Revealed alongside the international price and launch of the much awaited Sony PlayStationVR–slated for October 2016 at $399–CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House announced a ‘cinematic mode’ for PSVR.

“With the headset on, users can also go into ‘cinematic mode’ to see the entire 16:9 PS4 menu and play all of their PS4 games,” said House.

House added that three different levels of zoom will be available. Although we can’t mince so few words, the term ‘zoom’ may imply that the screen isn’t be represented in a virtual rendered environment like the Gear VR’s Oculus Cinema, which gives you the choice of several spaces like a small screen home cinema furnished with a couch and various big screen theaters to view your local content.

Cinematic Mode may perhaps be viewed as window dressing for hardcore virtual reality enthusiasts, but the feature could be a crucial way to entice standard hardcore gamers, with a sizeable library of traditional games, into opting for a PSVR.

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  • care package

    This mode would be fun, but cut your resolution in half.

    • Kenny Thompson

      It will still play in full res on your TV so your mom will be able to tell you what your Health (the UI) is.

      • care package


      • Cgriff

        Yeah, wtf does that mean?

        • Bryan Ischo

          I think that he’s saying that if you can’t read some UI elements within the headset (like health meter) because the resolution is so bad, someone on the outside looking at your TV will still see your game in full resolution and will be able to read those UI elements to you. I think his point was mostly just a joke because that sounds hilariously unworkable in all honesty.

          • care package

            ah ok I see now lol. It is funny. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he’s had experience with it.

    • Lamanuwa

      The resolution difference between OR and this is only 25%. But it has better screen in terms of screen door effect.

      • care package

        However it ends up keep in mind it can’t be more than a PS4 can handle. Sony dude just admitted PCVR is better. Just depends on what you want to spend.

        • Lamanuwa

          Yes, but not substantially better. Specially considering the entry cost. I think PCVR will be better again next year and even better the year after, depends on when you upgrade the PC and how much you spend on it and also if the devs actually use that extra power.

          Also, there’s lots of choice. All the big players will have a headset of their own before you know it. PC will always have everything and a variety of options, but it’s hardly a singular product.

          • care package

            I’m looking forward to owning PCVR and PSVR. I’m sure PSVR will be great. Have no doubt, in fact based off user base, I think Sony will reign king.

          • Lamanuwa

            Yeah me too. I’m going to get PCVR, but holding off for the new 14nm GPU goodness .

  • MrArcade

    Yes, i’ve been waiting for this feature. As long it feels like a big virtual screen i am ok with the low resolution that. A virtual room would be better sure, but it is not necessary needed.

    • care package

      It will. The DK2 is the same resolution and although it’s neat to watch movies in a virtual theater, the resolution/screen door effect does hinder the experience. All consumer VR at this point won’t have as noticeable screen door effect even if it’s the same resolution (PSVR), so you are probably good.

      • Pistol Pete

        Screen pixel layout and lens type can improve the screen door somewhat.

    • Lamanuwa

      Room and all that can come later, I just want it to be there at launch.

  • Stefan Eckhardt

    I think it is more like another opportunity to continue playing when the wife or kids ask for the big screen. If it works better than remote play remains to be seen, latency should be completely devoid of issues at least. :D

    Also you don’t have to lift up the headset just to quickly browse the menus. But I guess it will be vastly inferior to actually watch or play anything on the regular screen, unless you can immerse yourself.