christina-hellerChristina Heller is the co-founder and CEO of VR Playhouse, and she gave a talk with her co-founder Ian Forester at SVVR 2016 titled “How Fantasy Becomes Form” about the process of starting up a 360-degree video production studio. I had a chance to catch up with Christina at SVVR to talk about some of her main points, as well as talk about how VR Playhouse wants to bring a psychedelic consciousness to VR in order to potentially activate dormant portions of our brain and ultimately enable us to bring more liberation into our every day lives. We discuss some of these larger visions of VR, what Burning Man has to teach VR, her favorite narrative VR experiences, and the future of interactive storytelling within VR.


Below are some of VR Playhouse’s 360-degree video productions:

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Music: Fatality & Summer Trip

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