Onward, the mil-sim tactical multiplayer shooter, has garnered a hardcore playerbase since it released on Steam Early Access a year ago, and if you want to know what all the hubbub is about surrounding what many are hailing as the end-all VR shooter, you’ll be able to get a taste from September 14-17 during the game’s free access weekend.

Onward isn’t your typical shooter. As a project developed by a single core dev, the mil-sim multiplayer has a character of its own, focusing on a brand of realism that emphasizes coordination, communication, and marksmanship skill. This is a strictly ‘no cross hairs and no HUDs’ experience, and the better you know your way around a firearm and the better you can communicate, the more effective you’ll be on the battlefield.

‘Onward’ on Steam

Onward, which currently sells for $25 on Steam, supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The 360 nature of the game though makes a third Oculus sensor a much better choice to eliminate occlusion of the Touch controllers.

Be ready for plenty of stiff competition too, because many long-time players have upgraded their controllers to include a physical stock, giving them a clear leg up as they can steady their shots more easily. The level of competition is so high, that some players have formed an unofficial Onward Championship League.

Its sole developer, Dante Buckley, is a new game designer at 20 years old, while the game is still a work-in-progress, it’s amazing what he’s done with pure determination in such a short time. UploadVR’s David Jagneaux details Buckley’s story of dropping out of college to teach himself game designing from scratch. Buckley told UploadVR that he works “continuous 14+ hour work days. It’s been worth it though.”

Play 'Onward' Tactical Multiplayer Shooter for Free on Rift This Weekend

In the post announcing the free weekend, Buckley says there will be new content coming out in September and October, including new maps “and more”.

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  • wheeler

    Still the best VR game IMO.

    • VRgameDevGirl

      I guess u never played Pavlov vr then. It’s WAY better. And u can make your own maps!!!!! I made this one: https://youtu.be/5Dyjbp-Q5E4

      • wheeler

        Pavlov is a good game and I’ve played plenty of it :) But I still enjoy Onward much more. Just as I prefer Insurgency to CS:GO, I prefer Onward to Pavlov

        • VRgameDevGirl

          Oh cool! Yeah, I tried Onward but i’m to short so am in a crouch the whole time. Plus I like to create more than play so I guess Pavlov is better for that since they allow the community to make maps. If you have Pavlov you should try my map and let me know what you think!

          • wheeler

            Damn, I didn’t realize Dante hadn’t fixed the height issue yet :(

            I will definitely try your map though! Supporting custom maps from the outset was a very wise decision IMO. I’m hoping Onward has something like this in the future

          • VRgameDevGirl

            Yeah, If onward supports maps I would love to make a map for it! Do you know if they use Unity or UE4?

          • burzum

            For me Pavlov works a lot better than Onward for some reason. Onward is now a long time available and somehow still feels like a very amateurish done alpha. :( Pavlov just works, less glitches, better performance.

          • steviecomment

            But you can’t play it. So how do you know?

          • burzum

            I’m sure I can. I’ve got both in my Steam library and I’ve played both.

          • steviecomment

            That was meant for VRgameDevGirl, sorry

          • wheeler

            Onward is Unity. I actually would have preferred to see the game in UE4

      • dogtato

        Wouldn’t say it’s better so much as different.
        I WOULD say that Bullets and More is better than Pavlov though.

        • steviecomment

          I wouldn’t say it is better, so much as different

  • steviecomment

    Pavlov i have +2 hours of play time, Onward i have +600

  • Ian N Karen O

    This is a very old video they put in this page. It honestly doesn’t give onward justice. Pavlov is good but really very different. I enjoy playing both. Pavlov is a little more fast paced. Onward feel is a little more tactical. In my experience, your much more likely to have hilarious moments with fellow VR users in onward.

  • PJ

    Prefer the arcadey Bullets and More, but I’m enjoying this

  • Amazing!

  • Luke

    just why we can’t play destiny 2, battlefield 1, CS in VR? :(