Felix & Paul Studios along with Matter Unlimited have collaborated on a project documenting the work the Clinton Global Initiative have been doing in the region of East Africa. Follow President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea in 360 video as they visit the region to find out what impact the CGI have had on the region.

We’ve seen quite a trend towards immersive 360 video as a format used for social and political stories from the real world. A well made VR film can elicit empathy from the viewer, suddenly placed within the movie rather than merely looking upon it, in a way few other media formats can.


Inside Impact: East Africa is the latest film to be made for VR – that is viewed within a VR headset. This new project follows Bill and Chelsea Clinton as they visited the region in Spring this year to find out what impact the CGI has made to the area.

A collaboration between creative agency, technologists and film-makers, it brought together Felix & Paul Studios (directors of the project) and Matter Unlimited (producers) and features locations which illustrate the struggles and the success East Africans are grappling with as one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

The film premiers today at CGI’s Annual Meeting and will be available soon on the Oculus Store for Samsung’s Gear VR.

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