Sony is taking it’s soon-to-arrive virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR, on tour across the USA for a brand offensive called “The Road to Greatness”.

Sony’s PlayStation brand promotion tour which kicked off last year was seemingly a success, so much so that Sony are bringing it back for another year. This time, the PlayStation tour truck will hit 27 stops over a 6 month period visiting towns across the US between now and November.

This year however, there’s a strong emphasis on Sony’s forthcoming console powered virtual reality headset PlayStation VR, with the company hoping to get the message out that it’s on its way to shop soon to the general public. More importantly, give gamers who may never have had a chance to try VR before, let alone PSVR, a chance to see what all the fuss is about.

The tour started this weekend and is currently stationed on Beale Street in Memphis, TN before it’s next scheduled stop at the Guardians of Freedom Air Show at Lincoln, NE from May 7th. (click image below for larger version).


Prior warning though, Sony claim to only have capacity to give a “few dozen” people a day a chance to try PlayStation VR, so you’ll want to turn up early should that be your aim. They are apparently giving visitors in the know a possible ‘cheat code’ to book a slot however, asking people to tweet @HeyPlayStation expressing your interest in PSVR.

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See Also: PlayStation VR: What You Do and Don’t Get in the Box

PlayStation VR is due for launch in October this year, as Sony finally announced details of its long awaited debut at GDC in March, having been unveiled for the first time two years earlier. The core system, comprising just the headset and demo disc PlayRoom VR, can be had for just $349 but unless you already have the required PlayStation VR camera and a couple of Move controllers, you’ll want to opt for the launch bundle, which will currently set you back $499. Although, as of now, getting hold of either package is a challenge with both in short supply.

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No word on whether Sony is considering a similar event for Europe or elsewhere in the world, but we suspect that PSVR will crop up more and more frequently in the run up to Christmas as we approach a holiday season in which 3 major VR headsets will be vying for the public’s cash in December.

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    PlayStation VR Core is currently priced at $399, not $349. Or is there something you know that you’re not telling us?