Oculus today has confirmed that there’s more than 50 Touch-supporting titles ready for the controller’s launch next month.

Photo courtesy Oculus
Photo courtesy Oculus

Last we heard from Oculus, there were some 35 “full, made-for-VR games” launch titles that would be ready for Touch and Rift by the end of the year. Now the company says that the number of day-one launch titles has risen to more than 50, and they’ll detail all of them next week. Until we have that full list, here’s 13 so far confirmed:

  • Oculus Medium (Oculus Studios)
  • The Unspoken (Insomniac Games)
  • Dead and Buried (Oculus Studios)
  • Rock Band VR (Harmonix)
  • VR Sports Challenge (Sanzaru)
  • The Climb (Crytek)
  • Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope (Croteam)
  • Pro Fishing Challenge VR (Opus)
  • I Expect You to Die (Schell Games)
  • Luna (Funomena)
  • Giant Cop (Other Ocean)
  • Job Simulator (Owlchemy Labs)
  • Fantastic Contraption (Northway Games)

Oculus confirmed to Road to VR that all 50+ titles will be available on day one of the Touch launch, rather than “by the end of the year”, or the ill-defined “launch window” timeframes which had been mentioned in prior communiqué from the company.

The “50+” figure came in a blog post from the company about their Black Friday activities, where they also reminded everyone about the $200 Touch controller’s launch coming on December 6th; pre-orders started on October 10th. All pre-orders include The Unspoken, VR Sports Challenge, and Dead and Buried.

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  • cefizelj gnom

    Still looking for that killer app, though. Personally, driving sims are the “killer genre” for VR, but it doesn’t look like the masses are convinced by anything quite yet.

    • LaRocky

      What do you classify as ‘killer app’? Unspoken, The Climb, Edge of Nowhere, Chronos, The Climb, Serious Sam VR all got super high review scores.

      • Scott C

        I’m definitely looking forward to the Touch update for The Climb.

      • Probably the equivalent of a Wii Sports. Something that really shows off what the kit can do to everybody.

    • Sebastien Mathieu


    • Matt R

      Forgotten Realms for games and now Google Earth VR for serious application.

    • Thomas Sven Whittaker

      It would be pretty neat to use the oculus touch to drive with one hand, look out the side window, and shoot someone with a gun with the other hand while driving.

  • railgun

    See a lot of vive games. Are they going to be available on oculus store too? If I already purchased them, I wouldn’t need to repurchase them again, do I?

    • LaRocky

      Depends on the Developer. Some give Oculus keys if you own the Steam version, some do not.

    • care package

      why would you do that when the Rift runs steam games just fine.

      • LaRocky

        Because most people like to put on the Rift and it automatically be put in to Oculus Home, instead of having to mess with Steam VR. Also, their games will all be in 1 place instead of two different places.

        • care package

          Oh I get wanting to have games on Home rather than f’ with steam but if you already bought them on steam, you bought them on steam…

        • Sebastien Mathieu

          mess with steam VR ?? it’s pretty easy to run no??

          • LaRocky

            1) with Steam, you don’t get ASW.
            2) SteamVR isn’t always stable

          • Lassi Ojainväli

            SteamVR has had Asynchronous Reprojection since mid-November, is it not as good as ASW?

          • blueredgreenyellow

            “asynchronous reprojection for Nvidia GPUs” I’ve got an Ati card, so no its not.

          • blueredgreenyellow

            steam vr crashes half the time for me when I exit a game. Thats much beter than a month 3 months ago when I couldn’t set up steam vr to use it with my oculus,. It would lock up in the middle of first time run setup.

    • Minh Hoang

      “See a lot of Vive games.”

      I can only see three? (Serious Sam, Fantastic contraption and Job simulator)
      The others aren’t even available on steam are they?

  • Sebastien Mathieu

    do you guys know if medium is included???

    • Marco

      They had medium at the end of the video you blind nugget

  • Net Shaman

    So FINALLY what are the games bundled with the touchs ?
    Some say three, others say six , so what ?

  • chtan

    And so it begins, the in flux of multiple wave shooter games just like what happened in SteamVR.

  • No love for Robo Recall? That game is going to be the best FPS.