Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is due to reach consumer homes in October and Amazon in the US are going live with PlayStation VR launch bundles today from 7AM PST for $499.

Update (3/22, 7:22 PT): In less than 10 minutes of the pre-order opening, Amazon says their initial stock has sold out. There’s no word on how many units were allocated to Amazon, but the company says they’ll have additional pre-order stock available at a later time. Several other retailers are still offering pre-orders.

Sony finally announced pricing and launch details of its PlayStation 4 powered virtual reality system, PlayStation VR at GDC last week. The base headset (or ‘Core’) price – that is sans tracking camera and PlayStation Move controllers – was set at $399 but to experience everything PSVR has to offer (and, frankly, so you’re not feeling queasy the moment you put it on) you’re going to need those extra components.

PlayStation VR Launch Bundle

So, Sony are about to launch a PlayStation VR launch bundle, which includes every thing you need to get started in console VR, with the exception of the console itself. The new bundle, which goes live on the US Amazon store this morning at 7AM PT (10AM ET) includes one PSVR headset, 2 Move controllers, PlayStation Camera and of course everything that came with the original base headset pack, including all the cables you need to hook things up and the breakout processor unit.

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All of that will set you back $499 and comes with a demo disc and Sony’s VR Worlds Game. The bare bone PlayStation Core package, which comes with just the headset, demo discs, processor and cables is due to hit Amazon on the 29th for the much reported price of $399. The Core bundle gives those out there who already own either the PS camera and / or Move controllers to save a little cash (although not a great deal).

As for the rest of the world, you can find the PSVR core package on Amazon UK for example available for pre-order now, but no sign yet of the launch bundle hitting the US today.

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  • Hatsune Miku’s stepsister Eri

    Yes!! Hatsune Miku and Anime gaming here we come!! I was told that even Yu-Gi-Oh Card games the monsters will now basically come to life Soooo ready for this!

  • NegativeFeedback

    7am PT is 10am EST, not 11am.

    • Knil

      Well that doesn’t make sense either.

      • NegativeFeedback

        I was wrong. Amazon is using PST instead of PDT, despite the fact that no one in the world is observing PST right now.

        • dmyers722

          While it was listed as going live 7am PST, it did indeed go live at 7am PDT. It was just a typo on the part of whoever at Amazon was responsible for putting up the page.

          • MrE

            It went live for me a couple minutes after 10am EST

          • NegativeFeedback

            Were you able to buy it?

          • NegativeFeedback

            I checked at 7am PDT and it wasn’t available. I was told by an Amazon rep to wait until 7am PST. In any case, I didn’t make it as it sold out in under a minute.

          • north58

            Just go to your local GameStop I went after work and got mine pre ordered and paid it off… Now it’s just the waiting game.

          • NegativeFeedback

            I live in New York City. There’s absolutely no way that any of our GameStops still have it.

  • Al

    From what I gather, the on-line sales in NA went out quicker than Europe.

    Starting to wonder if Sony is missing the demand potential on this and it looks like we may have another Wii availability fiasco for the holidays.

    • They ran out of PS4’s when it released they will produce more based on preorder demand it is safer than having too many in stock

  • Bryan Ischo

    OK PSVR, please go forth and sell the masses on VR! This is your mission!