The Persistence (2018), a sci-fi horror-themed roguelike for PSVR created by Firesprite Games, just got a huge update today that brought a number of new game modes, a difficulty assist mode, and options for the hearing impaired—all for free.

To coincide with launch of the update, the game is also on sale during the Halloween season at a 25% discount off the store price, bringing it to $22.50. An additional 10% off is available for PlayStation Plus subscribers too, bringing it to $19.50.

When the game launched in July, it featured both Campaign and Survival Mode. Starting today, The Persistence now includes the following modes:

  • Glass CannonThis is an all action challenge mode where you  need to make it through 24 increasingly difficult rooms to get to an escape pod at the far end of the Deck. You get to select a gun at the start of each attempt, which comes with infinite ammo; the downside is that you only have 1 hit point, and there are no health pickups. Each time you enter a room, the doors lock and the mutants attack. You need to take them out as quickly as possible as the game is against the clock.
  • Campaign+:You keep all your Gear and Upgrades from your previous Campaign, but are now challenged with an ultra hardcore difficulty mode. The rules of the game have been changed to make it feel different too. You can no longer use SuperSense to spot enemies hiding in cover, and you will notice that a Bloodhound just keeps following you! To combat this, there are all new character upgrade levels, and ‘Platinum’ rarity Gear items to give you a fighting chance.
  • First Blood: A stealth-based challenge mode where you need to make your way through another huge procedurally generated deck to the escape pod. You’re equipped with only a Peacekeeper knife.
  • Permadeath: The challenge is to complete the entire campaign on a single life. The big change: there are Deck Porters in this mode that take you instantly between all Decks, and to Recovery, to quickly upgrade and buy Gear.
Image courtesy Firesprite Games

Some new accessibility features are also included in today’s update, which the studio says now features “a comprehensive suite.” By turning on ‘Assist Mode’ in the pause menu, the game now offers control over a few things such as infinite ammo, enemy power, enemy speed, and change enemies to always be visible through walls with a bright red highlight.

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For the hearing impaired, there’s now an on-screen representation of key audio cues, like enemies growling that will help you locate enemies in the same way someone with standard hearing might.

Control inputs are also now fully mappable, so you can play however you’re best able.

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    Imagine what this would look like on a PC with a 2080 Ti GPU and 8700k processor. this would be one of the best games ever released for PC VR. So Sad.

    • Throw in CoOp and I’d need that picture of Fry from Futurama saying, “Shut up and take my money!”.

  • Seriously… PC version, please. Devs? Hello?