The PlayStation VR headset will be available from October 2016 for $399, but what do you get for your 400 bucks? That how does what’s missing cost you?

As an additional piece of hardware dedicated to gaming, the PlayStation VR headset might seem expensive at $399 (£349), but consider the next tethered, ‘full fledged’ VR experience comes in the form of the Oculus Rift at $599 with the HTC Vive running $799 – all without shipping – the PSVR begins to look like great value.

But what do you get for your money? Well first, what’s missing? You obviously don’t get a PS4 console, required to power the PlayStation 4. But, perhaps surprisingly for some, you also don’t get the required PlayStation Camera either, needed for tracking the headset. Finally, you won’t find the controllers of choice for PlayStation VR – the Move controllers in the box either.

Here’s what you do get (as pictured above):

  • PlayStation VR headset
  • Processor unit
  • Stereo earbuds
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • AC adaptor and power cord
  • PS VR headset connection adaptor

So how much will the required components set you back in addition to your $399 outlay? Here’s the breakdown:

  • PlayStation Camera: List Price $59.99 (Amazon Price: $44.08)
  • PlayStation Move Controller (x2): List Price $99.98 (Amazon Price: $57.98)
  • PlayStation 4 Console: List Price $399.99 (Amazon Price: 367.49)
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Using the Amazon prices, the whole lot will set you back $469 (no shipping included), add in the PlayStation VR headset price at $399 and you’re looking at a total cost of $869.54. That, of course, is before you buy any games – none are listed as included with the PlayStation VR.

Even with all that considered, placed next to the cost of an Oculus Rift of HTC Vive headset and the powerful gaming PC required to run it, it still represents good comparative value for money. Of course, the level of experience in terms of fidelity between a PS4 powered VR experience may not match that of the PC of course.

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  • Hexen2006

    Wow, this whole article reads as something from a butthurted PC máster race enthusiast

    • AuxPlumes

      I only see facts. I think you are the butthurted : ] If you want a biased article which will comfort your choice, I suggest you to go to

      • Elliott KAJDAN

        Of course, you might want to read the article again of course.

      • FloridaOJ

        Yeah, the author makes the clear statement that the PS VR provides a great value, however the cost in fidelity.

        • Hope

          Incorrect choice of words I’d say, considering PSVR has the highest sub-pixel resolution when compared to the competition. Perhaps the author meant increased number of visual effects possible? I’m not sure where they were going with this.

          • Jim Cherry

            its simple really spend more time and money and get a better experience, or atleast that’s the logic behind the authors statement. Reality is law of diminishing returns but at least we have more options on pc.

          • FloridaOJ

            Subpixels? To your bridge, troll. Now.

          • Hope

            You’ve never heard of sub-pixels? Do you not know that every pixel on your screen is made up of a mix of the 3 primary coloured sub-pixels (red, blue and green) to produce the desired colour in the visible spectrum?

            Do you think high end screens work using magic and fairy dust?

            An education isn’t just for the intelligent, you can get one too :D

          • Lamanuwa

            Yes. Sub-pixels dude, do some research.

      • realtrisk

        Exactly. All it takes is one PSVR article and the console whiners come-a-runnin’.

      • Hexen2006

        Wrong, I don’t plan to buy it, it is just like the writer/pc fanboy, just wrote the article forced to comply with his reporting quota, while also taking the chance to throw some shade at the product, but if this site is pro-PC why bother to report on PS or Xbox, just live and let live.

  • MrArcade

    Is the old Move Controller from 2010 really, really what we need for the full PS VR experience or is there a Move2 in the making? The old one does not even have analog sticks. The Prices on Amazon going up for this “today unwanted” Hardware in October i fear. So should i buy these today or not? (sorry for my bad englisch)

    • Simon Wood

      IIRC the finger trigger is analogue, but the top buttons are not.
      There is an extension connector on the bottom of the unit which can enable additional analogue channels if need be (steering wheel adapter does this).

  • I do expect games to cost more on PlayStation than on PC, as I’ve been a PC gamer exclusively since around 2010 I’m used to buying games from almost nothing up to €25, meanwhile many console games are usually twice that as a base line. Add that online play is now behind a pay wall like on Xbox, meh. Still, if they have compelling enough experiences and a nice bundle (I own nothing PS4 now) I might look into it :P

    Also, Vive at $649, how did you get that price? :x

    • Jim Cherry

      don’t forget that pay wall includes monthly free games

  • Muddy

    I already have a PS4 and I already have a VR capable PC. I realise not everyone is in this position but for me, it’s actually going to be cheaper to buy the Vive which comes with everything you need right out of the box… and not only that, the capability and fidelity of the Vive is expected to be far superior. Pretty disappointing Sony.

    • Heimdal

      That´s impossible . How are you getting a Vive cheaper than $469 max? Lol .And yo your aren´t the target audience as you say . Most people don´t have a PC like that.

      • Muddy

        You’re quite right, that is impossible… I’ve mis-read Paul’s breakdown in the article. My bad. That said, even at $560.00 odd bucks list vs $799 it’s not that much cheaper really. For me personally I’ll definately spend that little bit extra for the superior tech and experience.

        • Heimdal

          Of course , so did I :) . I mean when you have the PC for it I think there is not even a question .

    • Edward McNamara

      I’m in the same boat, already pre-orderd a Vive too. I can only hope the Star Wars exclusive will be timed and eventually available on Vive as well. I’m also wondering how much of an impact the spring and summer of OR and Vive will have on the Fall release (if not delayed until winter) of PSVR. Once people invite friends over to try their OR or Vive (I plan on bringing my Vivw to my university to show it off to Art dept, engineering, architecture and chemistry, in addition to plenty of house demos – anyone know where I can buy sweat pads that fit the Vive?) expectations will be raised; expectations that PSVR will never be able to match. I’m just glad that the best VR experiences are the ones that are hitting the market first, I’d hate to have the VR market tainted by bad experiences.
      I must admit though, that as an Xbox fanboy, I’ve always thought it was a shame the Move system didn’t get more love. I think it is very fun and accurate vs even the new Kinect, which I also use often. I’ve been playing a lot of Move and Kinect to keep me sane while I wait for the Vive to ship. Disney’s Fantasia on Kinect is pretty cool.

    • Lamanuwa

      The more expensive the introductory price is, the more probable it is for it to have a price drop. Plus I can see them refining the PC stuff again again and releasing newer versions.

      I figured I spend at little as possible at this stage and wait for the new GPUs to release then pick the best one. But first I will do some extensive research based on the games at that time.

      So, I’m careful when it comes to buying PCVR. But this one was cheap enough and I also had the rest of the gear ready to go, and it might also span a lifetime till the PS5 arrives. So I ordered mine yesterday.

  • VR Geek

    I despise marketing like this. Shame on you Sony for not delivering a functional package that includes all the basics you need. Very deceiving for the average consumer. I hope they get real with customers before they start selling headsets by themselves to unsuspecting customers.

    • Edward McNamara

      I’m glad they aren’t forcing me to buy another set of Move controllers and the PS Camera that I already own. I bet there’s a lot of people out there who are interested in PSVR that already have Move controllers.

      • Demongo

        Yep, at this rate some people are apparently going to be upset that a PS4 isn’t included in the bundle.

  • Kenny Thompson

    *With all the value talk about PSVR* Psssssst… If you have a Rift, you also have a COMPLETE COMPUTER for you know… other shit. What’s the real cost? 869.54 + a computer since every household has one. (An easy 400$ and probably 50% more.) They’re both in the same range. PSVR is still great four our industry though.

    • Jim Cherry

      sorry to say but a lot of households have computers that couldn’t hold water to a decent laptop. Its one of the reasons companies are releasing gamer focused models your every day user doesn’t feel like upgrading their 4 yr old dell.

  • Sky Castle

    If you already have a PS4 then this will be your cheapest entry to VR for gaming. If not then you’ll be better off upgrading your PC and get a Vive or Rift, because you’ll get more content as well as be able to watch movies and porn in vr.

    • Voice of Reason

      Actually if you don’t already have a PS4, you’ll be better off buying one and getting PSVR, you’ll get more content with the wider adoption rate, movies and porn in VR with the updated movie player, plus all your PS4 catalogue in cinema mode, all for cheaper than the competition :D

      • care package

        The voice of reason is proud of his porn perversion? lets here it for wanking in VR! I’m guessing the PSVR will be the hardest platform to wank in VR you pervert.

        • Voice of Reason

          :D I wouldn’t call it perverse, but we all have our vices eh?

          • care package

            Anyone who glorifies porn wouldn’t call it perverse of course. It is, don’t kid yourself.

          • Shut up. You watch porn, too.

          • care package

            If I did, it doesn’t make it any less perverse, nor does the lack of shame anymore make it any less perverse. Look up the negative psychological effects of porn.

      • cdm283813

        I own a PS4 but it just collects dust. I rather use my gaming computer because for me it’s a better experience and is more customizable.
        So if you throw cost out the window I would do Oculus/Vive all day. In order for PS4 to hit the high frame rates required the graphics and detail will be subpar to any PC that meets the requirements.

      • Lamanuwa

        Yeah. I even have a Rift on the way. But I still bought PSVR. I just think it’s going to have more industry support. I also want to see how the first party studios are going to take advantage of the medium.

        Also, like you mentioned before, it’s more powerful than most people give credit.

  • Jeremy Swanson

    So a PS4 console is required to power the PlayStation 4? (Paragraph 3) I’m assuming you meant required to power the PSVR.

    • realtrisk

      Road to VR: The home of “We don’t proof-read our crap.”

  • care package

    Earbuds? crap. The only thing the Rift has over the others is integrated headphones. I don’t care who says it’s not important. You will see it indeed is.
    With the PSVR though it doesn’t matter, it will be set up in my ‘theater room’ where the PlayStation is that has big surround sound so I won’t need to swap ear wax with anyone.

    • Voice of Reason

      I can appreciate a decent home theatre set up as much as the next man, they’re awesome, but I feel I need to let you know that for maximum immersion PSVR has 3D binaural audio handled on hardware in the breakout box, this audio is superior to discrete channels located at specific location around the user, it also reacts to the headsets movement, and only really works with headphones (the higher quality the better).

      This is true for all the current VR solutions, so for maximum immersion you really should give headphones a try :D

      This is a demo of 3D binaural sound, it’s not encoded for 5.1 or 7.1 or any set of discrete channels, it works in stereo only (the idea being it provides infinite discrete channels), use a quality set of headphones and check it out :)

      • care package

        Very impressive sound using my Sony 7.1 simulated surround headphones. Not sure it will be enough to convince me to feel like I’m wearing a helmet though. I will experience it with the Rift. Thanks for the video link though. First time I’ve heard homophonic sound.

        • Bob

          You don’t need a “surround” sound headset to enjoy the benefits of binaural audio and if anything it colors it.

  • Edward McNamara

    This is my first read on the PSVR, I’ll keep digging, but does anyone know the specs of PSVR yet? OLED? Resolution? Hz? Head tracking? Occlusion? Full room or sitting experience? How is Sony handling motion through large spaces? The move controllers don’t have analog sticks. Most of their current Move-based games keep the player in one position or on rails. How will this work in Star Wars Battlefront?
    I’m also kind of pissed that Star Wars agreed to an exclusive with Sony. Still no regrets here for my Vive pre-order.

    • Voice of Reason

      Yeah all the stats for PSVR have been known for a while:

      Custom low-persistence OLED @ 2,073,600 (1080p) pixel resolution with 3 sub-pixels per pixels for a sub-pixel resolution of 6,220,800 (I mention sub-pixel resolution because this is the main difference between PSVR and the Rift/Vive displays, Rift/Vive have a higher rated pixel resolution but share sub-pixels (Pentile tech) for a lower sub-pixel resolution, so displaying greens will be slightly sharper, but displaying red or blue will be slightly blurrier).

      90 and 120 hertz refresh modes are supported (games must support either 120 fps re-projected to 120 hertz, 90 fps re-projected to 90 hertz or 60 fps re-projected to 120 hertz).

      Full 360 degree head tracking using Playstation Camera at 60 hertz and on-board sensors running at over 1000 hertz.

      The system supports only 1 Playstation Camera so motion control (DS4 and Move) occlusion is a possibility, the Move controllers feature specific tech to help prevent drift if occluded, including magnetometers for calibrating the controller’s orientation against the Earth’s magnetic field. For best results when using Move or tracked DS4 controllers a forward facing experience is preferred.

      PSVR will support both sitting or standing experiences, if using tracked controls then a forward facing experience is preferred as noted above, when standing movement can be tracked in a limited arc a distance from the camera. The headset supports 360 degree tracking so if not using tracked controls or using DS4 as a non-tracked controller a 360 degree experience with limited movement can be achieved.

      Sony is handling motion the same way Rift and Vive are (with the exception of room scale tracking).

      Non-tracked DS4:

      I have no examples but the idea is to use the Move motion controls like the Vive wands to teleport the user around (there are examples of the Vive solution on the internet).

      I’ve no idea about the battlefront news.

      • Lamanuwa

        That screen is the reason why there won’t be too many units made by October. So excited to dive into the games and experiences. I’ve already decided on BattleZone and PS Worlds.

    • Voice of Reason

      Here’s the first example I’ve seen of using the DS4 as a tracked motion controller:

      • Lamanuwa

        This game is my first choice for when I get the headset.

  • It’s a shame that the VR market is going to be so fragmented. Vive ships with controllers but both PSVR and OR don’t. Besides, the Move lacks many of the features of the Oculus Touch and Vive controller have, which fragments it even more. This way developers will never develop for the new controllers since the audience will be even smaller than that of VR and we’ll lose out on really new experiences. Sony should sell the whole package with Move and Camera at retail for 450-500€ and give you the option to buy your PSVR online without one, the other or both

    • Well technically if you had Playstation Move controllers already you have PSVR controllers. From all the demos I have used they just have reused the old dual glowing move wands setup.

      • Yeah, but how many PS4 owners have PS3 Move Controllers?

        • Quite many. We didn’t throw them away just because we bought PS4’s.

          • Come on, it’s well known that the Move was a big commercial failure. Didn’t sell many units. It’s also well known that many PS4 owners never owned a PS3. I’d be surprised if penetration of Move comes close to 50% of that of the PSVR

        • Lamanuwa

          Used ones go for dirt cheap.

    • Stefan Eckhardt

      Each and every PS4 owner has at least one VR capable controller. Most games will not need Move controllers, though many will surely benefit from a pair.

    • Lamanuwa

      Still some games are going to say you need the controller. So, we might have to and get them. For instance Golem needs the Move controller.
      You can find them very cheap these days, better off buying them now than after this releases though.

      I even sold mine back. Now I’m buying them again. lol.

  • Stefan Eckhardt

    PlayStation VR ships with PlayRoom VR, which acts as demonstration and casual multiplayer fun. I see no reason not to count it as a game, there are VR games announced with less content.

    Also the official console list price has been $349.99 for quite some months now. That item you have listed there must be a game bundle, and not the cheapest one, those go for 349 as well.

    Amazon US also lists Move Motion controllers for $24.98, free shipping when you take two, which would be advisable anyway.

    But you got the camera right. :)

  • Viktor Luminus

    In my country the Oculus Rift sells for $1500 and my computer that I built for VR cost me around $3000. A PS4 Pro will cost me $650 and the PS VR another $650. The camera is about $100 and the move about $50. So for less than 1/3 the price of a decent VR set up for a PC I can get the PS VR. And I will be. As soon as I sell my rig.