For Fun Labs, the developers behind Eleven: Table Tennis VR (2016), are hosting a free weekend for Rift players this week on Oculus Home.

Eleven: Table Tennis VR offers online multiplayer or practice with AI, and features cross-play between both the Steam (Vive & Rift) and Oculus Home versions of the game.

The tennis table simulator will be free from February 8th at 10:00 AM PT (local time) until February 12th at 12:00 AM PT (local time).

Normally priced at $20, the table tennis sim is currently ranked as “overwhelmingly positive” on Steam with a 95% positive score.

Oculus has advertised several free weekends recently, allowing users to try out games such as Onward (2017)SPARC (2017), and From Other Suns (2017). To see the latest free weekend, keep an eye on the ‘Coming Soon’ section on Oculus’ website.

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  • WOW! I hope to not miss this free weekend!

  • TheVillasurfer

    Seriously, this sim / game is incredible

    • Arielle

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  • Keith.

    Looks awesome — hope they bring it over to PSVR.