If you own an Oculus Quest and you’ve been salivating over the high-flying parkour madness of STRIDE, developers Joy Way have now announced it’s officially launching on the Oculus Quest Store August 5th.

Update (July 26th, 2021): Joy Way announced that STRIDE will release on the Quest platform on August 5th, and will be priced at $15. You can wishlist the game here.

To celebrate, Joy Way is throwing a video contest asking players to create viral videos using gameplay footage. Submissions are open from now until August 31st. Five winners will be selected by the studio, with a prize pool of $1,500 up for grabs.

The studio has also released a new gameplay trailer which appears to feature footage captured in-headset.

Original Article (May 5th, 2021): Joy Way announced the news late last week, saying that while they can now officially plan for launch on the Oculus Store for Quest, that predictably more work is still needed to get it up to snuff.

In the meantime, Joy Way is offering sign-ups for a closed beta on Quest, however participants will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to play.

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Stride combines high-flying parkour action with the sort of run and gun rooftop madness of a John Wick film. It’s currently only available on PC VR headsets in early access, having launched on Steam back in September 2020. It’s also slated to arrive on PSVR at some point as well, however it’s since been delayed on PSVR to “late 2021,” Joy Way says.

Check out Stride in action in the gameplay trailer below:

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  • martin


  • Good for them!

  • Jonathan Winters III

    BEWARE this dev “Joy Way” aka “PerformaVR”! They abandoned several early access projects recently, including Wave Circles and Time Hacker, leaving early access funders with incomplete games and broken promises.

    • Jonathan Winters III

      Actually, ALL Their games got stuck in early access. I assume this Quest version is releasing in early access only.

  • Pulstar44

    Don’t know how they’re releasing it on the quest before they even have a campaign for the game…

    • Jonathan Winters III

      That’s how that dev rolls. No complete games ever released to date.

      • Pulstar44

        Well they’re not getting my money.

  • T2814

    As someone who’s been using my Quest for working out more and more I’m intrigued by the game, especially at the $15 pricepoint. I know the dev has a history of never finishing their early access games but in looking at some videos I think the endless mode alone would probably be a decent cardio workout.

  • Timi

    I saw the competition on oculus quest 2 but now I can’t find