fanboy than myself.

            No, the Vive is not better in “almost every single way”. About the ONLY thing it has going for itself is the ease of room-scale. That’s it, period.

          • Channonbom

            Actually, it doesn’t matter, we all look like idiots no matter what headset we have on lol

          • Get Schwifty!

            LOL IKR!

          • Get Schwifty!

            The ignorance is strong with this one….

            The Rift HMD is more ergonomic than Vive by a few degrees, but both Vive and Rift lose significantly to Sony’s design. How they look is of little concern to the experience of using one to most folks. I am about 90% sure both HTC and Vive will rework their HMDs to match the “hanging-style” Sony is using.

            The setup is not difficult with Oculus, the wire concern is easily avoided with USB extenders, and is only really necessary for one sensor in the majority of cases.

            The controllers are more than an Xbox controller split in two, I think you need to do some reading on experiences by those who have used them, unanimously people say they are very nice and have the “right” ergonomic feel. The wands are not innovative, they are about as simple a design as you can imagine to get it out the door. Again, why HTC is having to rework them.

            The Vive HMD was not rushed per se, but the controllers certainly were and which is why now HTC is working to improve them.

            The reality is the camera-based solution is almost certainly the better approach down the road, Lighthouse is easy and cheap, but in the end an interim technological solution to the problem. Cameras offer multiple advantages and the side-loading of data is next to nothing.

            You need to let go this bias of the “right” HMD, this not enlightened. Both systems are great but they do have differences and you must accept the limitations and benefits of either.

          • hyperskyper

            You are such an idiot. I have never seen an intelligent comment from you.

      • Get Schwifty!

        This is precisely the kind of thing I refer to as a problem with many Vive owners who post on R2VR…. a Rift owner happened to make a comment he (or she) was glad to have bought a Rift day one to not have to worry about getting Touch late after it ships, nothing to do with Vive at all, and some peanut-gallery Vive owner has to make a comment about “room scale”. And btw, not over a year, I think you need to look at release dates there.

  • Firestorm185

    Ok, that’s not as bad as what I thought that title meant. Luckily I did preorder mine day one, but for those that didn’t even it’s only backed up by like a week. That’s pretty normal. I’m just happy to be getting a pair at all, really.

  • Talwyn

    I read earlier today that Amazon and Best Buy have yet to receive their stock, so their estimated amount or delivery date is exactly that at the moment – estimated.

    There hasn’t been any comments from Oculus that Amazon or similar stores have any priority as far as delivery goes, so they *could* get it after 6th december. Feel free to correct me if you’ve learned differently.

  • Aaron Hillaker

    Alright, so, if say I was one of the absolute first, like I mean, I pre-ordered the rift in the first 10 minutes after the site went up (and crashed due to overload), so I was guaranteed a Touch pro-order, which I followed through on the very same day, maybe a few minutes after that pre-order went up. So considering all that, is Oculus claiming that I’ll have my Touch delivered ON Dec 6th?

    • Yep. You were in the promised batch like me so you guaranteed to get one.

      • Aaron Hillaker

        I realize I’m guaranteed, it’s just that the wording is so vague on the order. I can’t tell whether it’s supposed to be here ON the 6th, or if it’ll simply ship on the 6th and get here like 2 weeks later.

        • Get Schwifty!

          I am pretty darn sure if you read the pre-order details it says they ship on the 6th, you should not count on receiving one from Oculus on the 6th, probably 2-5 days later.

      • Chris Esposito

        check your email , I got an email from oculus saying touch is shipping soon ….I doubt they sent those emails yet to the ones that will be delayed

    • Chris Esposito

      check email for oculus shipping soon message

  • AndyP

    Time to celebrate: everyone is going to have hand controllers and room-scale, it’s for the benefit of all VR -hooray! It may also shut the childish fanboys up for a while, bonus!

    • Get Schwifty!

      Agree completely….

  • wheeler

    Great, just get them out already. I want to play Lone Echo on my Vive and have more Onward players

    • hyperskyper

      ReVive supports Touch games.

  • ummm…

    i have a vive. i disown any rift or vive owners that want to argue over which is better. its getting old. plus, we already know which is better……..

    • Get Schwifty!

      NVM mind that at least 70% of the problem is Vive owners like Jono who can’t resist popping into any and every VR news report that discusses Oculus to drop some kind of pro-Vive/anti-Oculus comment. Which is better is a personal opinion, but I know you know that ;)

      • ummm…

        to be fair. oculus has stumbled over and over. im very happy with my vive. you should be happy iwth your rift. ignorance is bliss no matter which way it goes. i can’t think of anything more id want from my vive tho, except that wonky wireless converter that is supposed to hit the market shortly.

    • Chris Esposito

      one rational vive owner. nice to meet you, absolutely right we know which is better ….

      • ummm…

        ignorance is bliss isn’t it? ;)

  • Chris Esposito

    I find it funny that people who bought the vive have to constantly remind oculus owners that the vive is better.
    who cares , I disagree and there are reasons for it that might not matter to you, it’subjective…it’s all opinions … the only factually correct measure is that the rift screen is crisper and is easier to read text .

  • Jeff Paquette

    Pre-ordered mine back in early November. “Estimated shipping: Dec 16 – Dec 21” per Oculus site :-(

  • Moe Palani

    I ordered my headset + touch controllers the day Oculus put the controllers on the site, but I haven’t got a shipping email and its already Dec 5th…
    I got a email asking me make sure I confirmed my address and how I’m paying last week tho so maybe (hopefully) I get it tomorrow :)

  • Chris Esposito

    These guys are assholes to shipping, pre.ordered in the.first 5 minutes of the first day, dec 9th rolls around and.still no shipping email or update. Found them in best buy rotting on a shelf so I bought them and.cancelled my pre order ….you think they were.nice enough to give me the pre order codes for unspoken or vr sports . After I explained the situation and showed proof of purchase …nope, assholes
    Will NEVER order from them directly again .
    Amazon buy early pre orders all got them by the 6th some even earlier