Paranormal Activity, Paramount Pictures’ horror film franchise, is soon to be made into a VR video game set to release on all major headsets next year.

Paranormal Activity VR, a creation from Beast Media’s VRwerx, will be coming to HTC Vive, Sony Morpheus, and Oculus Rift; as well as PC, mobile platforms, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game is set for a Q2 in 2016.

Paranormal_Activity_posterVRwerx has hired a team of game designers and developers coming to the company from a previous work with a number of projects including Call of Duty, Homefront, Metal Gear Solid, and Defiance.

“Virtual reality provides exciting new ways for audiences to interact with our film franchises,” said LeeAnne Stables, President of Consumer Products for Paramount Pictures. “Paranormal Activity is an ideal fit and we look forward to further terrifying our fans through these new technologies and platforms.”

We’ll be eager to see how VRwerx interprets the ‘found footage’ genre that the Paranormal Activity franchise is so well known for, and how the developers will address the VR horror game genre’s often use of jump scares. There’s an inherent danger in targeting VR headsets alongside traditional monitors, mobile devices, and consoles, potentially altering the gameplay style for everyone—and leaving no one really happy with the result.

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    What about gear vr from samsung..won’t that one get this game??