Stress Level Zero’s Hover Junkers (2016) was one of the first room-scale multiplayer shooters to land on the HTC Vive. Now, the studio is hosting a free access weekend to celebrate the long-awaited addition of the game’s single player campaign.

Launched in April 2016 on HTC Vive, and later on Rift when Touch arrived, Hover Junkers was originally a multiplayer-only shooter that pioneered a unique locomotion scheme to get you moving around the vast deserts of the post-apocalyptic world quickly and comfortably. Piloting your own makeshift hovercraft, you can build up defenses in the room-scale environment, all the while driving around the desert committing impromptu drivebys and ganking other hover junker pilots with a host of weapons.

Now the game boasts a single player campaign, dubbed ‘Junk Road’, which departs from the multiplayer action by taking its cues from the classic game Oregon Trail, but set it in the Hover Junkers world.

“This is a fairly major departure from the intense combat of multiplayer, providing a more relaxed experience while paying homage to the classic game that, for many of us, was our very first video game,” Stress Level Zero writes in a Steam update. “To access the road, you must select the Junk Road option in the main menu bar and select what items to take with you across the wastes.”

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Since its release, Hover Junkers has seen a few updates including the addition of new weapons, and a co-op mode that lets you ride and die together on a single hover junker.  Stress Level Zero hasn’t made mention of what’s next for Hover Junkers, although Junk Road has been the result of over a year of work, and is the game’s biggest update to date.

The game is currently on sale on Steam for $7, an 80% savings off the original launch price. After the free access period ends on October 22nd, the game will return to the new permanent price of $20.

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  • Raphael

    I purchased this game a long time ago. Have never played it online (but I will at some point?). I liked the last big content update they did and it’s nice to see they’re still developing. Will try the new single player today. A well presented game with nice mechanics.

  • This has long been a huge favorite of mine. So excited to see the developers supporting it with single player. If you’re struggling to find players I highly recommend the area mode. Even with just a single friend it’s a blast, and one of the most intense experience’s I’ve had in VR.

  • This was the game that acclimatized me to fast paced VR. Such a great game, and was so forward thinking in its mechanics. Stress Level Zero are stellar developers.

  • mirak

    That’s my favorite game.
    Unfortunely the multiplayer died, like many games.