Oculus is asking for early adopters to give the company a second chance on delivery expectations with the forthcoming launch of Oculus Touch.

After years of anticipation, starting with the Oculus’ 2012 Kickstarter for the first development kit (DK1) of the Rift headset, enthusiasts and early adopters have been eager to finally get their hands on the first consumer Rift headset which launched earlier this year. Tempers flared when the launch of the hotly anticipated VR headset was plagued with delays, in some cases leading to day one pre-orderers not receiving the product until months after the launch date. The company said the shipping delay was caused by an unidentified component shortage, and opted to refund shipping for early orders. The delay also caused a months long backorder which didn’t clear up until July.

Founder reveals the Oculus Touch 'Half Moon' Prototype in 2015 | Photo courtesy Oculus
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Oculus now says they have learned their lesson, and promises the launch of the Touch VR controllers later this year will go much smoother.

“[The Rift shipping issue] hit us [suddenly] internally, and all at the last minute,” said Jason Rubin, Head of Content at Oculus, speaking with Road to VR. “It wasn’t something we were hiding, it was something that struck us out of the blue in our process that created the problem.”

Rubin says he doesn’t think the shipping issue—while hotly contested at the time—will make a dent in the timeline of virtual reality adoption in the long run.

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“Is there anything we would change? Of course. Would we have wanted to ship on time, of course. Having said that, I don’t think VR is going to be marred 10 years from now having looked back on the Rift launch,” he said.

Progression of Oculus Touch development kits
Progression of Oculus Touch development kits | See Also: Latest Version of Touch has Better Tracking & Longer Range, Says Oculus

Oculus has sorted out the issue, says Rubin, and asks that supporters look to the upcoming release of the company’s Touch VR controllers as the bar by which to judge their launch capability.

“We’re at a point now where, after having cleared up those problems, having given away free shipping and having gotten people the hardware that delivered on its promise. I think we really should be starting to put the slip ups behind us. Judge us on our Touch launch.”

After several delays to the launch timeline, users are eager to get their hands on the new Touch controllers and Oculus has been riding on its promise to deliver them on time in Q4 of 2016 with a library of quality launch titles. As the controllers aren’t launching until several months after those which came with the HTC Vive earlier this year, any further delays could have significant consequences of adoption and trust from the company’s supporters.

Additional reporting by Scott Hayden

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  • Graham J ⭐️

    Hard to do that with no launch date or price.

    • Bob

      It’ll be out on December.

      • Steve Mitchell
        • Sch@dows

          I saw that this morning (from the official german oculus distributor), but it doesn’t seem to include a second camera. Should it be counted on top of that ?

          • Bel

            The second camera is in the box, beneath the controllers, no worries.

          • Steve Mitchell

            There’s wasn’t a camera pictured on that site that leaked it when I looked….but surely, surely I’m mistaken and it includes a camera. Surely!

          • Get Schwifty!

            The Oculus site indicated it does, I can’t see any reason why they would not if the package is standard.

        • Akeydel

          That’s a price discrepancy of like 20% between regions wtf

          • Steve Mitchell

            Wait until we see the £! Poxy Brexit. :(

          • Jim Cherry

            vr hates non usd currencies ;}

  • Firestorm185

    This whole launch delay debacle reminded me of a quote from Shigeru “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad”. I’m kinda glad they’ve delayed the release of the Touch controllers so long. At least we know they’ll be good and ready when we do get them!

    • Chance Valentine

      Except it’s not a game, and if this wasn’t a failure on their part they would have been giving out these later release dates from the start. They have a track record of telling their customers one thing and then changing it later with plenty of excuses. Your statement may better suit Sony or Google. Oculus wanted to race and they lost. They were just too slow aka. mismanaged.

      • Firestorm185

        Oh yeah. I totally agree with you there. They kinda lost the HMD and the motion controller race there. However, I own a Rift and I don’t think the experience is bad. I quite like mine (and you’ll have to forgive me, but unlike a lot of people I got mine within a month of ordering it, cause I didn’t order until June.) What I meant by that quote was that I hope the delay in the Touch controllers will mean that the controllers will be good (and won’t take an ungodly amount of time to get shipped to people, which is what the article was about).

    • Bobby Freshour

      that quote worked until No Mans Sky came out

      • Firestorm185


  • Get Schwifty!

    I am currently sticking with Oculus because I believe that the headset is every bit the equal if not slightly better than the Vive in certain areas, but the Touch is really where the system will shine, and I still say the Vive wands are only a temporary design to get the product out and will likely be replaced with something much more resembling the Touch in time as it is clearly the better design from an ergonomics and immersion perspective.

    That being said… Oculus will be judged on how both launches go, and truthfully the component shortage may not have been in their control, but at the same time they handled it terribly to say the least. Vive had delays as well, but because they were not as long and they had not hyped it so much people were less reactive to it. I _almost_ kept a Vive in my possession but gave it up to wait for the Touch (walled garden arguments don’t hold much water to me as they are proving not to really be the case over time here). It’s natural for Team Oculus to want to put it behind them and be judged on this launch but that is nothing but a PR stance, they may recoup their internal pride with a good launch but it will take several years and cycles for it not to haunt every new launch and nothing really dies on the Internet.

    I guess my message here is to Team Oculus: kudos for taking the time to develop what appears to be a great product with the Touch, but dont kid yourself this makes up for a shitty launch of the Rift and that people will quickly forget because you have a good product and a better launch this go round. You guys will need to work double time over the next few releases and mind your P’s and Q’s going forward if you want to win back your position. The Touch will give Oculus a boost, but that is all in the long run and only a temporary advantage.

    • Aeroflux

      Home will also play a big role in how they are perceived. SteamVR is much more of a component in the competition if Oculus intends to maintain any presence and make money through their launcher like Steam does.

      Oculus still hasn’t addressed tracking peripherals, and frankly if they don’t at least talk about their roadmap this Connect, they will be left in the dust by Valve’s past actions. They need to show to the public (and Indie devs like me) that they are on the edge of technology, not talk about it like a friggin life coach.

      They also need to stomp out room-scale nonsense with a demo of tracking abilities–a visualization of data received by the cameras to show us exactly how good the tracking is. Room-scale isn’t a major issue as a lot of people simply can’t afford the space, but how many fucks buy a Hummer only to drive it on city streets? Perception drives sales, and if Oculus doesn’t take a “bitch please” stance on Room-scale it will affect them. Valve and HTC don’t have to say a thing. The internet is doing all the damage for them.

      • Steve Dennis

        Room scale just simply doesn’t matter to a lot of us. I’d rather they didn’t address room-scale directly, and just come out of the gate with amazing standing-room games (proper games of reasonable length and/or price).

        Here in London, we don’t even have room-scale rooms…

        • Rob H

          Then move house xD All kidding aside, room scale is amazing if you have/make the room for it. Out of all the games I’ve played on the vive, it was actually the vivecraft mod which completely sold me on roomscale – everything without it now feels awkward and incomplete in comparison. Make the space, get rid of your bed or something xD

          • bschuler

            Exactly.. standing and 180 degrees in simply not VR. A lot of people don’t realize that to Room scale people, a non-room scale person talking about VR is akin to talking to a Nascar racer comparing your Ford Tempo to his. It simply isn’t comparable or the same.

          • Get Schwifty!

            Like you said, to “Room scale people”…. the whole point is people enjoy VR experiences all the time without room scale. It is nice when it is needed, or adds to the experience, but it often just isn’t necessary or makes sense. Not knocking it in the least, but it’s a bit silly to say it is a requirement for a VR experience, and that everyone sees the largest need for it.

          • Gabe DeLang

            “standing and 180 degrees in simply not VR”

            Fuck sakes, I’m sick of hearing that. It’s the same as saying “well, until I can hold and feel everything around me like in the Holodeck it’s not VR” or “Until have to focus differently for near and far objects like in real life it’s not real VR” or “until I can feel acceleration and change of direction IT’S NOT VR” or “until I have a 270 FOV it is NOT REAL FUCKING VR!” or “until I can smell taste and eat the virtual steak on my plate it’s not V.”

            Get my point? Just a shitty smug thing to say just to assure yourself that you chose the right camp.

            You don’t own the goddamned definition of what VR is or isn’t and there’s a hell of a lot left to be achieved if VR is to live up to our Holodeck dreames. I have the Rift and it’s great fucking VR. I mostly play 180 games while sitting. But I do stand on a few games and even turn completely around and it works really well. Once the Touch and second camera’s are out, it’ll be even better.

            Good on Vive for getting room scale first though. If I had the space for roomscale I might’ve gotten the Vive. If money were no object I’d get one of each. Both systems are a great start for gen 1 of an entirely new type of game and media field. Personally, I could give a shit about the Vive camp or the Rift camp since they each are solid VR experiences. I’m just excited to get in at the beginning and can’t wait to see the progression of this technology.

          • Brad Blackmere

            Yeah, but standing 180 really isn’t good enough for gen 1, and clearly could have been avoided. :)

          • Steve Dennis

            I agree that it’s amazing if you have room for it. That’s one reason I don’t think it’s important for mass adoption. Most people are interpreting me as implying room scale isn’t awesome. It most certainly is.

        • Aeroflux

          While I agree that room-scale doesn’t apply to most of us (I can barely make minimum requirements on SteamVR), the bias has been so thorough that major news/media sites report the capabilities of the Rift incorrectly.

          We’ve seen enough news outlets get the basics of VR wrong, but this focused bias is affecting Oculus sales, which will in turn affect software support for the unique features of Touch in the future. Developers prefer the road best traveled when the hardware of their audience is concerned. If this notion of the Rift not being capable of full room-scale content isn’t addressed directly, the consequences will solidify into a permanent handicap. That is why I am concerned, and why I believe Oculus needs to provide a simple concrete demonstration of the Rift in a room-scale environment. Developers have gone as far as supporting the same room-scale for the Rift on their software, but Oculus remains in an ambiguous state because of their dismissive commentary.

          Space restrictions aside, room-scale is the future of VR. I’ve experienced a large area of interaction at Siggraph. The presence you feel by walking in a 1:1 virtual world is a generational leap. I believe that once tracking can account for what exists in the real world (furniture, pets, people) and true wireless solutions become available we’ll see a transformation of living spaces in VR, no matter how small.

          • Get Schwifty!

            Team Oculus isn’t dumb, they read these and other sites and gauge market reaction. They are developing their own chaperone and room-scale setup (hell it works today without a chaperone), my suspicion is that this launch will include room-scale as a selling point, they are getting beat up over it when the reality is even with one camera it works pretty well, two will be fine, and there is inherent support for up to four.

            I do think they got cocksure about their position though and as market leaders do start to drink their own cool-aid, and thought their position on VR at this point and room-scale was the right one but the market saw otherwise. This is more than a little like Steve Jobs old nonsense about large phones, a resistance which merely cost Apple market share and eventually Apple capitulated and large phones came out. Oculus seems to be doing the same thing, but much faster and reversing their stance.

            I particularly agree however with your last paragraph, in time particularly with AR/VR living spaces will be experienced in totally different way, but that is still more than a few years away. We are like in the first early days of the introduction of rail roads, everyone can see they will change almost everything but it will take time to get out there and take shape.

        • e92m3

          The vive itself and most room-scale games/experiencs go down to 1.5mx2m as a minimal playable area.

          I’ve tested in a space slightly smaller than that and still had a blast, you just have to be careful when things get exciting and you want to start swinging or doing acrobatics.

          You outline your space with the controller during setup, it’s quite flexible and easy to change.

          Room-scale really sells the immersion when it works this well.

        • DougP

          Re: “Here in London, we don’t even have room-scale rooms”
          I’ve heard the same comment from others in England/London.
          Base “full room-scale” is 2m x 1.5m.
          Are rooms really THAT tiny over there?
          Are people THAT unwilling to say slide a coffee table or chair aside to clear that amount of space for gaming sessions?

          Re: “Room scale just simply doesn’t matter to a lot of us”
          My suspicion is that it doesn’t matter mostly for those who haven’t tried it.
          If someone truly doesn’t have a big enough room (or is willing to slide chair/table…I mean we’re talking the “size of 2 yoga mats” on your floor) – they’d best keep NOT trying room-scale games on the likes of the Vive, for then they’d know what they’re missing.

          • Steve Dennis

            I should be clear I have tried the Vive (although quite briefly), and don’t get me wrong, room-scale is a lot of fun & a huge step toward immersive games/experiences. My argument is that next to a similar solution with fully tracked motion controllers, and the ability to turn 360 degrees with a step or so either side, that room-scale isn’t something which is important for mass adoption. That’s all.

        • Andy B

          It’s annoying that the market is so small for VR devices that we are forced to compare apples to oranges.

          You can’t convince someone with a enough space for room scale that it’s not important, just as you can’t convince someone who doesn’t have a big enough play space that it is important.

          These two devices belong in different classes, and should be measured against HMDs with similar capabilities. Almost every balanced review comes to the same conclusion, but here we are, still posting about it.

      • Chance Valentine

        Right on. Oculus fans will have a hard time believing any promises given to them from now on, and they aren’t going to be fooled by excuses. I kept my Vive, and sometimes I wish I had an Oculus, but I still mostly am glad I have the Vive. No one has mentioned the cost of Touch either, which if you add it to the $600 + tax original cost and just estimate the costs of motion controllers and tracking towers comes out to more than the cost of the Vive. I think after Playstation releases their VR, the Oculus base will steadily drop and head towards the simpler system. These delays *may* have lost Oculus the lion’s share of PC gamers which they had the majority of to begin with. This isn’t the last excuse Oculus will make. The fact that someone is asking people to judge them for this release is just foreboding.

        • Aeroflux

          Hah, I am an Oculus fan, or at least that’s what I’m instantly pinned down as, since I own a Rift. Just because I have a Rift doesn’t mean I have praise every move they make. I want Oculus to succeed. I want Valve/HTC to succeed. I want everyone who is trying to champion VR to succeed because that means VR succeeds. I’m a VR fan, and I chose the Rift for my own reasons.

          • Andy B

            I’m pretty sure VR has succeeded. I’m not even worried about the quality of the devices right now, they are far too expensive but are quickly going to get cheaper. It’s the amount of work and innovation that’s going on in software that’s going to make VR successful. Every week I have a new top quality experience or game to try – and that’s just the games. Museums, hospitals, scientist, musicians, all developing amazing software.

      • Iliad

        I truly don’t care about room scale personally, but you are right, people make a huge deal about it. The Oculus home though, I don’t even visit it any longer, and tend to go to Steam. Much rather see true reviews, with comments, so I can understand what I am getting into. And the ability to return a game is really important especially since so many titles are coming out that simply are not up to snuff. They really, really need to re-think the Oculus home. Vive was brilliant for teaming up so closely with Steam, marketing room scale, and coming out with, what look like to me, poor quality controllers, but hey, they are first to market which has taken a lot of momentum away from the rift.

    • Roger Anthony Essig

      I was able to buy a 500GB SSD with the free shipping savings. For me oculus handled the delay just fine..

      • I was able to save 600 on vive thanks to oculus :-D (cancelled my rift)

      • Jeremy Swanson

        In the US, the shipping was only $30. So my Rift was just as delayed as yours, but Oculus compensated me far less. I guess they felt the foreign market was more important to them?

        • Roger Anthony Essig

          mine was 11 days late.

  • OkinKun

    After all the problems they’ve had, I’m sure they’ll get Touch’s launch right. They’ve probably got plenty of stock built up this time, and a few backup plans if certain things go wrong. lol Hopefully they’ve learned from their experiences.

    I can’t wait to get my Touch controllers, hopefully our places in line are easily still ours.

    • Get Schwifty!

      If you preordered you are in line, if you hunt around you can find a way to check, but honestly I just emailed them and checked and sure enough the queue is in place which you can confirm from your account screen.

  • Pete

    Hope it goes well and Oculus wins back a lot of its previous supporters. Oculus needs positive PR, let’s face it, they are not the most liked company right now.

  • bschuler

    Meh, I believe them.. heck, I’d have given Hitler a second chance. Sure they had the horrible launch, the selling and delivering to new customers before delivering pre-orders, the lies about DRM, and on and on.. but everybody deserves a second chance, don’t they? Or a third, fourth, fifth… what number are we on now?

    • Get Schwifty!

      I’m sure they wanted a component shortage as well lol. I am pretty sure they had made commitments to have demo units and small amounts of retail stock before the situation with the component shortage occurred and screwed up the initial deliveries. I don’t think they “lied” about DRM per se, but they did have a position of being open initially and their new masters at Facebook thought otherwise, then they basically backtracked. Not saying their interim position on access was a good one, but saying they are nothing but a pack of liars is a bit out there given all the facts.

      • bschuler

        Backtracked, isn’t that a new age word for lied? “Mom, I know I told you I did my homework when I didn’t.. I want to backtrack now and tell you I might have been wrong about that. But know, I didn’t lie. I simply backtracked.” No you don’t own a time machine.. you lied. As for the component shortage, retail stock, etc.. even Oculus admits they made horrible bad decisions and in hindsight, would have done it differently. It wasn’t like they didn’t have a million pre-orders, so the “component” could have been produced enmass months in advance. And going ahead with fulfilling new Amazon orders instead of pre-orders was a huge public relations mistake that shouldn’t be easily forgiven. I do cut them a break, as it is hard to sell and ship world wide, especially as a new company… but they could have, and should have, easily teamed up with an outside vendor with the experience needed. That is what Valve/Steam did with HTC and it worked wonders. For a big company like Facebook to fail that big, embarrassing and only excusable, if they learn from it. Let’s hope they did (p.s. I think they’ve been cranking out Touch controllers for months, so no missing components this time)

        • Get Schwifty!

          Realizing an error and rectifying does not constitute a lie in the least. I dont think they denied their position, they changed it after they realized it was a bad move, completely different.

          So, based on your post outside of that they are guilty of messing up by not getting with a company more experienced. Saying it’s inexcusable for a big company like Facebook to flub a product launch…. not sure where it’s written big companies can’t/won’t make mistakes, HTC honestly isn’t doing all that well currently overall.. They made a number of mistakes, along with being owned by a company that doesn’t normally deal in hardware, how does that make them horrible liars? I get the frustration, I really do but the accusations and tone are bit out of line with the realities we just covered and just smacks of a tribalistic disdain for one company over another.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    I’m surprised Road to VR hasn’t picked up the story on the leak of the Touch controllers on the german MediaMarkt webshop, the controllers (2 controllers and a camera) will sell for 199 euro’s and will be on sale on 21 November..

    • Jed

      Thank you
      Finally someone with some Numbers, if they’re a little off who cares at least we have a goal. I’m tired of “sitting” here left in the dark

      • Get Schwifty!

        Yeah, I checked that out – if you read the comments on that site someone did mention that the price (199 Euros) includes VAT. Subtracting that out and adjusting for conversion rates its about $170 USD, not too far from the $150 people suspected. Given the release date Oculus should start notifying preorder folks by sometime in October for orders. If they don’t man, they will seriously pay for it in the public domain.

  • Chieftexas

    Nice try, but not really. Oculus has botched every single one of their product launches, including both of the development kits that preceded the consumer version of the headset. And for the record that free shipping they offered was supposed to be next day service but they went ahead and changed it to ground without telling anyone.
    Then they went around frantically buying up IP’s in an effort to prevent people from defecting to the HTC Vive. Everything they do is anti-consumer.

  • Ghosty

    I hope there’s another tracking camera in that package or you can kiss room scale or at least not losing tracking on your controllers when you turn around goodbye, and have to shell out even more for an additional camera making it a more expensive package than the Vive to get the similar capabilities… Doesn’t look like the packaging has a camera in it unless it’s hidden under there somewhere! They better ship with it or people will flip out!

    I personally don’t care as I’m in the Vive camp but I want to see the Rift have similar capabilities and I would like to see cross platform games so Rift and VIve users can play together! Seeing as how the two packages are basically the same price now lets hope they both reach the current bar that has been set for first gen hmd’s…

    • Get Schwifty!

      It does.

      • Brad Blackmere

        Citation needed.

  • Charles

    But does the Touch support 360 degree tracking? If not, as far as I’m concerned it’s worthless. Last I heard, it doesn’t support 360 degree tracking – I heard you have to be facing the camera.

    • Get Schwifty!

      It does check out countless devs with Touch’s on YouTube… one has a guy playing Hoverjunkies with no issues at all, jumping all around and crouching down in all directions. For that matter you can turn 360 with one camera today with the headset until you do something unusual like craning your head way down out of sight of the camera.

      • Charles

        Oh. Well that’s good.


    Nice!! Can’t wait!

  • Spencer Dr

    Did anyone else instantly think of their previous statement on focusing on stationary experiences? Basically how they emphasized they were going to make room scale a very low priority?
    I don’t remember the exact wording and commentary on it it was pretty clear to me you’re basically saying they don’t care about room scale because they don’t see much of a market for it.

    My point is simply that this statement seems to conflict with what they were saying previously. Right?

  • Chance Valentine

    Valve will have new controllers out, better than whatever the touch might bring, before Oculus can even fill all the orders probably. I get why people want to take sides, because investing in a VR System is more expensive than a console setup and look at those flame wars. We all want out investment to pay off, but you can keep saying the “Touch” is better/worse/revolutionary/”Where it’s at” until you have used it for a few weeks. Vive owners know the limitations of the current motion controllers, but I expect the controllers to be upgraded before the HMD itself. Also, I already have a leapmotion sensor attached. So I just don’t see the Oculus Touch being anything except another poorly planned release, with more excuses than reviews. I think the touch, based *on what I have read* will have some qualities the Vive controllers lack. I do not think it will better simulate holder a sword or a pistol however, and without haptic feedback gloves tricking your mind into believing you are touching something real other than a controller those are the two things I kind of prefer at this point. I’m excited to see what the new year brings us. More than likely a whole bunch of SteamVR related upgrades.

    • Get Schwifty!

      New controllers coming out from Vive, better than Touch and before they all ship (whatever “all” means)? Really, can you please provide a _single_ source for such a wild claim? You seem to think SteamVR is going to provided some bunch of upgrades, based on what…. you just feel this way so it must be true?

      Ironically, its clear you are taking sides here in your criticism and skepticism due to your investment in Vive. The Touch as far as I have heard discussed from everyone who has one currently has indicated hands down (no pun intended) the Touch is superior in terms of both ergonomics and immersion. You can claim that the people who are speaking up are just happy to have one and are fawning over the Touch since they had one, but this is not the tone of the reviews since they are by devs that have access to both Touch and Vive controllers, and sometimes even reviewers who have seen preview versions at shows. Like or not, it’s simply generally speaking a better design, get over it.

      What I find funny is this line “…I just don’t see the Oculus Touch being anything except another poorly planned release, with more excuses than reviews”. Well you may want to believe that but the reality is it’s not out yet, and you simply have no way of knowing what the roll out will be like and to say it won’t have reviews. The clear reality based on trends in reports is that RTVR will probably have two weeks of straight coverage on the release in conjunction with all the games being release simultaneously. If Oculus does follow through on their “true” room-scale setup complete with chaperone system with that release (they haven’t made it clear if they will however) then that much more will happen.

      Don’t try to play the angle of having an investment clouding people’s judgments when it’s clear you are letting yours be clouded. Most people investing in VR at this stage are more than capable of spotting $800 USD if they truly felt the Vive setup was in the long run the better play, it’s clear more than a few don’t, so that argument really holds little water. You are entitled to an opinion, no matter how fanciful and emotion-laden, but you cross the line when you imply people are making decisions on an investment when you clearly are guilty of it yourself.

  • DaKangaroo

    I don’t blame them for wanting to be judged based on the launch of Touch rather than the first launch of Oculus.

    If I did a major fail, I’d want to be judged by anything else other than that major fail too.

  • Bruce

    I’m judging them all the time on their touch launch. When I go to the Oculus site and see “Your hands NOW in VR!”, and I think, but they aren’t though, are they? Because it’s not out is it! So my judgement on their touch launch is that it’s already five months late.

  • Steve Dennis

    “Judge us on only the stuff we want to be judged on” isn’t a sentiment I particularly like, however, it’s not as bad as internet rage culture over 1 bad product launch. I’m looking forward to my Touch controllers and even more looking forward to awesome new games, and what the team does with Oculus Home over the next 12 months.

  • ViveVR vs Riftrust

    I’ve had both Vive and Rift from day 1. When I’ve installed a new game on the Rift and show it to my kid he says – oh, I thought it was for VR. With that he means the Vive. I agree. Vive is VR. Rift is just an uncomfortable way to watch a screen. The Oculus Rift is now gathering dust while we play VR on Vive.

  • Iliad

    Like everything, content is king. That’s how Netflix became so popular. The Oculus home presents content in a very poor way. Finding a title is random. Reviews are simply a star, no ability to speak your mind, no way to see the number of positives vs. negatives. Jump to steam, and you see everything. Oculus should do whatever it takes to get partnered more closely with Steam. The money isn’t in the hardware, as all hardware vendors know, it’s in the content. And the fact that they are suddenly discounting products like project cars (I bought mine on steam for 1/2 the price months ago), signals that maybe they are starting to figure that out.
    Unless Oculus home starts to become usable, people are going to continue to buy their titles on steam or directly through the publisher, like I personally did with iracing.