Sony have confirmed 10 PlayStation VR titles to be playable on the show floor at E3 this year including the return of some old favourite franchises, Psychonauts and Rez.

Sony’s PlayStation VR launch is rapidly approaching this October and, with Oculus and HTC’s VR headsets launched and in users’ hands, the industry is looking to Sony in October as they provide the least costly way in to immersive gaming.

So, no surprises that Sony will as usual have a big presence at E3 and, as was the case last year, a chunk of that floorspace will be dedicated to showing off their company’s latest VR titles. To that end, Sony have announced 10 of the titles that you can expect to be playable at their booth. Among them some familiar favourite franchises, in particular the appearance of Double Fine’s latest Psychonauts game and the return of a Sega Dreamcast classic title Rez. Here’s the full list:

However, don’t take the above list as definitive by any means, it’s likely that there’ll be some surprises in store from Sony on the content front, especially given this is the final E3 before PSVR’s launch in October. Plus, we expect 3rd party developers to be showing their wares independently of the main Sony booth.

If you’re not lucky enough to make it to E3 in LA, then remember that Sony are running their ‘Road to Greatness’ tour, bringing PSVR to a town (hopefully near you). Find more details on that over here.

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See Also: PlayStation VR: What You Do and Don’t Get in the Box

PlayStation VR is due for launch in October this year, as Sony finally announced details of its long awaited debut at GDC in March, having been unveiled for the first time two years earlier. The core system, comprising just the headset and demo disc PlayRoom VR, can be had for just $349 but unless you already have the required PlayStation VR camera and a couple of Move controllers, you’ll want to opt for the launch bundle, which will currently set you back $499. Although, as of now, getting hold of either package is a challenge with both in short supply.

Road to VR will of course be bringing you all the news from the E3 2016 show floor.

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    HAHA PSVR list dead on arrival. As expected of console like releases.

  • yunaiki

    im a PS4 owner and im like WTF. The only games im interested in and im sure a lot of PS4 owners are as well are EVE and Ace Combat.