Playful Corp, the studio behind the Rift launch title Lucky’s Tale (2016), teased recently that they’ll be debuting an “all new look” at their upcoming PlayStation VR platformer Star Child at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

First announced at Paris Games Week last year, the studio has shown the same beginning level in its public demos, which takes you through some of the early puzzles and only a brief taste of the story.

“VR will have a big presence at Tribeca 2018, including an all new look at Playful’s Star Child,” the studio tweeted recently, hinting at a new demo.

According to the studio’s description of the game, Star Child follows the journey of a woman named Spectra and her companion on an important mission to an alien planet. After becoming stranded, they uncover a hostile, overwhelming force that threatens to destroy everything. At a pivotal, startling moment, Spectra gains the ability to gradually take control of the world around her and fight back.

We have feet on the ground at this year’s Tribeca to bring you all things virtual and augmented. Check back soon, as the film festival has already begun, and continues to April 29th.

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  • impurekind

    I’m hoping they’be polished everything up since we last saw it because it looked potentially good but a bit rough around the edges.

    • Firestorm185

      I hope so too, love the art style though

  • Bookoo

    Any idea if this game is just a timed exclusive or a PSVR exclusive?