As part of the company’s ongoing development of the Pimax “8K” headset, a select group of Kickstarter backers recieved pre-production units to aid in testing and feedback ahead of production. Today those backers are allowed to talk publicly about their time with the latest ‘M2’ units. A preview from one of those backers, Thomas “VoodooDE” Poersch, speaks glowingly about the headset’s wide field of view, but suggests that it’ll take ultra high-end rendering hardware to reach the headset’s true potential due to the high resolution displays.

Thomas Poersch runs the German VR YouTube channel VoodooDE VR. He was one of just a small handful of Pimax “8K” Kickstarter backers who received the latest M2 unit to assist Pimax with testing before they begin production of the headset. Having used the headset privately for a few weeks now, Pimax today allowed Poersch and other testers to share their previews of the pre-production headset. You can see his full video preview below which is narrated in German but has English subtitles:

Update (September 17th, 2018): Aside from VoodooDE VR, two other backers of the Pimax Kickstarter with their own VR-focused YouTube channels, SweViver and MRTV, were selected to get their hands on the pre-production units and have published their previews, both of which are in English. You can find them here:

MRTV Pimax “8K” vs “5K” Plus Preview

SweViver Pimax “8K” vs “5K” Plus Preview

Original Article (September 16th, 2018): Poersch tested both the Pimax “8K” M2, and the recently revealed Pimax “5K” Plus, which are effectively the same headset but with different display resolutions.

With a huge claimed 180 degree horizontal field of view, Poersch says the Pimax headsets are much more immersive than first-generation headsets which have a horizontal field of view around 100 degrees. “You will never want to go back to another headset [after trying this field of view],” he says.

However, the wide field of view also comes with some distortion at the far edges. “Some people didn’t love it and other people didn’t even notice any distortion,” Poersch said. While he said he can see the distortion he further said that after using the headset regularly for some time it’s easy to forget about the distortion. For those who can’t look past it, a software tool provided with the headsets allows the field of view to be reduced, thereby cutting out the distortion at the far edges at the cost of field of view.

Image courtesy Thomas “VoodooDE” Poersch

Comparing the headset’s clarity (with regards to text legibility) to the Vive Pro, Poersch says that the “8K” ought to be sharper, but demands so much rendering power due to its huge 3,840 × 2,160 per-eye resolution that it’s not feasible in most cases to render at the headset’s native resolution (even with his test system sporting a GTX 1080 Ti and Intel Core i7-8700K). Side Note: the “8K” actually accepts an input resolution of 2,560 × 1,440 per-eye, and then upscales to the display resolution. The Pimax 8KX, which was an option in the Kickstarter campaign, is the only headset that will allow input at the native display resolution, though Pimax hasn’t shown the 8KX yet. Ultimately Poersch says that the “8K” and “5K” Plus thus see about the same level of text legibility as the Vive Pro, but the 8K has potential to look sharper once there’s graphics cards which are capable of rendering the necessary framerates at higher quality.

Even so, the increased pixel density makes a “huge difference,” to the ‘screen door effect’ (SDE) compared to first-generation headsets, Poersch says. SDE is the term used to describe the unlit spaces between pixels which detract from immersion. He doesn’t go so far as to say that the SDE is outright invisible in the headsets, but for the “8K” he notes that “you really have to concentrate on it” for it to be visible. Though he reiterates, “you need a very high resolution and a future graphics card to really take advantage of the small SDE.”

Understanding the Difference Between 'Screen Door Effect', 'Mura', & 'Aliasing'

With both the “8K” and “5K” Plus using LCD displays, Poersch also notes that dark scenes have more of a grey tint to them instead of a deep black, which is a common complaint in headsets using LCD displays compared to others using OLED like the Rift or Vive.

Poersch confirms the Pimax “8K” and “5K” Plus support a hardware-configurable IPD between 59mm and 72mm, and he claims the ‘sweet spot’ (where the lens looks sharpest) is very large, so you don’t have to struggle to keep your eyes in a very specific spot to maintain sharpness.

The “8K” runs at 80Hz and the “5K” Plus at 90Hz, and while the Pimax headsets tout high resolutions and an ultra-wide field of view, it sounds like running them at smooth framerates will prove difficult even for high-end enthusiast hardware. Using a test system with a GTX 1080 Ti, Core i7-8700K, and 32GB of RAM, Poersch ran a series of benchmarks using popular VR titles running at medium settings and found that none of them were able to maintain the headsets’ native refresh rate on average, meaning graphical settings would need to be further reduced in order to have a consistently smooth visual experience.

Photo by Road to VR

Because rendering at such high resolutions is so demanding of the hardware, Poersch highly suggests that Kickstarter backers of the “8K” exercise their option to switch to the “5K” Plus instead. For those planning on keeping the “8K” he warns, “please keep in mind that your really need a high-end PC [to unlock its potential] and should definitely pre-order the GTX 2080 Ti in my opinion!”

You can check out Poersch’s full preview video here where he goes into further detail about the headsets (don’t forget to turn on English subtitles).

Pimax said earlier this month that it plans to begin shipping production Pimax headsets to Kickstarter backers by the end of the month, and that it expects to deliver all backer headsets by the end of the year. A slew of accessories promised to be included with the headset—like SteamVR base stations for tracking, controllers, a rigid headstrap with headphones, and more—aren’t expected until some time in 2019.

We’re planning to do our own in-depth review of the Pimax headsets when the production models are made available.

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  • joonas128 ts

    You should’ve included the MRTV review aswell.

    • FireAndTheVoid

      The MRTV review was excellent

    • mp

      The MRTV review was more detailed and just better explained overall. IMO the current article has some confusing points that are clarified in the MRTV video.

    • Kev

      Yeah that review is clearly the most informative and great for people who don’t know about the Pimax. It has a neat primer at the start.

    • Heliosurge

      I’m sure Ben will post an update once he has had time to review MrTV, SweViver & Yangfeng’s reviews. VoodooDE was kind enough to post an English text version of his review in the Forum(this would make it quicker to post a quick news flash article)

    • SweVivers review when it finally got uploaded (22GB) was very good. Extremely detailed on every aspect and lots of comparisons. The most detailed of all the reviews so far.

  • FireAndTheVoid

    Contrary to what Poersch and this article claim, it is NOT easier to render the 5k than the 8k. Both receive the same 1440p signal. The 8k upscales the image while the 5k displays the image at its native resolution.

    • FireAndTheVoid

      This is clarified a bit after reading Poersch’s written review. Poersch notes that the 5k looks clearer and the 8k has to be rendered at a higher supersampling value in order to appear just as clear as the 5k.

  • FireAndTheVoid
  • Xron

    Total nonsense, 1440p cant be done on 1080ti?… flawed and one sided review -.-

    • RageOfSimba

      2080Ti and 8k should be the minimum to handle those 4k per eye resolutions. though I suspect even if 2080Ti pulls it off – SDE will still be somewhat visible. There’s a research done that only at 16k resolution will SDE be history – and that technology is at least 5 years away.

      • Andrew Jakobs

        But sde isn’t really a problem, and it’s based on current lcd/oled displays, but there are other displaytechnologies.

      • Xron

        On Mrtv review he showed that with gtx 1080ti he gets 45fps on Elite Dangerous, meaning he might get ~60/65fps with 2080ti, because early leaks show ~40% improvement on high fidelity… unless games will use Dlss.

      • dk

        it’s 2560x1440p per eye …they were saying the upscaling is in the headset apparently
        the 8kx …will be 2 4k signals ….even 2080ti will not be enough for a good experience

        • Mei Ling

          The next Titan class GPU’s will possibly be just enough but even then we’re talking bare minimum to get a stable fps at low/medium settings. Expect what comes after Turing to be the generation of GPU’s that can handle such intense processing requirements without a hiccup.

      • Sandy Wich

        Diminishing returns. Very few are going to care about the SDE after this level of PPI HMD becomes available.

        The closer we get to the, “fantasy”, resolution that removes the SDE the less people are going to care.

        BTW this isn’t 4k per eye, it’s 1440p input per eye.

      • Mei Ling

        The SDE is not as big of problem as a lot of people make it out to be. You learn to adapt to it but mostly you cannot see it unless you pay attention. FOV on the other hand has been the primary lingering issue with these Virtual HMDs in terms of presence and it appears Pimax have got the job done with making the FOV that much closer to the natural FOV of human vision although improvements can still be made in order to combat distortion.

        Now that FOV seems to have been resolved (mostly) it’s just a matter of the resolution and in turn the SDE. That’s up to the adoption rate of newer and more powerful GPU’s being released year-on-year which will hopefully be positively affected by the impending launch of the next generation of consoles.

        Game consoles and mobile gaming are the only thing that’s holding back affordable GPU’s with the processing power to tackle content running on these devices especially when we’re talking about the Pimax’s 4K native per eye with the 8K X. Otherwise if PC gaming was the only thing that existed you would end up with true “retina” level resolution a long time ago.

    • Kev

      I imagine the fps took a hit with the distortion correction masks. They probably really did think a 1070 would be ok early on. Using the same SS settings the two devices require exactly the same graphics power so theoretically you could indeed run it that way. If you want low SDE and high text clarity you have to ratchet up the SS before it hits the HMD’s scaler.

      Since a lot of games do not contain small text running them with the same settings is probably ok for a lot of titles. VoodooDE’s review did a nice job of showing the FPS you get from various settings.

      All that said I do think these devices certainly qualify as Gen 2.

      • Xron

        For me 2nd gen device should have varifocal displays or eye tracking integrated.

        • dk


    • squngy

      Back when Pimax was announced, games like FO4 were not out yet.

      If you play stuff like fruit ninja, then even 1070 is fine.

      • Sandy Wich

        Finally someone understands that newer games are being made to look better and it should be obvious that in time you’ll need better hardware in order to run the same old device.

        Imagine running a true next gen AAA title in your Rift CV1? Bet even with a 1080 you’d get 10 fps.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      You must have been very naive if you ever thought a gtx1080 would be able to drive a pimax 8k with everything on max. 4k per eye @ high framerates is just not yet possible with current gpu’s with the fidelity people expect, and certainly not with a single gpu.

      • Sandy Wich

        They aren’t 4k per eye, they’re 1440p per eye. Only the 8K-X is 4k per eye, and trust me, it’s not going to run on anybody’s hardware. Maybe with overclocked 2080 TI’s in SLI. Maybe.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          The signal the regular Pimax accepts is 1440p per eye, but the displays themselves are 4K per eye, and therefore propably need some extra processing to get the same clarity as with the 5K version.
          To me the SDE never really bothered me, and I thought the PSVR with it’s lower resolution displays compared to the Vive/Rift has less SDE, so maybe the solution should be found in using those type of displays (or in DLP which even with it’s 720p has almost no SDE). But then again, I’m used to older headsets, including the Forte VFX-1, and I enjoyed my DK2 very much (although with that one I have Motion sickness, whereas with my VFX-1 I have none).

    • Heliosurge

      This is simple to answer. The Titles Demoed were not heavy on resources & demonstrated proof of concept.

      Try any of the titles demoed & I’m sure they’ll look great. Plus a user pointed out Nvidia Mobile Gpus are closer to their Desktop counterparts. Unlike the past.

  • Anthony Kenneth Steele

    Upscaling does nothing for me however 4k rendering on 1080p looks a lot better than native resolution.

  • Jerald Doerr

    I’ve read it all… and what a lot of people just dont understand is two almost 4k screen need a lot more than 8 gigs of video ram.. and trying to top that off with any SS… your out of your mind just use light AA… 2 video cards is they only way to make real G2 VR run 90+ so if the 8KX really comes out with 2 HDMI links or virtual link things will start happening.

    • Sandy Wich

      One must also remember that VR games are quickly becoming much more graphically advanced, and will continue to do so for a long time, hence require stronger hardware as time goes on. No setup today that’s capable of getting 90 fps on the 5K+ has a chance of doing the same thing on the AAA VR games a few years from now.

      TBH I think 8K-X is ridiculous. I doubt it would get 15 FPS in Arizona Sunshine even with the new 2080 today much less playing FPS with AAA games of the nearish future.

      • Jerald Doerr

        So true.. The crazy thing is normal PC games can get away with image maps and you just can’t get away with them in VR. VR games are going to require more atulal geometry / polygons in order to look good.. so for two 4k screens your really going to want a 20xx with 11 gigs video ram… Or two 8 gig 10xx and up..

  • impurekind

    I’ll tell you what, this is probably very relative, because I reckon if you give one of these headsets to most people to try, without them having any prejudgments and expectations, then they’d probably be blown away. So, even if there’s a couple niggles, I think these particular VR headsets are likely still very impressive in reality, and would be as far as most people aren’t concerned. I mean, there’s people who still go on about the screen door effect and stuff like that on the Rift, and I honestly never even notice it.

  • fuyou2

    Bye Bye VivePro, Bye Bye Rift.. Oculus producing santa cruz with SnapDragon, hahaha what a fucking joke!

    • Miqa

      This may compete with Vice Pro, yes (because Vive Pro is ridiculously overpriced). However, requirements like 1080+ makes it a non-option for most.

      • Anonymous

        Most VR enthusiasts have a 1080 or higher.

        • Adrian Jakubiak

          most but not all :|

          • Sandy Wich

            This is a kickstarter device made specifically for enthusiasts not for kids browsing at Walmart for something they can connect to their tablet.

            If people don’t have the hardware in order to run it, they don’t get to use it. It’s exactly what it’s supposed to be.

      • zths

        but you can use the smaller fov (125°)setting this well cost less requirements .. like the vive pro.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          But why buy this headset if you’re not gonna use it as it’s meant to be used… You can always buy a new headset once you’ve got the hardware to drive it, and there might be a better headset on the market by then. The current Pimax headsets aren’t know for their sturdiness..

    • jasonmartino

      Facebook doesn’t care about Pimax. Facebook is keeping their focus on the consumer market who will never drop $4000 for a hammerhead shark headset and neon pc blowing fans on a 2080ti GPU. Their focus is on the consumer market which demands a sub $500 cordless, instant-on headset with a self contained OS and an app store that has some signature games like Beat Saber or Space Pirate Trainer. They also need to get as many people as possible using their Facebook VR applications as well as push these things into education and entertainment. FB spends a lot of time figuring out what normal people want, not gamers and geeks. They will continue the high-end development so that they can stay relevant, attract AAA developers, and pass down the tech to their lower end headsets. They will leave the enterprise market to people like Star VR. But the middle market where Pimax is right now will be a lonely place.

    • NooYawker

      Why do people think this is going to blow away HTC or FB? Outside of tech nerds, no one knows what the Pimax is. 2nd gen hardware from multiple companies will be released that will make the Pimax look silly.

      Especially since the Pimax REQUIRES sensors and controllers from the Vive.

  • PJ

    I wouldn’t touch another Pimax headset if I was given one for free.

    I bought a Pimax 2k and the thing literally fell apart in my hands after two months. The build quality was abysmal, the packaging and overall feel felt cheap, and the software was just awful.

    The lenses and display was great though. But Pimax is a joke company, and the customer ‘care’ was non existent.

    Proceed with caution guys, we all want a wider FOV and higher resolution VR HMD, But I’ll leave that for a major company I can trust, I for one learned the hard way..

    • Sandy Wich

      You might be right, possibly, but if everyone blacklisted every company over their first shitty attempt at making things idk if there would be many companies that exist today?

      BTW Rift didn’t tell me glasses sucked with CV1, they said it worked great. 1 month in without even realizing they were rubbing my CV1 lenses were damaged and so were my expensive glasses.

      Never even realized they were rubbing the entire time as the pressure on my head wearing the hmd was already so high it cloaked the rubbing. I am 1 of MANY Rift CV1 users who now have damaged lenses.

      I was refused a replacement BTW.

      Pimax has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to fix the 8K problems when they could have just took the money and fled like so many others. They didn’t, and now it looks like 5K+ Is an excellent headset.

      If you don’t want to give them another chance that’s fine. But let the reviews speak for themselves and listen closely. You aren’t being forced to buy this headset and have all the time in the world to wait to see how good these hold up over time, right?

      • Andrew Jakobs

        But their 4K headset is know for the same problems as their 2K headset, so why would there be any difference with this one? But I agree, quality is per product, and they would be able to produce sturdy headsets if they really want to, without it costing that much extra.

        But in regard to reviews, those are mostly based on only the first week, and even if it falls apart after two months, in most cases the review isn’t updated accordingly.

        • Heliosurge

          You mean the 2.5k BE oled headset. The frame has the issues of the 4k as it’s the same shell. The BE doesn’t suffer the ghosting of the 4k lcd panel. The Oled Qhd panel is a Samsung panel.

          Any number of folks like VRkommando did followup videos 10months later.

      • Heliosurge

        Indeed as a 4k user my experience has been good for what it is. Truth like Apple they designed the 4k but had little experience hiring a good manufacturing firm. But it’s no different with big companies.

        Look at LG G5; they released the lg360 vr glasses completely dead product. Or the LG G4 with the hardware bootloop.

        Samsung while generally great has had numerous bad products releases like the exploding note7?

        The past can help a company how to move forward in positive ways.

        While pimax earlier headsets had a variety of issues on quality. I have personally seen them send replacement lenses, straps & more free of charge.

        They are not the startup company anymore that made the 4k. They have & continue to evolve with the support of the community that saw their potenial. And it”s paying off.

      • PJ

        Fair comment, I just wanted to sound out my own hands on opinion of a previous product, I have seen various posts saying that the is going to be greatest consumer headset released yet, and it ‘could’ be, but those saying didn’t even know the 4k existed.

        Competition is a good think, and I hope it’s a success, purely as i want VR to grow

  • and12345

    Sweviver is the best review in history, nearly 3 hours long!

    • Bryan Ischo

      Longer is not better. I do not want to sit through a 3 hour review. The MRTV one was excellent and packed everything you need to know into a much more reasonable length.

    • Mei Ling

      It’s quality not quantity.

  • dk
  • Kenji Fujimori

    Why is this shady Chinese FAKE ‘8K’ company given the main top headlines?? Hasn’t it gotten through to anyone, there is NO 8K, it’s 4K per eye! It’s bullshit marketing

    • dk

      that’s why it says “8K” in the title ……also it’s 1440p signal per eye

      • Kenji Fujimori

        I know, but pre release and post release, this shit Chinese company is getting praise by retard zombie early adopters

        • dsadas

          this “shit chinese” company headsets are way better than current gen headsets… So the only shit head here it’s you.

          • Kenji Fujimori

            Oh we have another SJW keyboard warrior.. Chinese garbage should not be promoted, especially all lies.
            You can carry on masturbating to hentai little boy.

        • Sandy Wich

          It’s a crappy marketing strategy that succeeded when it shouldn’t have. But w/e, Everyone knows this headset isn’t 8k now as this isn’t a mainstream device.

          In the end what really matters now is how good it is. And it looks like it crushes Gen 1.

          Thank god it’s not actually 8k, as even with the new graphic cards everyone would be playing at 15 FPS.

    • Anonymous

      That’s what the headset is called, what’s so difficult for you to understand? Everyone can read the specifications.

    • gothicvillas

      I use Gillette Turbo for my shaving. Last time I checked no Turbo was found on blades. Gonna sue the hell out of Gillette.

      • NooYawker

        You see “turbo” on a razor in the same light as 8K on a screen? If you saw a TV that said 8K wouldn’t you think it’s 8K?

        Turbo isn’t an actual measure for razors, K is an actual measurement for screens. Understand the difference?

        • Anonymous

          No, 8K isn’t an official name for any resolution.
          First sentence in Wikipedia: “8K resolution refers to any screen or display with around 8000 pixels width”

          So it’s actually an 8K display according to the Wikipedia definition of 8K, but Pimax doesn’t even claim it is.

          • NooYawker

            K is absolutely a measurement of pixels for monitors and screens. It’s 1440 per screen. Putting two screens side by side doesn’t make it one big screen. So even going by Wikipedia it’s a lie. Any way you want to slice it, spitting 8K in its name is a blatant lie.

          • Anonymous

            No, it’s 2 UHD panels. Gives you 8K horizontal, exactly according to Wikipedia definition.

          • NooYawker

            Oh.. you’re one of those people who think putting two 4K TV’s side by side equals an 8K TV. Can’t argue with someone who believes that.

          • Anonymous

            Funny, how you suddenly changed subject to TVs, or have you not realized that you need 2 panels for a VR headset? So the comparison is absurd, to say the least.

          • NooYawker

            Two panels/tv/monitors/screens side by side do not get added together. It’s per eye in VR. Not both eyes added together, that’s completely absurd.

          • Anonymous

            Every VR headset markets their resolution as total resolution (added together) and that’s also how it’s listed on Wikipedia and almost anywhere else.

            For example, if you go on the wiki article of the HTC Vive, it says
            Resolution: 2160×1200 (1080×1200 per eye)

            For the Oculus Rift, it says
            Graphics: 2160×1200 (1080×1200 per eye)

            If there was one for the Pimax 8K, it would say
            Resolution: 7680×2160 (3840×2160 per eye)

            And like I said, nobody is actually claiming the Pimax 8K has a 8K resolution (even though it technically has one), it’s just a name the refers to the ~8K horizontal pixels.

    • Raphael

      Yes, 15 years ago I sued Sony after buying a hifi with 800watt speakers. Turns out it was marketing BS. They were really 50 watts but could withstand 800 for 2 milliseconds.

      I lost the case because I came to court wearing bright yellow trousers.

      • Bryan Ischo

        Is that you Rick with a silent ‘p’?

        • Raphael

          Yes it is.

      • Kenji Fujimori

        I dont speak for Sony, but the whole time this stupid company has been pimping `8K` is it not obvious to idiots that even if there did exist an 8K display, it would be way beyond that price point they are asking for.. think Mcfly!

        • Raphael

          Some people get anal over naming. What matters is the end result. 8k and 5k+ outclass vive and octopus rift clarity and FOV.

          I don’t care if it’s called pie 26k. Means nothing.

    • Royal Jelly

      The total horizontal resolution is 8K your just a racist looking for an excuse.

      • Justin Davis

        Horizontal resolution isn’t how it’s measured. We don’t watch 1920p and 3840p TVs. We watch 1080p and 2160p TVs.

      • Bryan Ischo

        There are many valid counterpoints to the O.P.’s post, but yours is not one of them.

      • NooYawker

        They should call it Pimax Total Horizontal Resolution 8K. Otherwise, it’s deceptive marketing.

      • Kenji Fujimori

        Im Japanese, we know Chinese lies and crap, It is a good that Trump is punishing them

    • Icebeat

      why so serious? are you jealous?

  • Kenji Fujimori

    There is no native 8K per eye, so stop the Bullshit!

    • Raphael

      I don’t believe you… it says pimax 8k so I am 100% sure it’s really 8k per eye.

      • Flo

        It’s actually ∞K, the infinite sign is upright.

    • dsadas

      another retarded post from you and now you just prove that you lack understanding…. 8 k per eye is not 12k overall not 8k. So you don’t need 8k per eye to have a panel that is 8K. Yes pimax 8k is not 8k, it’s actually around 3k. 2k per eye =3k overall

      • jj

        “Yes pimax 8k is not 8k, it’s actually around 3k. 2k per eye =3k overall”

        You just proved his point, there is no native 8K per eye….

        So you had the “retarded” post and you lack understanding.
        This heavily debated topic isn’t new, but your shitty response to kenji is some fresh shit.

        “It’s a crappy marketing strategy that succeeded when it shouldn’t have. But w/e, Everyone knows this headset isn’t 8k now as this isn’t a mainstream device.”

      • NooYawker

        You just confirmed the OP that it’s not 8k yet you insult him for saying it.

      • PJ


      • theonlyrealconan

        The Pimax “8k” version is not even 4k per eye. It is 1440p upscaled to 4k per eye. Native 4k and upscaled 1440p is very different.

        So, it is not 8k or even 4k. So you, dsadas, are even more wrong then you think you are.

  • Kenji Fujimori

    Of course the Chinese paid that idiot ‘reviewer’ to boost their sales.

    • gothicvillas

      Watch Sweviver review in YT.

    • Sandy Wich

      You don’t know that. And if you’re that paranoid then just wait for someone you trust to review it.

      Pretty simple.

  • dk

    so now what has to be demonstrated is ….how much more fps u can get with a headset with a similar resolution and eye tracking

  • doublefrag

    What am I glad to have supported the Pimax back then! The impression I gained at the backer meeting was confirmed again. The two big manufacturers are now likely to sweat and have a lot to do.

    • R FC

      As long as HTC don’t sweat into their Vive, might break ;)

      • jj

        ohhh snap!!!!! nice, but honestly that goes for any headset, or technology attached to your head or sweaty area. :)

        • R FC

          It does seem like a major oversight that they didn’t improve moisture protection on later versions of Vive, and especially Vive Pro?

    • CQCoder

      Meh. They aren’t really 5K or 8K. Buying a VR headset for what it will do in the future is like buying a laptop for the future. The tech is going to keep changing and improving. Neither Vive nor Oculus are worried.

  • gothicvillas

    I think I want 5k+ one. My gpu is Titan X and i think 5k+ is going to be great. I’m glad I didnt buy Vive Pro in the end. I tried it and yes resolution bump is nice but the FOV was a killer for me. Its time for our scuba masks finally to become a VR :)

    • NooYawker

      I have a full face snokel mask. Imagine a full face VR mask lol.

  • Ellon Musk

    the product still seems like it is not ready. Pimax should NOT rush out a product, especially a VR headset. It will be a HUGE flop if they do.

    I say they need to work out these display kinks until it is issueless. A one time try wouldn’t bother you, however, when using something every day constantly, it will bother you A LOT!

    Also once hardware is more affordable as well. With such high res, we will need dual gpu set ups for smooth gameplay. And I mean dual gpu of nvidias LATEST gpus. That will be too costly for the average consumer.

    • Sandy Wich

      They have a limited window to release a Kickstarter device before two giant companies release their Gen 2. Basically they’re out of time and must release the product now or they’re screwed.

      Cudos to them for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars fixing the lenses and offering a 155 degree FOV setting that greatly limits distortions.

      Also both of these headsets will work fine with 1 2080/2080 TI. Idk where you got dual GPUs from?

      BTW there’s zero 4k content that exists for modern video games as well No games are made with true native 4k resolution textures yet. This resolution bump is about battling the screen door effect and sharpening edges. Content creators will obviously adjust and make games with higher resolution textures in time.

      If everyone thought the way you are right now nobody would ever make newer/better things and we’d all be living in caves because why support something new if it’s uses aren’t mainstream yet?

      BTW there’s lots of 4k/5k videos out there to enjoy. ;)

      • Ellon Musk

        They have enough time as long as they can offer something “superior.” The keyword “fine” does not work in VR, especially when it comes to the display. 45-55 fps is nowhere near “fine.” Maybe for low graphical intensity games 2080 will do. However, Low FPS is one of the largest contributors to motion sickness making games unplayable. Especially if you are playing for extended periods of time, FPS has to be at it’s highest.

        native 4k games: Assassin’s Creed, Fifa, many of the sports games, rocket league, elder scrolls, tons more native 4k games. I don’t know where that comment came from. Do a little research and you’ll find many. As for the videos, they aren’t releasing an hmd, they are releasing a VR headset. There is a huge difference between the two.

        • Heliosurge

          Actually it’s starting to appear that really low res & high sde are stronger contributing factors. Even Oculus dropped their advertised standards of 90hz on the Go for 60hz Overdriven to 75hz. Higher res lower refresh.

          Not to dismiss importances of refresh but it seems to be a balance between refresh & Res.

          • Ellon Musk

            higher res & lower sde are indeed the most wanted improved upon features in VR. However, if your comment “stronger contributing factors” refers to motion sickness, these features have little effect on motion sickness. Low frame rate is the major cause, hence the name “motion” sickness. While I do agree there needs to be a balance, I think that before they can focus on increasing the res, hardware needs to catch up to output enough frame rates at higher res. Unfortunately that’ll take time, years of time. Gen 2 might be a minimal upgrade if It is released soon.

          • R FC

            Ironically a wider FOV tends to trigger motion sickness, especially if using a headset with an unstable frame rate and visual artifacts.

            A number of developers offer an adjustable ‘vignette’, or vignette activated by forward motion, to reduce FOV even within existing 100 Degree headsets, with great success.

            Interesting to see how users cope with the Pimax FOV, motion sickness was something already mentioned in the MRTV review?

      • NooYawker

        Not really, they already have people’s kickstarter money. And how many people who already own VR headsets are going to spring for a second one? Regular consumers have no idea what Pimax is.

    • Heliosurge

      Now are you saying the OG Vive & Rift ready at launch? A lot of initially unhappy people.

      The Vive pro had initially broken pro audio & the mic is still reported to be horrendous. Down the road of course the Audio was fixed by drivers but the mic issues seems to be poor design.

      Watch the reviews. Software still needs to be refined(don’t all programs run like this?). Drivers always updating etc.. So maybe not as far from ready as one might think. Some problems will need game dev’s help to fix & the attention of what these Hi FoV pimax headsets Will help attrack devs to do so. Gamedevs often want to give optimal visual experiences & current low res, low fov will simply not provide the desired xp.

      • NooYawker

        Yes, I have the regular Vive and it worked perfectly from day one.

        The Rift launched without full room scale or controllers but it came out soon after. The real difference is they were the first consumer VR systems. A few years later you can’t use the excuse, well it’s our first go at it.

  • cataflic

    Without fovetead rendering and 4K per eye in the focus…we still remain in the baby cot!
    To do that we must wait the next generation of video cards…2021?
    Up to there, there will be no significant changes in vr…better screens now can’t be rendered!
    Instead of it, right now may be rendered a A/MR scene if someone manages to get to it…..

  • Mei Ling

    Hopefully Pimax will do well and become successful because this will then raise awareness of the importance of FOV and have a knock-on effect toward the other companies invested in VR (Oculus, HTC, Google).

    • Francesco Fazio

      lol sure. Hey I heard that the elephants are flying too :)

  • Andrew McEvoy

    I think I will be swapping my 8k for the 5k plus. Cant wait for this badboy to arrive on my doorstep now. My vr body (which is lithe and fit unlike my rl one) is ready!

  • jj

    you guys are arguing about things the majority of us had figured out a year ago and during the first launch… Pimax has shady marketing, the fov is great, other things not so great. Most people feel burnt by past pimax releases due to quality and deterioration of the device shortly after. yadda yadda yadda you all should have known this before this release, nothings new.

  • PJ

    Sorry yeah pimax 4k, worse product I have ever owned, it baffles me that the Pimax 5k and 8k are getting so much attention, potential buyers need to made aware of just how bad the pimax 4k was, the software alone was enough to put me off, let alone the build quality…the thing fell apart, it literally fell apart in my hands

  • I *REALLY* want this headset, or something like it by Oculus.

    But this does illustrate something I’ve been saying all along: GPU’s are a few generations away from supporting high-rez HMD’s, at least without heavy usage of FOV rendering. Well making higher-resolution headsets is very doable in the near future, our computers are barely able to render 2010 graphics fast enough for the current generation of VR HMD’s. The beastly headsets that are coming will just BURN your GPU up! And at a 50% increase in power every product cycle, it’ll be years before the power gap is closed.

    To make matters worse, nVidia’s future seems to be backing off of FOV rendering. There was no mention of it with the 2080 GPU’s. I think they see many profitable years in the future of selling people GPU’s which slowly close the power gap, but always fall short. If they pursue this agenda, this could slow down VR considerably. The more they drag their feet, the slower the adoption rate, and the less AAA game companies will feel inclined to support VR. Mass VR Adoption might languish for another decade!

    Maybe ATi will kick them in the butt with some hardcore FOV Rendering support… but if they decide to drag their feet on it’s development as well, these high-rez HMD’s are going to seem kinda useless for years to come.

  • bill carson

    1440p input only = i’m not interested .
    Still waiting for a major advance in tech .

  • Mr. Moon

    It’s not a real 8K VR headset!
    It’s not even 4K per eye, what a shame really bad marketing.
    They should say the truth.

  • Meow Smith

    Imo a month or so after the RTX cards be come available Oculus/HTC will release details about their next gen headset to try turn off potential buyers.

  • Denti

    Wow what a shitty forum this has become. A company is finally bringing something new to the table, their efforts directed to pleasing you, true VR enthusiasts, and on top of that with an OK price (unlike Vive Pro and StarVR). And what do you do? Whine and moan about it. Well you can moan as much as you want when I gun you down in Stand Out from 500 meters range. You wouldn’t know what pixel hit you.

    • Andrew McEvoy

      Yes it is odd isnt it. I guess people like complaining generally.
      Anyway I’ll see you in Stand Out sunshine ;)

      • Denti

        Haha I just realized that I myself did a little whining and moaning about peoples’ attitudes. I guess we all have our issues. Yep, see you in Stand Out bro! :-)

  • Wayne Hinkel

    You missed his point entirely. Far from being mean, Denti is bemoaning the fact that many negative people seem to enjoy tearing down new, innovative products.

    • MW

      “enjoy tearing down”?? What are you talking about? Tech companies should be judged very very harsh – they have one goal – make maximum money in minimum effort. We (consumers) have opposite goal – have best product, for minimum price.

      Pimax lies to his ass off giving release dates from since 2017, and giving news about ‘mass production’ in june. That’s capitalism, man, not some fairy tale from PR designed commercials (AMD drums – LOL:) ). Don’t be a fanboy. When someone talks about the product’s defects, or expectations this is his holly law.

    • Francesco Fazio

      Innovative ahahahaha it is a joke. What is exactly “innovative” ? Just the price. Come on guys get a grip seriously

  • Andrew McEvoy

    There are some very detailed previews out now detailing tracking, software, ecosystem, game compatibility etc. Looks like Pimax have really hit it out of the park from what Ive seen.

    Good times ahead! Hopefully I’ll get mine in the next month or two. Will come back here and give my personal impressions.

  • Andrew McEvoy

    There’s been a big performance boost with the latest Pi Tool update folks..

  • Francesco Fazio

    Pimax is pure crap lol. If you want the best VR experience on the market get an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive. This shit does not even work properly with everything maxed out with a RTX 2080ti that costs alone 1.450 euros !!!!
    It is nothing but ridiculous :)