Those hoping to board the early train to VR town were likely dismayed today when Amazon’s PlayStation VR Launch Bundle pre-order sold out within minutes of going live. Luckily it may not be too late. In the US, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart, all appear to be still taking pre-orders for the bundle.

If you’re hoping to avoid the fate of late Rift and Vive pre-orderees (which now have shipping dates backordered to July and May, respectively), you may still be in luck. The following stores in the US appear to be still accepting orders for the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle with no mention of stock sell out:

PlayStation VR Launch Bundle at Best Buy

PlayStation VR Launch Bundle at Target

(Target sold out as of 8:42AM PT, March 23rd)

PlayStation VR Launch Bundle at GameStop

PlayStation VR Launch Bundle at Walmart

(Walmart sold out as of 12:50PM PT, March 22nd)

Last week at GDC Sony finally revealed how much they’d be charging for the PlayStation VR headset for PS4 and how much it would cost: $399 for the ‘Core’ bundle, and the headset will first ship in October.

The PlayStation VR ‘Core’ bundle includes just the headset but not the required PlayStation Camera, or the optional PlayStation Move controllers. For those that don’t already own both devices, Sony has created the ‘Launch’ bundle for $499 which includes the headset, two Move controllers, the PS Camera, and PlayStation VR Worlds game


The PSVR Launch bundle went up for pre-order starting this morning on Amazon and in less than 10 minutes the site reported that it’s pre-order stock had been wiped out. There’s no telling exactly how many units were sold in this period, but Amazon says they’ll be getting more PlayStation VR pre-order stock at a later date.

PlayStation VR 2 Finally Revealed in First Images


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  • Pre Seznik

    They’re still up on plenty of amazon sites worldwide? Are you reffering only to the US Amazon?

  • Erik Larsen

    wow theyre stupid for buying a shitty experience

    • fastwolf son

      you played it bitch?