Secret Location, developers behind Blasters of the Universe (2017), today announced they’ve brought their Philip K. Dick inspired VR experience, The Great C (2018), to Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.

The 37-minute sci-fi adventure experience is now available for $6 across all platforms, including versions available on Steam (Vive, Rift) and the Oculus Store (Rift, Go, Gear VR), and Google Play (Daydream).

The Great C is based on the sci-fi short story by Philip K. Dick, and throws you head-first into cinematic narrative set in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. Without spoiling it too much, The Great C focuses on a young woman named Clare who follows her fiancé as he’s forced to go on a journey to meet ‘The Great C’, an AI who calls upon the tribe each year to offer up a chosen member.

Image courtesy Secret Locationc

We went hands-on with The Great C when it released on PC VR headsets late last year, and it proved to be a powerful example of VR storytelling done right; the experience is a visually compelling, brings expert voice acting, motion capture, and classic movie-style pacing to impressive effect.

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“Philip K. Dick’s cautionary tale on the pitfalls of worshiping technology is especially relevant in today’s society and our adaptation of The Great C stands strong as an example of how a VR narrative can be riveting while still conveying an important message,” said Ryan Andal, president of Secret Location. “We hope to introduce The Great C’s truly cinematic production value and storytelling to the millions of mobile VR users seeking a new sci-fi adventure to experience.”

The Great C premiered last year at the Venice Film Festival with additional screenings at the Chicago Film Festival, and FEFFS in France.

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  • Wednaud Ronelus

    Well, this is a tremendous accomplishment. This story speaks volume. I already tried it using the Rift. I download it for the Gear VR. Let me tell you, this is epic. This is probably best VR story I have seen thus far in this journey of XR. I am looking forward to share this epic adventure with the Alchemist Club Studios members.

    • Marci

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  • Get Schwifty!

    Cool stuff – can’t wait to try this now!!!

  • lujho

    As is always the case with these things though, it’s a conversion to a 360 degree stereo video, which is nice but a far cry from watching the realtime 3D version on a PC.