Phantom: Covert Ops, the unique kayak-based VR shooter from nDreams, is officially headed to Rift and Quest in June. If you were wondering what the game looked like on Rift, check out the new release date trailer nDreams just dropped.

Update (March 18th, 2020): nDreams and Oculus today announced that Phantom: Covert Ops is officially heading to the Quest and Rift platforms on June 25th.

The studios also released a brand new trailer, which we linked below:

Original Article (November 28th, 2019): Although gameplay on both Quest and Rift is identical, game director Lewis Brundish says in an Oculus blog post, “[when it comes to visuals, however, we wanted to make the most out of each of the headsets’ unique strengths.”

nDreams say the trailer was captured using Rift. If the footage is representative of what people with greater than minimum spec will see, the studio has clearly had their work cut out for them. In short: it looks awesome.

Just in case you’re wondering, here’s a look at the previously released Oculus Quest gameplay teaser for comparison’s sake.

Among a difference in texture, lighting, and water quality, you’ll notice the Quest gameplay teaser quotes it as coming in 2019. This has been updated in the new Rift gameplay trailer, which advertises a 2020 release date.

If you’re skeptical about whether a boat-based stealth game is going to be cool or not, you may want to check out our hands-on, where Road to VR’s Ben Lang got to strap into a Quest demo of the game.

'Espire 1: VR Operative' Review – Solid Snake, But Rough Around the Edges

While Lang thinks the kayak part sounded a bit ridiculous at the time, his demo left him pretty impressed, as the boat mechanic is, according to him, “actually a genius bit of VR design which affords the game an immersive locomotion and interaction system that has huge potential.”

We’re hoping Phantom’s launch date pushback isn’t too deep into 2020, although Brundish admits they’ll be sharing more in the months ahead.

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    Will 2020 finally be our year?!

    • Xron

      If they will solve Motion Sickness issue, it might get mass adoptation. If not, it will still take some time.

      • brandon9271

        I don’t think it can be solved without some sort of vestibular stimulation. There will always be the disparity between what your eyes see and your inner ear senses. Otherwise people are just going to have to hang in there and develop their VR legs

        • david vincent

          Tho there is a small minority who can never get acclimated to VR, unfortunalely (except maybe one day thanks to vestibular stimulation, as you said).

        • Francesco Fazio

          By experience after 2.5 years of VR gaming with Oculus Rift I can tell you guys that even though initially I have felt motion sickness several times in different games, after a while my brain adapted to VR (exactly like it did for thousands of other players out there). Now I dont feel motion sickness ever does not matter what happens in the game. It is something your body needs to train a little bit for nothing else.

      • Ellie 187

        Valve solved it with higher refresh rates (120hz and 144hz)

  • Moe Curley

    In order for it to be “captured using the Rift” it would have to be though the lens video correct?

    • brandon9271

      Screen mirroring

      • Moe Curley

        Screen mirroring doesn’t represent the quality of the graphics in the headset.

  • Alex
  • Ironcide

    Hand tracking looks really shaky :/

    • Francesco Fazio

      Where did you see hand tracking ? there is no hand tracking dude they are using the touch controllers.

  • A VR Enthusiast

    Oh man, it looks great, and

    I have just ordered my Oculus Rift S with Black Friday discount.

    I cannot wait.

    • Tags I812

      good choice

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  • Bumpy

    Ugg, if these are suppose to be impressive visuals, someone needs to increase their standards.

  • Ellie 187

    “[when it comes to visuals, however, we wanted to make the most out of each of the headsets’ unique strengths.”

    is this a joke? the quest doesn’t have any strengths on visuals.

  • Trip

    I think this is possibly the most clever solution to locomotion I have ever seen in VR. I’ve been looking forward to this one since the first time it was mentioned on RoadtoVR. Zero-G has been the best thing so far and it’s more flexible, but I think this is more believable. All we need is water resistance on the paddle. =D LOL.