Polynomial 2 Aims to Hold You in a Musical VR Trance, Out Now on Steam


Polynomial 2, the sequel to the 2010 original, brings its trance inducing, laser fuelled musical charms to virtual reality.

The original Polynomial received some reserved critical reaction on its release back in 2010. In fact, although reviews appeared in gaming publications such as Eurogamer, most of the negative commentary seemed to revolve around whether Polynomial could actually be classed as a game or whether of work of art might be more appropriate. It’s technicolor, kaleidoscopic visuals impressed, but the gameplay mechanics fell short according to some outlets.

Whilst the sequel may not promise to address all of those prior gameplay complaints, Polynomial 2 does include VR support, making the experiential nature of the title potentially very attractive for those looking for a chemical (or herb) free (or enhanced) way to relax.

Polynomial 2 is a 3D space shooter game developed by brothers Dmytry Lavrov and Alexey Lavrov. The title is built atop a custom engine, designed specifically to power Polynomial 2’s neon visuals, procedurally generating the game’s abstract content every time you play. “The game’s name comes from its use of random polynomial equations to define its fractal shapes. The player fights with different enemies and bosses, collects bonuses, and recharges health through fractal flowers,” say the developers.

The game uses music as the ‘composer’ to your in game visual light show, and includes an internal music player though which you can pump your own soundtrack, again adding to the personalised visual experience.

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Polynomial 2 demonstrates another facet of VR gaming, once that can legitimately rely on experiential elements over traditional, core gaming mechanics and still deliver a compelling experience. We’ve not had much time with the title as yet, but from what we’ve seen, it certainly delivers a welcome diversion for those looking for something a little different.

Polynomial 2 is now available on Steam Early Access in the Summer Steam sale with a 15% discount for £7.64 (around $10).

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  • Pistol Pete

    Not too sure about this one. Looks like it would give me a seizure.

    • inwerp

      Well this is not even close to bithazard flickering. Plus you can tune
      literally everything – decrease saturation, music visualization
      intensity, bloom brightness.

  • Raphael

    It’s stunning in VR. Very relaxing.